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Avenger's kids

Nicky Stark

"Nicky! Nicky!"her mother yelled. As she looked up form her lyrics in her recording booth. She put up her finger to say 'Just a moment'. She pressed a few buttons and took off her headphones and opened the door and walked out.
"You called Mom."she said as she walked to the door leading out of her studio.
"Yes,I did, me and your father need to talk to you."she said as she walked past her daughter to the workshop,expecting Nicky to follow her,she did.
"Alright what'd I do now?"she asked as she entered with her mother to where her father was working on something. She walked over to him and saw what he was,"You know if you divid it by two you'll get a better answer,"she said she was amazing at math and science and everything else,just like her father.
"Your right,thank you." she was the only person he said that to, besides Pepper , if he didn't it wouldn't be pretty. Her and Tony were close as father and daughter, they worked together a lot and even though he didn't believe it he was a good dad.
''Your welcome."she said back then said,"seriously what'd I do."she looked at her parents.
"Well we've decided that your going to go to summer camp." her mother said gently. Nicky started laughing her parents were really funny.
"You guys are funny no really what are going to do."she said as she wiped her eye. They looked serious. They were serious,this was not happening,this sucked. "Well this sucks,so how long will I be gone like a week,two."she looked at them,they looked at each other. She didn't like being away from home unless she was at New York,in the Stark Tower.
"It's gonna be three months." her father said as he came over to her."But that's not fair!"she yelled. "Yeah,well life's not fair now go back our bags your leaving tomorrow." her mother,Pepper, said.
"One question, why?"she asked she looked at them, they looked at each other. "You need to make friends."they said at the same time.

" Now I want you to call every night you can okay and ....''her mother listed off things that she needed to do."Alright do you need me to help you with anything." her mother said as they walked up to the huge two story cabin. It had Avengers painted in red on top of the door. "No I got it see ya later."she aid as she pushed her mom to the car.She walked up to the door and grabbed a key she was given at the sign-in office. She looked at her bags packing three months worth of stuff was not easy and getting it to the second floor was not gonna be a walk in the park. She grabbed her stuff and tried to get it all in before she tried to get it upstairs. She did eventually she got it to her door she opened it up. What she saw was amazing her walls were painted silver and blue like her iron girl suit,she remembered when her and her father had gotten kidnapped for three months, like how long she was gonna stay here,then memories of torture and fear came strong, no she wouldn't do that to herself. She looked at her ARC reactor it was glowing blue like her fathers, it soothed her. She looked around more there was a recording booth,and dance studio,and art studio. They were smaller than her's at home,but they were all in the same room, it was a huge room. Then she looked over to another corner and it had her iron girl suit and a little lab. Her blue and silver walls were covered in music notes ,and dance shoes ,and paint brushes all in black. In the center was a window and under the window was a blue window seat and to the right of the window was a canopy bed,it was blue and silver too,it was awesome. She found a note on her blue dresser it said:
Dear,Miss Stark
Here at SHIELD kids camp we, train kids who want to try to become part of SHIELD , or other government agency. You happen to part of a a team your dad was on The Avengers, now we train and do other things like that. We know your still young so we'll have camp fires, a talent show, games ,and snacks. We hope you have a good time.
So maybe this won't be too bad, she thought.


Thank you
Anicka Colson Anicka Colson
This is really good, please update soon!