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What Lies Beneath

Chapter 15

Loki did not stop, did not hear Thor or the others yelling at him. The only thing he saw was Felicity, the only thing he heard was the blood pounding in his ears. His eyes were flooded, tears fighting to fall, as he brought his staff up, it was glowing bright now, and he brought it down on the Jotun that was still standing over Felicity, his lips curled back in both rage and pain. The creature stumbled back as Loki struck again, the blue light radiating around them. Loki felt only a moment of satisfaction at watching the creature fall dead. The others had not moved as he stood near Felicity, turning to look at all of them, the tears now wetting his cheeks, his lips still curled back as another pained cry slipped through his lips. Even Thor and the others were afraid to get to close.
The ground around them started to shake, and Loki looked around, his lips slowly returning to their normal place on his face, no longer curled up like a wild animal, but the pain, the suffering was still so evident on his face as he swallowed hard. He knew what was going on, they had the Tesseract working again. He would be all to happy to see those creatures leave. One of them stepped forward, snarling it's lip at Loki.
“You would be smart to bury yourself with that pathetic mortal, because if you return to our realm, we will destroy you, Traitor.”The creature snarled.
“You wont have a chance.”Loki hissed back, the whites of his eyes red, his cheeks stained with the tears,”For I will be returning....and I will destroy you, every last one of you.”
“You wont stand a chance Prince, remember....we're your true blood.”The creature mocked him.
“You are nothing.”Loki hissed, as he started towards the creature, only to have Thor get in his way.
“Brother....the portal is opening....they will only drag you back with them.”Thor spoke softly.
“I must...”Loki replied, trying to move past Thor.
“She needs you.”Thor snapped, trying to push Loki out of this rage.
Loki turned and looked back at Felicity, laying in a pool of her own blood, her skin paler then usual, her body not moving. He wasn't even sure she was breathing. His heart sank as he took her in. He had promised he would protect her, that he would never let anything happen to her. He had failed. Thor gave his brother a small push, because at that moment, himself and rest of the Avengers were afraid to look at her, let alone touch her, because of Loki's reaction.
Loki started forward, moving towards her slowly, not paying attention as the Jotun proceeded to retreat. He didn't see anything else around him. He didn't care. Numb. Cold. Broken. The others had turned to watch as the portal opened, and then Thor and Iron Man were taking to the sky, to get the Jotun back in before the portal closed again. They were on borrowed time with that. Loki leaned down, placing his hand against Felicity's back, and nearly jumped when he realized she was breathing. She was still alive, though just barely. He laid his staff down, no longer worried about fighting, or killing, or anything. He just wanted to get her to someplace safe. He wasn't sure if the humans could heal her, but he was aware that he could not take her to Asgard to be healed there, that was a risk that he wasn't willing to take right now. He slowly rolled her over, careful not to jar her, looking down at her face, eyes closed, face completely relaxed, no emotion, no sign of pain. He slowly, carefully, his eyes never leaving her motionless form, scooped her up bridal style, pulling her in close to him. She was still arm, but he could tell life was leaving her, and that was tearing everything in his mind to shreds. This was not how it was suppose to be. He should have been the one to die in a pool of blood, not her.
Everything around him had grown quiet, even the people that he had just been fighting with. He turned to face them, Felicity still in his arms. Natasha looked at the girl for a moment before looking to Iron Man and Captain America, worry in her eyes.
“Get the aircraft ready....we need to move fast.”She told them, taking charge of the situation since no one else seemed to be able to move.
“Thor...I need you to head back to S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters....have Director Fury and the others get a medical room ready.”She told him, shooing him off.
Loki only stood there, occasionally looking at the area surrounding them, but mostly watching Felicity for any signs of life. He wanted so bad for her to wake up, to look at him again with her bright hazel eyes. He was grieving in a way that he wasn't sure he had ever done before. He was also not sure if he could handle the emotions running through him.
The aircraft landed and Natasha began to move forward, commanding Loki to do the same. They could not save her if she was not taken somewhere quickly to receive medical help. Thor had already gone ahead to make preparations, so that nothing would fall through, so that they would not lose this girl, the mortal who saved a god. It was an interesting twist, but Natasha did not want to see the outcome of the loss of this girl.
Loki refused to let go of Felicity at first, when they arrived back at the floating headquarters of S.H.I.E.L.D, however after some convincing from his brother and Natasha, he did lay his love down and let the doctors take over. There was so much agony in the God of mischief's eyes as he watched the one true thing he loved be taken down a hallway while people shouted orders to each other. He was going to be sick.
“Loki, my brother.”Thor said as he placed a hand on the other god's shoulder,”All will be well.”
“I certainly want to believe that.”Loki replied, his voice soft and cracked.
Hours turned into days, and Loki was in his own personal hell. This was worst then being stuck in Asgard's prison, where he relived all the memories of his past, where he replayed every death he'd ever caused, over and over in his head for four years. This was far worst then starving to near death, or as close as a God could be. This was worst then anything he had ever experienced in his life.
He had retreated to their quarters and was watching the wall, hoping that he would hear something soon. They said the readings were good, she was stable, they said a lot of things. He has yet to hear or see her, knowing if this improvement was true. She had gone into surgery, and while they claim her brain responded well despite the blood loss, which meant lack of oxygen, they weren't so sure when, or if she would wake up. That was dreadful. That was heartbreaking. She was alive, but she was a shell of herself. He couldn't stand that, it was worst then her being dead. He wanted to see her bright hazel eyes looking up at him, he wanted to see all the fire, the emotion. He felt himself swallow hard before closing his eyes. This was hell, if such a place existed.
There was a soft knock at the door and Loki tensed as he stood. What news could anyone be bringing him now? He opened the door to his, and Felicity's room, and stared down at Natasha, who was looking not so good. She looked terribly sad as she stared up at the god.
“You need to go see her.”She said softly.
“I can not...”Loki said as he looked away.
“Something's changed....and not for the better....you need to go, she needs to know you're there.”Natasha continued, persistent and unwilling to back down.
Loki simply looked away, there was a tightness in his chest as he slid past Natasha and started towards the room where Felicity was. He wasn't sure what to do, what to say. He didn't even know if he wanted to face her, as it was his fault she was where she was. If he had just left her alone that night, after he'd got the man away from her, she'd be safe, alive, in one piece, not laying in a hospital brain dead. He felt his throat tighten, his bright blue eyes reflecting every ounce of pain that he felt in this moment. He came to her room, and paused, not sure if he really wanted to go in there, face what damage he had caused to someone he cared about. He winced, and figured, he couldn't be a coward now, not when she needed him the most.
He pushed the door open, his eyes closed, his throat tight and dry, he was just barely keeping his emotions at bay as he stepped inside and shut the door behind him. When he finally opened his eyes, all the breath was lost from him, his eyes widened and he stood in shock.
“F-Felicity.”He said, choking on her name as every emotion he had tried so desperately to push back came rushing out of him like some fountain. Without meaning to, the god broke down into tears as he moved towards the bed. He wasn't sure if he was dreaming or he was dead. He wasn't sure what to even say at this point,”Felicity.”
Three Hours Earlier:
Felicity awoke, coughing and gasping for air, though there was a mask on her face that was providing her with almost pure oxygen. She yanked the things out of her nose, taking a deep breath of what she considered for a moment, real air, trying to sit up, but her muscles tensed at all the sudden movement, making it absolutely painful to do much of anything other then lay there, gasping for air, staring at the ceiling as she tried to sort out what was going on in her head. She oddly wondered if this is what newborns felt like leaving their mothers womb and breathing for the first time.
She had been laying there for what felt like hours when someone finally entered the room. It was Agent Romanoff who looked absolutely shocked to see Felicity sitting up, just barely, looking at her with a weak smile. Natasha bolted out of the room, getting a doctor, and telling the others, sad to see that Loki had hidden himself away, because Felicity was awake.
“What happened?”Felicity asked, looking around for Loki in all of this. She had destroyed him, that broken scream playing over in her head. She was certain he was gone.
“You've been....pretty much comatose for over two weeks.”Tony Stark said after a few minutes of silence,”We've been hoping you'd wake up.”
“Did we win?”She asked, her voice hoarse as she reached to get herself a drink of water.
“Are we still standing here in one piece?”Tony replied, shaking his head with a bit of a smile before looking at the others, and then towards the door.
“W-Where is he?”Felicity asked, trying not to choke up a bit at the thought of him being gone because of what happened.
“In your quarters....he hasn't hardly left there in the weeks since you've been in the medical ward unconscious.”Natasha explained, looking down at the floor.
“He's not exactly been....okay....since what happened a few weeks back.”Tony explained,”We've been as worried about him as we have been about you.”
Felicity nodded her head, but didn't say much else. They had explained the events that followed after she had been stabbed. She was almost healed, though being in a coma for two weeks, she really should have expected as much. She wanted however, more then anything, to know if Loki still wanted her....if he still loved her despite the suffering she caused.
“Guys...clear out....I'm going to go get him.”Natasha said as she reached over and took Felicity's hand for a moment,”I'm so glad you're okay....we all are.”
“Thank you guys....thank you for everything.”Felicity replied, smiling brightly up at them despite the wear and tear she was feeling right now. She wanted to get up and walk, or move about to loosen her muscles, but she couldn't right now, not until the doctor cleared her completely.
Felicity sat there for a long time by herself, feeling very unsure. She was still sore, but she was willing to bet that it had to do more with the fact that she hadn't moved in two weeks. She looked at her stomach, moving her hospital gown just slightly, and there was a large scar that was still irritated and red, healing slowly back, though it was obvious that they had already taken the stitches out. She noticed where it was, and frowned, the Jotun had purposely missed her stomach, she had remembered that, he had aimed for there, but why. She swallowed hard when she realized why. That was her baby oven....and the ability to have children....was it still there for her? She bit her lip, chewing at it as she studied the massive ugly red skin. She shook the thoughts away as she heard movement outside of her door, readjusting her gown just so. She would figure all that out later. Maybe it would be a good thing that she can't have kids, if this was going to be her life with Loki, but he was royalty, and a god...and she was certain that kids were an important factor. She shrugged it off. That was another issue for another time. She was alive, they told her that he was alive. That's what mattered most. She had survived and would get a chance to see his face again.
The door opened and in stepped Loki, his footsteps slow, calculating, his eyes shut. She could almost feel the tension rolling off of him in waves. She sat up a little straighter, wondering when he would look at her. She was starting to think that she had done more damage then originally realized. Loki did open his eyes, and when he saw her, Felicity felt her heart almost stop at the amount of emotion that poured out of him, his reaction to her. Tears filled her eyes and she smiled up at him as he made his way towards her.
“Yes, that's my name, I'm very glad you remembered it.”She teased lightly, before his arms were around her, and his lips were crashing against hers.
“Natasha....she said....but you're awake...I thought...”He tried getting out as he simply ran his hands over her face to make sure she was real, that she was really sitting up and talking.
“What did she say?”Felicity asked, looking curious.
“She said you had taken a turn for the worst...”He mumbled softly as he looked down,”I thought....I thought you were gone.”
“No, I'm awake....and very much as okay as I can be.”Felicity assured him,”She probably told you that, because as she informed me, you've refused to leave our living quarters since the fight.”
“I couldn't....I couldn't face what I had allowed to happen, by not protecting you.”Loki admitted as he brushed his fingers through her hair,”Never again, my little human.”
“Loki....I love you.”She said as she pressed her nose against his neck,”And what happened, it was not your fault, it was mine....I insisted on going instead of keeping myself safe, as you had requested.”
The were just holding each other when the doctor came in, knocking lightly on the door as he did so, giving them a small smile. Felicity sat up a bit and scooted over so that Loki might sit next to her. She was pretty sure that she wasn't going to be letting him go anywhere for awhile.
“Well, Miss, I have good and bad news.”The doctor said as he looked at some charts in his hands. Now it was time to find out the true extent of the damage her injuries had caused.


I'd love to read a sequel to this story!
It's really great
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Please update I'm addicted I need more
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I love this story!!! Please update soon!!!!
JKinzz JKinzz
Saw your footnote in chapter 8 - you're welcome! :) I feel bad for Felicity and how she has to start moving around just as she got settled in. Can't wait for the next update!
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Woohoo! I love when you update! Please do so more frequently, because I'm anxious to see how this turns out. :)
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy