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What Lies Beneath

Chapter 3

To say that she was a bit off kilter, that was an understatement. She wasn't sure what to do with anything right now. She was in New York City, with a Norse God, that, she might add, wasn't even suppose to exist in anything other then mythology. She sighed a bit as she paced back and forth. She had chosen to go back into where the bed was, so that she could just think. He was up to something, and there was a gleam in his eyes that told her it was nothing good. She had to figure out how she was going to survive this, how she was going to get as far away from this disaster about to happen, as possible. She would admit in this moment, she was a little scared. This was not how her day was suppose to go, hell this was something that normal people wouldn't even dream up as happening to them, and yet, here she was. She sat down on the bed and looked around for a moment before looking up at the ceiling. She had to find a way to slip past him and get out of this hotel, take a walk, get some fresh air. She grumbled lightly before shooting up so that she was now standing, and turned and started towards the door again. Why should she bother being sneaky anyway? She wasn't his prisoner.
She walked through the rather large hotel room, heading straight for the door, not bothering to look for anyone, or preparing to let someone stop her. She was free. She could do what she damn well pleased. She grabbed the door handle, when a hand reached out, and grabbed her wrist. She raised an eyebrow, before turning back to look at Loki, who didn't look the least bit pleased. She yanked her hand away and crossed her arms over her chest, puffing it out, showing him that she was now about to back down.
“Where are you going?”He asked simply.
“On a walk.”She replied, trying very hard to keep her tone in check.
“Why?”He continued to ask questions.
“Fresh air....it's actually good for you.”She retorted and smiled.
“Don't you like it in here?”He continued, raising an eyebrow, returning the smile, it as full of venom as hers.
“I do, but I also know that, to be frank, I don't trust you, and I don't like how....suspicious you're being, so I want to go for a walk, take a moment to clear my head and be alone, because you've made it very clear you're not going to let me go home.”She said simply before turning towards the door again. She would be damned if she was going to be stopped.
She had started to open the door again, when he grabbed her wrist, and put his other hand against the door, making a clear statement that she would not be going anywhere. Felicity was starting to get impatient with Loki. She wasn't one to be controlled, she wasn't one to bow down and accept what someone told her to. She spun around, so that she was facing him completely, pressing herself against the door when she realized just how close he'd gotten, and she huffed before putting one hand on his chest, then both, and shoving him back away from her. Loki looked stunned for a moment, looking down at his chest before looking up at her, his lips tight, his jaw set. She'd pissed him off. Fantastic. She'd just pissed off a god. This was just going to end peachy.
“Who do you think you are?”He snapped, his shoulders rounded, his body still and firm.
“I think that I am Felicity, the girl that you kidnapped, and I think that I'm really getting tired of your games.”She replied, showing none of the fear she was actually feeling at the moment.
“I play no games, you little human.”He hissed as he started towards her again.
“Yes...yes you do....you save me from someone that wanted to clearly do me harm, but in return, you kidnap me while I'm vulnerable, now you're trying to control me, and you've just got this....thing about you....you're seeping with anger, and while as right at this moment, it's aimed at me, you're clearly up to something, and playing with someone like you're little toy....and now....now you've got me caught in the crossfire.”She growled back at him, as she took a step towards him. He wanted to fight, fine, she'd take him. She'd probably end up dead, but she wasn't going to give in either. That wasn't how she did things. She had been through far to much to just give up to anyone.
“You're pathetic, did you not notice how others in that town you keep referring to as home stood idly by while you were being chased, but a stranger was more willing to help you....what have you there anyway that is so important to you that you have this overwhelming urge to keep bringing that up?”He argued, clearly not finding her as intimidating as she'd hoped.
“I think that it's none of your business what I find so appealing about the place that I want to go back...and no, I didn't notice people were in the street....I was clearly in the middle of running, not stopping to smell the roses.”She fought back. Persistent little shit.
“Why can't you just say thank you that I didn't leave you to that ape to be raped and tortured?”He asked, as he took another step towards her.
“Why can't you just accept a thank you and let people be?”She retorted, giving an answer by asking him a question in return.
“Things are not so simple, remember, you're just a human, you don't know the things that I do.”He told her, before giving a small laugh.
“I understand many things, oh great one, however, some of your logic, it doesn't make one bit of sense....I mean....do you listen to yourself talk?”She said, before shaking her head. She didn't want to pay attention to his laugh, she didn't want to pay attention to anything, she just wanted to turn and leave now, before he zapped her and she was stuck as a bug or something.
“You joke, mortal woman, but I am still a god, so you should learn to respect that.”He said, commenting on her joke about him being a great one.
“I don't show one once of respect to someone that wont show me the same.”She told him, smiling once again, before letting out a laugh of her own,”Respect and trust are earned, not given away like presents....even to Gods.”
“You're very sure of yourself.”He stated, almost sounding bored.
“I'm very sure of what I believe.”She corrected, before snorting a bit,”Now, as I stated before, I'm going for a walk.”
“I will break you such rebellion.”He told her, which made Felicity stop right there.
She turned and walked over to him, not just a step, but until she was standing toe to toe with him, before she hauled off and punched him in the shoulder. Loki stepped back, but didn't act like it hurt. Felicity didn't care if it hurt or not. She gritted her teeth and snarled at him, her eyes flashing with both anger and a hidden pain, one that she was keeping well guarded.
“You will do no such thing, you will not break me of anything.”She hissed, venom in her words, threatening without saying the actual thing,”I am not a dog that is in need of training.”
Loki was shocked. This woman was nothing short of outrageous. She had just hit him as if he were some human she could take on. She was full of fire, and he found it to be something that he wanted to play with. He wanted to push her buttons and see how far she'd go to make him stop. He stepped back away from her when she hit him, and just stared through her for a long moment after she spoke before scoffing lightly, raising an eyebrow and stepping back to where he'd been standing just a moment before. She was clearly not afraid of him, intimidated by him. He wondered why. Most people would tremble at the truth, knowing that everything they thought was just fairy tales was reality. She was simply....fighting back. It was amusing to say the least. He wanted to keep pushing, but the tone in her voice, it let him know that it was time to back off....for now at least. This was going to be lots of fun, he was suddenly thrilled that he'd decided to drag her along against her will. It was like his new favorite toy that he'd just opened on Christmas day.
“Woman, just go.”He said simply, finally backing down, because he knew that this was simply going to escalate and then she really would go and not return. He'd have to hunt her down.
“Glad to have your permission, your Majesty.”She said, before moving away from him. She reigned her temper in, forcing herself to calm down before she got the urge to hit him again, just for the fun of it.
“You'll need to return before the sun goes down...and don't let anyone see where you're staying.”He informed her.
“Fine.”She snapped, though in the back of her head, she wondered why he was wanting to hide the location, this hotel room. What else was he hiding, what was this...man...up to? She slowly let the thoughts slip away from her as she finally left the hotel room and started towards the elevator. She just needed to get some air. She was starting to feel like she was suffocating in this mess. She wondered if she'd be able to slip away, would he notice if she didn't return. Would he come looking for her? She almost wanted to take off and find out. She, however, decided that she needed to play this smart. She wasn't sure if she'd live very long if she kept pushing his buttons. Felicity sighed a bit as she finally got off the elevator and walked through the main lobby and out the door, taking a deep breath as she stepped outside. Without a moment's hesitation, she took off walking, though she wasn't really sure what she was looking for.


I'd love to read a sequel to this story!
It's really great
drakkya drakkya
Please update I'm addicted I need more
larasong larasong
I love this story!!! Please update soon!!!!
JKinzz JKinzz
Saw your footnote in chapter 8 - you're welcome! :) I feel bad for Felicity and how she has to start moving around just as she got settled in. Can't wait for the next update!
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy
Woohoo! I love when you update! Please do so more frequently, because I'm anxious to see how this turns out. :)
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy