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What Lies Beneath

Chapter 7

Felicity got to the board, and looked down. She bit her lip and glanced back to see the others were running after her. She let out a small grunt, and finally hit a button. She looked up and let out an almost sigh of relief when the door slid open. She glanced back to see that Tony was still running at her, but the other man had stopped. He was going to go after Loki now. She didn't waste any time to take off running. This wasn't some game to her. She had done what she thought she had to do, and now had to get away before she suffered for it.
“Felicity.”Loki said, snapping her attention over to him, and that's exactly the direction she started to run.
She glanced back, and could see that she had only momentarily confused Tony Stark by changing direction, but it was just the moment she needed to put enough distance between herself and him to not get caught. She got herself behind Loki, and looked down to see that she was still handcuffed. She'd figure that out when they got the hell out of here.
“Next time I say run...”He started before she held her hands up to stop him.
“I did run...after you....and next time, I wont be running away either, just get us out of here before you lecture me.”She told him, before her eyes went wide as the one that seemed so calm let out a yell that quickly turned into a roar, his whole body shifting, the bones moving underneath skin, which was turning green, in just a moments notice he was at least eight foot talk, green, and terrifying, and she bit back the urge to yelp in fear of this one.
Loki turned to face Felicity, and wrapped his arms around her waist. She took no time to hide her face in his chest, as she heard metal crunching around them. She was in panic mode now. What the hell was that thing? She was honestly sure she didn't want to know. There was a burst of wind, and then it went completely silent for a moment. When she looked up again, they were no longer in that place, where ever it was, standing on a roof top. She slowly pulled away from Loki, and looked around. Where were they now? She twitched her nose and started to walk towards the edge of the building. She wanted to get a good look at her surroundings, find out where she was, because she wasn't so sure she wanted to travel anymore.
“Why didn't you run?”Loki snapped at her after a few moments of silence, sounding frustrated and angry.
“I told you....I did run....just not in the same manner you wanted me to.”She replied as she turned to face him again.
“You're foolish, what did you expect to do?”He snapped as he started towards her.
“Stop them from beating the hell out of you, what did you think I was going to do, look pretty?”She replied as she crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at him.
“Instead you got us captured, had you ran like I instructed you to do in the first place, that would have never happened.”He told her, his voice stern.
“Heaven forbid I try to do something good.”She hissed and turned away from him, staring out at the city around them. They were still in New York, just very far away from the hotel they'd been staying in.
“Never do something like that again, you're just a human, you can't take them on, no matter how much you try.”He said to her, now standing right behind her.
“Tony Stark is only a man....the only thing that makes him super, is his suit.”She said, and glanced back at him,”What makes me any different?”
“You don't have weapons.”He pointed out, as he looked down at her.
“I got you out of that cage didn't I...my intelligence....my street smarts is weapon enough.”She retorted with a bit of a shrug. She glanced back up at him, and raised her chin a bit, trying to see him better without actually turning around.
“You showed bravery....despite being a mere human.”He said as he looked away from her, and up at the skyline.
“I did what had to be done, that doesn't take bravery...”She replied, before turning her head back around so she was now looking forward once again.
“You'd be surprised,”
“After the last few days, absolutely nothing can surprise me anymore.”She said with a small snort.
Felicity kept her arms wrapped around herself, before letting out a small yawn. She wasn't sure how long they were in that holding cell, that place, but she was certain she was far more worn out then she'd been in a long time, and she was absolutely ready to get some sleep. She wanted to be able to just relax for a little bit, and calm herself down from all the excitement, good and bad.
“What did they ask you?”He asked after several more moments of silence.
“What I knew....and I told them the truth, I didn't know anything,”She answered him, before turning to look at him,”You're brother has made it apparently....and he tried very hard to get me to talk, but there is nothing I can say, I don't know what's going on in that head of yours...though I'm willing to bet if it has anything to do with what they claimed are your past experiences, you need to stop.”
“What do you mean?”He asked as he stared at her for a moment, as if in disbelief.
“They told me how you'd tried before to take over Earth, and where you're from as well....how you'd done bad things....why keep doing that anyway?”She replied, being completely honest with him, though, she was well aware, she had no reason to be, he wasn't completely honest with her.
“You don't understand what's going on, and I can't try to make you.”
“You have a choice, Loki, keep taking the same path, keep failing, or change...why do you act as if you don't?”She said to him, poking him in his chest.
“My brother thinks me a joke, I am a god, and I am doing what I must, unlike you, human, this is far more then a matter of choice, or pride...this is my destiny.”He said before looking up and around at the buildings that surrounded them.
“Destiny....you believe in that load of horseshit?”She said and laughed at him,”Nothing, and I mean nothing, is set in stone, if you want to believe that, go right ahead, but watch, I'll prove you wrong yet.”
“And what makes you think there is anything else for me?”He asked, looking at Felicity again,”You know nothing of me,”
“I think that if you're willing to save someone, and protect them, despite not knowing anything about them, you cant be as bad as they make you out to be.”She replied, with a solid nod of her head,”I think that....if you want something in life, force is not always the way to get it, you're immortal, you've got all the time in the world, why struggle to make it happen now?”
“Because, things...life...it's not as simple as you perceive it to be.”He answered easily,”And I have waited long enough to have what is rightfully mine.”
“But....but what if ruling one place or another....it isn't what you're meant to do?”She asked, trying to see if she couldn't get him to talk more, get more information out of him then what little he was giving.
“I am a god, and I've seen what humans have done to Earth, I can make this place better, show them what a true ruler is, show them that their kings and leaders are nothing.”He said, tensing up a bit as he spoke.
“A better rule by doing what?”She asked, raising an eyebrow,”Forcing them to worship you?”
“If I must use force, then yes.”
“Then that makes you no better then any human who thinks themselves a god.”She said simply, giving a bit of a shrug,”and if this is the sort of game you're going to play, you can leave me in the dust, I wont be part of that,”
“You wont be safe, and I can't have that.”He said simply,”You're better off staying at my side.”
“While you hurt people, I don't think so.”
“Felicity...”He started before pausing, shaking his head,”We need to go somewhere so that you might rest.”
“I was just thinking the same thing.”She mumbled, trying not to think about what he was originally going to say.
Loki turned and started walking off. Felicity, not knowing what else to do, followed after the God. She was very serious, meant every word she had just said. She'd defended him against those people, but if his intention was to hurt those around her, she would disappear. She would make sure he didn't find her. She'd make sure she didn't have to watch him destroy everything, and possibly himself. She bit her lip again, her bright hazel eyes taking in the world around her. People could change, and if people...in all their imperfections could change, so could a God, right? She tossed that around in her brain, and decided, in the end, that yes, they could, and she would do everything she could in her power, to get Loki to change his ways. Even if just slightly. Keep the mischief, and all that fun stuff, just take away the...evil...is a good word for it, take the evil out, replace it with something else. Something better.
“What are you thinking?”Loki asked, which is when Felicity realized he was looking at her.
“Nothing really.”She said simply.
“Would you lie to me?”He asked, still watching her as they started down the stairs, entering the building they were standing on.
“I haven't decided yet,”She replied, giving a small shrug.
“I haven't lied to you.”He said pointedly.
“But you haven't given the whole truth either.”She retorted, giving her own argument.
“What truth do you need?”He asked, as he looked ahead for a moment.
“Why?”Felicity asked, having given herself a few minutes to think about it,”Why hurt people, hurt those you love, like your brother....why...do any of this?”
“I don't understand...why...take my throne, my place in the realm of kings...because I have to, because it is what I'm burdened with.”
“At what cost?”She continued,”The loss of those you care about....the loss of those you rule over, when they rebel and take you out....what is the cost to power....and is it really worth it?”
“Those are things....that I will simply have to face when they come forth.”
“That is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard in my whole life.”She said with a small snort,”You really mean to tell me, that in the end, losing everything is worth that one moment where you had it all?”
“As a god, king, or ruler of any kind, that is simply a risk one must take.”Loki said, as they entered a hallway, heading towards an elevator as to exit the building and find another hotel or somewhere to stay for the night.
“You do realize, that through out history, Kings, Queens, and rulers of any sort that lost everything....regretted the decisions they made while they reigned....can you live with the regret?”She continued, trying hard to pry under that shell he was clearly, in her head, hiding behind.
“There are always risks to achieving greatness, not everyone is going to be pleased by your methods or your decisions, you simply do what you must, and accept the fate and consequences of those decisions.”He said, his tone sharp, as they stepped onto the elevator.
“No...it's not that simple, and you know it...you'll be restless, miserable, forceful...you'll be coming something you're not, because of the regrets, the power going to your head, and as I mentioned before, that is not something that I want to sit back and watch happen.”Felicity said, her tone just as sharp.
Loki turned towards her, and and took a deep breath, and then took a step towards her, causing Felicity to back herself against the wall. She'd made him mad. Again. He was definitely going to smite her this time. She was so certain of it. She closed her eyes and tried very hard not to grimace, and then something else totally different happened. There were lips lightly pressed against hers. It wasn't forceful, and it wasn't creepy, they just rested there. Felicity slowly relaxed before opening her eyes. Loki pulled away after a moment and shook his head at her. She frowned and tilted her head, wondering what that was about.
“You think and talk to much.”He said, sounding once again, as if he were bored or something.
“I do what I can.”She said, smiling just slightly, giving another shrug. Felicity wasn't nearly so calm on the inside. She didn't like those butterflies in her stomach. The man was talking about taking over the world, and all this other crazy stuff, someone like that shouldn't make her knee's weak. Someone like that should be pissing her off. She almost grumbled at herself, but held back the urge, decided to just keep that hot mess of thoughts in her head. He didn't need to know everything.


I'd love to read a sequel to this story!
It's really great
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Please update I'm addicted I need more
larasong larasong
I love this story!!! Please update soon!!!!
JKinzz JKinzz
Saw your footnote in chapter 8 - you're welcome! :) I feel bad for Felicity and how she has to start moving around just as she got settled in. Can't wait for the next update!
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy
Woohoo! I love when you update! Please do so more frequently, because I'm anxious to see how this turns out. :)
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy