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Iron at heart


Toni Stark had to leave her beloved daughter on Earth 616 with her male counterpart in order for her survive since her earth was being attacked by and alien race. Other avenger children along with other heros children where sent to Earth 616 so the children can grow up with their other parents counterparts. The thing is will SHIELD be able to find the Avenger children before they fall in the wrong hands? Will Tony take in his actual daughter? The big question is who is the father on Tony daughter? Will Tony be happy or mad when he finds out who the father is?

Now not to get everyone confused Earth 3490 is like a different universe and Earth 616 is Earth 1 it's like DC's Earth 1&2 if you go by comic books facts. So yeah and just a fun fact female Tony's real name is Natasha Stark :D Yeah I know a trip so not to confuse you guys I change her name to Toni I guess thats her fan name Idk but either way yeah! Eventually Steve/Tony Present Bruce/Clint! Own nothing but the my OCs! Also take place in Iron man 1&2! Then it movies on to the Avengers!


  1. Prologue

  2. Chapter 1

  3. Chapter 2

  4. Chapter 3

  5. Chapter 4

    2 year old Maria meets Tony

  6. Chapter 5

    Bruce and Clint child is introduced!

  7. Chapter 6

    Bruce and Clint child, Natasha and Pepper child, and Maria!


OMG I love that part in Iron Man! It's so funny! But it made me sad to think that he doesn't want her for a kid...but it's good that Pepper did want her and is taking care of her... I wonder what's going to happen next!
Love it! Maria sounds so cute! And F.Y.I, I love Tony Stark and I think that th etime frame is perfect for this story! :)