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Loki Laufeyson And The Little Lost One


Loki has come back from the dead. He has claimed the throne, posing as Odin. One day, he hears of a monster that escaped to earth, and as he goes to clean up the mess, he finds an unlikely treasure. (I do know there is another story with the same name. I am actually the author of that story, but my password, for some reason, stopped working, so I can't log into that anymore. I decided to change it up a little and add a little more humor and drama.)


Kane Singer

Kane Singer

Kane Singer is a fiery girl. She can seem calm and collected, but don't let that fool you. She can blow up at anytime, for any reason. She's very ashamed of her temper, knowing that both her parents are respectable, mild-mannered people. Then again. She was adopted...



Loki was thought to have died on The Dark World, but he survived and claimed the throne, posing as Odin. He doesn't want much to do with Earth, but he feels it's his duty to stop any monster that could've escaped the other Nine Realms.


  1. Meet the Characters.

    I will be writing this from the authors view, so it will be humorous.

  2. Kane's World.

    Take a look, and see the world of our new favorite hero, before she was a hero.

  3. Monsters Under The Bed.

  4. "I'm a... WHAT?!?!?!"

    Kane finds out her true parentage.

  5. Battle is Glorious.

    Eira realizes that Loki was telling the truth.


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