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Loki Laufeyson And The Little Lost One

Meet the Characters.

Kane Singer is 15. (I know, young, right?) She has black hair, long cheekbones and an otherwise known as regal face. (RULE THE WORLD!! Just kidding) She's tall, standing at just about 5'11. (KNEEEL!) Ok, commentary, would you shut up?! I'm trying to write a story! (Sorry... You're boring...) *sigh* Just be quiet! Anyway, she was healthy, beautiful and smiled a lot. Unless someone pissed her off. In which case, her smiling would be a bad thing. Anywho, she can't walk. She was in a car accident when she was eight, and it paralyzed her lower half. She'd gotten a lot of practice, though at moving around, and finding new ways to do things. She loved to draw, and she was amazing at it, too. Although the one thing that got her ridicule and embarrassment, was that he loved to draw... Loki. (I wanna draw him too! He's hot!!) *facepalm* Whatever. So, she drew him very well. Him on a throne, reading, anything. She would see someone doing something, and draw Loki doing the same thing. Lok, is the god of mischief, known for being, what else, mischevious. He had always wanted to rule somewhere, he didn't care where. He just felt like the bottom rung of the ladder. (Of course, if you were to say that to him, he wouldn't understand what you were saying!) Ugh, really? (Sorry...) Thank you. Anyway... Where was I? Oh, yeah, he had finally claimed the throne of Asgard, posing as Odin. Thor didn't suspect a thing. Of course, you never know what happened to the real Odin. Loki sat on his throne content. He didn't know what waited patiently on earth. Ok, well that's the characters. Enjoy the rest of the story! (I'll be quiet!)


Well, I hope you liked it! I wanted the first chapter to be kinda funny, because the rest of the story will be pretty serious. This is after the events of The Dark World, so the rest of the story may contain spoilers! Btw, I just recently changed it, her name was supposed to be Kane, not Colt. God bless America!! XD


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