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Loki Laufeyson And The Little Lost One

Monsters Under The Bed.

Kane threw herself back into her wheelchair and practically flew downstairs. "Mom? Dad?" The screaming had stopped by now, but as she neared her parents room, she heard a heavy, wet sort of breathing. "Mom..." She nudged the door open and wheeled in. What she saw next caused her jaw to drop and the scream she emitted to wrack her whole body. Standing before her was a large, black monster. It had long arms and clawed hand that reached past it's jagged knees. It started to turn, bumping her wheelchair and knocking her to the floor. It turned to stare at her and she gasped. It wasn't black; it was blue. It's face had tusks on each side of it's mouth, and piercing red eyes. It screamed, and it's scream was ear-shattering. Kane clamped her hands over her ears. She closed her eyes and waited for it to kill her as well. But nothing happened. She saw, more like felt, a bright flash of light. When she opened her eyes, it was gone, and in it's place stood a tall man. He had his back to her, but she could see that he wore fine clothes and held himself high. He turned and his face was high, regal, and his eyes were a bright emerald green. His hair was black. In fact, Kane felt like she was looking in a mirror. If the mirror showed her as a boy, and much older. "Are you hurt?" Kane was shocked at how soothing his voice was. "I... You..." She was speechless. He looked her over, then held out his hand. "Come with me." She looked at his hand suspiciously. Of course, what sane person wouldn't be suspicious? Suddenly, there was another bright flash of light, and when Kane opened her eyes, she gasped. She was in a golden dome, with a pedestal in the center, a sword inside. The man holding the sword nodded at her, and said, "My lady. I saw you were in trouble, and not soon enough. If I had seen any later-" "That's enough, Heimdall. Come on, girl, get up." She glared at this man's incompetence. "I can't. I'm paralyzed from the waist down. I was in New York when the aliens attacked." The man sighed. "Heimdall, don't let anyone through." "Yes, my lord." Loki walked over and calmly picked Kane up. He looked so skinny, but he was strong. Kane felt... Safe. It was a strange feeling for her, being adopted. The first parents that she had were killed in New York. She hadn't ever found a place like this, safe, warm, secure. Wanted. She felt that this man knew something special about her, because every time he looked at her, his eyes would light up, just a little. When they Got to the palace, he took her to a room and laid her down on a stone bed. "The beakers will take care of you. Go to sleep." Kane couldn't resist the soft calling of sleep, and the last thing she saw was the face of her rescuer, whispering, "Sleep well... Princess."


I know, I know, it was short, but I'm updating with a new chapter reeeaaaallll soon. And this one will probably be loooong. :) Subscribe, comment, like. Is this a YouTube video? Lol XD


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