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Not Always a Hero, Sometimes Just a Man

The Good Fight Never Ends

Tony Stark was not always the hero that people knew him as. He had once been a spoiled brat, a pompous ass that held out his hand and got what he wanted on a gold platter. He was a billionaire, a playboy, he had the world in the palm of his hands and, it seemed, Tony would never differ from his lavish lifestyle. He couldn't always see the difference between right and wrong; for Tony it had always been about money, it was about being the top dog at everything he did.

But that had changed the day he had woken up to a man telling him that he was tinkering on life's edge. The threat of death puts perspective into ones' eye and it certainly did it to Tony.

It changed the course of his life to the degree where he became someone knew entirely; almost. Tony Stark was still a spoiled brat, a pompous ass that held out his hand and got what he wanted on a gold platter. He was still a billionaire and enjoyed the perks of being a playboy but this time around he was a lover of peace instead of a lover of the perks of attempting to make peace.

[i]"Yeah, peace, I love peace …I'd be out of a job with peace."[/i] Tony had once informed the very soldiers he outfitted; pleased that they enjoyed the promise of his new weapons and the protection they offered, the destruction they caused.

With the knowledge that there was shrapnel in his chest from his own designs, that the enemy was using his weapons really did a number on him. It was easy for him to rethink the ideas of Stark Industries; it was even easier for him to change the whole premise. No longer was he against peace but he was for it, everything he did became in creating world peace – protection for people but never bringing harm to anyone unless they truly deserved it.

No more would his weapons wreck havoc on the world, not as long as he had a say so: Stark Industries was to serve an all new purpose in life. His legacy would no longer be something that could maim and kill with one move but instead it would be the Iron Man suit, known for all the good it had done.

But like any great tool it had to come down before it could go up. The obstacles kept coming and Tony was forced to keep fighting.

It was only after he became the hero that he realized the good fight never ended.


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