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Heart of Ice

Ice Princess.

Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. was on his way to New York to inform two of the members of the Avengers Initiative that they were going to be needed. He was going to picking Gwendolyn Falcon up, and then informing Mister Stark. He sighed, leaning back in his seat. Looking out the window, he saw that the car had pulled up in front of Charles Xavier’s mansion. He walked to the door at a leisure pace, and rang the doorbell. He heard a woman yell out, “Got it!” A couple seconds later, the door opened to reveal Gwendolyn Falcon, her white blond hair pulled up into a messy ponytail, and was wearing all white that made her look paler than she already was.

“Agent Coulson?” She questioned, her light eyes looking curiously at him.

“It’s time,” was all he said. Her eyes hardened slightly.

“I’ll be back in five minutes. Just let me pack.” She moved to the side to let him pass her into the house, shut the door firmly, and then walked up the steps, heels clicking. Coulson stood in the middle of the large foyer, looking around. He turned around sharply when he heard someone clear their throat.

“Mister Lehnsherr, Professor Xavier,” he greeted calmly.

“I assume you work with S.H.I.E.L.D.?” Lehnsherr asked, standing right next to Xavier with his arms crossed over his chest, blue eyes looking icy. Coulson nodded.

“Yes, Sir.”

“What is the assignment you are sending Gwen on?” Xavier asked.

“I’m sorry, Sir, but that is classified,” Coulson answered smoothly. He was well aware to the fact that if he really wanted answers, Xavier would read his mind and find out anything he wanted to about the assignment. He glanced up the steps, and hoped that Falcon would be down soon.

Gwen couldn’t believe that she was already going to be on an assignment before they covered her skill with her powers. It had only been a month since her training with Natasha and Clint. She packed her some clothes to sleep in, if she even was able to sleep at all during this, and some clothes to change into for whatever the assignment was. She threw some boots into the bag, some fingerless gloves that wrapped up her hand, two guns that were filled with ice covered bullets (specially made by her), and two knives.

She looked at the clothes she packed, and then at the outfit she was wearing. She started laughing when she realized that she would be wearing all black during the fighting, and she was wearing all white that day. She hoisted her bag onto her shoulder and traveled down the steps to where the Agent from S.H.I.E.L.D. was waiting.

Gwen stopped when she noticed everyone was crowded by the door. Charles must have sent out a message to everyone, she thought, dropping her bag to the floor and bending down to give Ororo and Jean a hug goodbye. The two little girls nestled into her before pulling away slowly. “I’ll see you two soon,” Gwen said reassuringly to the girls. They nodded and moved back. Scott barreled his way through, wrapping his arms tightly around the blond’s waist. She bent down and pressed a kiss to the top of his head. He pulled back, and Raven wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tightly. Gwen buried her head into her slicked back red hair and sighed. The two girls pulled back and smiled at each other.

The next one to hug her was Hank. She giggled softly when some of his blue furry tickled her cheek, but she still burrowed into his chest for a couple seconds before pulling away. Sean pushed Hank away and practically threw himself at Gwen. She staggered for a second before laughing, and hugging the redheaded boy. He kissed her cheek noisily before moving back. Alex was next, and he hugged her tightly, whispering things like, “be careful” and “please come back” in her ear. She hugged him tightly while attempting to reassure him that she’d be fine.

When they pulled back, Gwen was surprised to see Wade walk up to her. The fifteen year old, hugged her and then said, “Please promise me that you’ll come back okay.” Her eyes widened slightly before wrapping her arms around him.

“I promise,” she said, pulling back. He nodded, his brown eyes hiding something in their depths, and then walked to where Ororo and Jean were, picking Ororo up and settling her on his hip.

She hugged Charles and Erik goodbye, and her eyes started watering when Erik told her to be careful because they couldn’t lose her. She kissed both of their cheeks and then followed the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to a black car with darkened windows. She put her bag in the trunk of the car and then slid in next to the agent. “So, where to next, Mister Agent?” She asked, leaning back. He glanced at her with an amused expression until his indifferent face slid back into place.

“We are going to Manhattan to inform Mister Stark,” he said, looking at his watch. “My name is Agent Phil Coulson, by the way, ma’am.”

“Stark? Like, Tony Stark?” She asked. He nodded. “Cool. Also, don’t call me ma’am. It makes me sound old. Gwen is fine.”

The two and half hour drive to Manhattan was mostly filled with comfortable silence, in which Coulson filled by reading a book, and Gwen filled by looking over the assignment. She couldn’t believe that S.H.I.E.L.D. even had something like the Tesseract in their possession, and then to lose it to a Norse God, and not just any Norse God, the God of Mischief. Good job, Fury. Real good job.

Gwen looked up at the tower she was standing in front of, and saw Stark in his Iron Man suit land on the balcony. The two walked into the building and into the elevator. Coulson pressed the button for the penthouse, and looked to be attempting to call someone. He tried again and pressed the phone to his ear.

“Mister Stark, we need to talk,” he said into the phone.

You have reached the life model decoy of Tony Stark, please leave a message.

“This is urgent.”

Then leave it urgently.” Gwen snorted softly when she heard that. The elevator doors opened and Coulson put away the phone. “Security breach!” Tony Stark, a man with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin said.

“Phil, come on in,” The redheaded woman, who Gwen recognized as Pepper Potts greeted. Stark shot her a look.

“Phil, Uh, his first name is Agent.”

“Come on in, we’re celebrating,” Potts said.

“Which is why he can’t stay,” Stark argued, flashing Coulson a smile. His dark eyes drifted to Gwen, and he blinked.

“We need you to look this over as soon as possible,” Coulson said, holding out a tablet.

“I don’t like being handed things…”

“That’s fine, because I love being handed things,” Potts said, effectively cutting off whatever Stark was about to add, exchanging her champagne for the tablet. “So, let’s trade.” She takes Stark’s champagne and gives him the tablet. “Thank you.” She shot Coulson and Gwen a smile.

“Official consulting hours are between eight and five every other Thursday,” Stark said to Coulson, looking over the tablet.

“Is this about the Avengers?” Potts asked, and then her pale blue eyes widened. “Which, I know nothing about.”

“The Avengers Initiative was scrapped, I thought. And I didn’t even qualify,” Stark said.

“I didn’t know that either.”

“Apparently I’m volatile, self-obsessed, and don’t play well with others,” Stark added.

“That I did know,” Potts said with a smile.

“Miss Potts, would you come here for a moment?” Stark asked his assistant.

“One minute,” Potts said to Gwen and Coulson before moving over to Stark.

“Are Natasha and Clint going to be at the Helicarrier?” Gwen asked in a low whisper. Coulson shot her a look.

“Agent Romanov will be there but Agent Barton will not.”

“Why? What happened?” She asked.

“He- he has been compromised.”

“How?” She asked, shocked. She couldn’t believe that one of the best Agents she’d ever seen was compromised.

“Loki did something with his staff. Took control of his mind or something like that,” Coulson explained. The blond’s eyes widened.

“How’s Natasha taking this?”

“Agent Romanov is doing what she has to do.” Gwen stayed silent for a few moments before asking another question.

“Where to after this?”

“We’re picking up Captain Steven Rogers.” Gwen’s jaw dropped.

“Whoa, the Captain Steven Rogers? Captain America?” She saw the slight smile on his face as he nodded.

“Yes, Captain America.”

“You’re totally fanboy-ing right now,” she teased. He cleared his throat and stood up straighter, face completely impassive.

“I have no idea what you are talking about, Miss Falcon.” She let out a un-lady like snort.

“Sure.” A couple seconds later, Potts walked back over to them, asking if they could drop her off somewhere. Coulson nodded, and turned back to the elevator.

“Whoa, wait a second, Agent. Who’s the Ice Princess?”

“Gwendolyn Falcon, but you can call me Gwen,” she said, ignoring the ice princess jab.

“Tony Stark,” he said, flashing a smile and walking over to grab her hand. He kissed the back of her hand lightly, his eyes never leaving hers. “You can call me whatever you want to.” She raised a pale eyebrow.

“I think I’ll just stick with Stark,” she said coolly, but couldn’t help the little flutter her heart gave when he smiled at her again.

“Let’s go, Falcon,” Coulson said, waiting in the elevator. Gwen gave Stark a nod and then walked into the elevator. Potts and Coulson were talking, so the blond pulled out her cellphone and text Alex.

I’m bored. Entertain me.

She only had to wait a couple minutes for his response. Dude, it’s almost one o’clock at night. What the hell are you still doing up?

It’s cute that you think I’m going to be getting sleep. Alright, sorry I bothered you, your Highness. I let you get back to your beauty sleep.

Shut the fuck up.

She let out a sigh and slipped her phone back into her white pants. About an hour later, they pulled up to an apartment complex. Gwen was having trouble believing that’s where the recently un-iced Captain was living.

Gwen walked up the steps, following Coulson, and when they came to a stop, she stood back, nervously playing with her diamond snowflake ring. A man that looked to be about twenty-four or twenty-five answered the door. He had sandy blond hair that was styled like he still lived in the forties, deep blue eyes, was about six foot two, and was very muscular. She automatically knew she was staring at Steve Rogers.

“May I help you?” He asked. The first thing noticed was the heat pouring out of his room. The second thing was that the Captain was very polite. The third was that he wasn’t going to like her.

It had suddenly hit her that she controlled ice. He was stuck in ice for seventy years. Stuck in ice for seventy years equals no like ice and she couldn’t blame him in the slightest.

Gwen snapped back to earth when she noticed that he was smiling at her with his hand outstretched. “Steve Rogers,” he introduced. She smiled slightly and shook his hand. She hoped that her hand wasn’t too cold.

“Gwendolyn Falcon, but I go by Gwen,” she said.

“Are you apart of the Avengers too?” He asked. She nodded. He turned from her, spoke to Coulson for a couple seconds, before inviting them in so he could get some things together. She plopped down on his couch, crossing her ankles on his coffee table. Heat made her lazy. Coulson was standing next to her awkwardly.

“Stop fanboy-ing,” she grinned, nudging him lightly. He looked down at her. He was not amused.

“For the last time, I’m not fanboy-ing,” he said quietly, taking Rogers’ advanced hearing into consideration. Gwen snorted lightly.

“Coulson, you’re meeting your childhood hero. You can fanboy a little.” He completely ignored her, but started looking around. A couple minutes later, Gwen heard Rogers coming down the hallway and quickly stood up next to Coulson.

“Ready?” Coulson asked. Rogers nodded, and the three traveled back to the car, and then onto a jet where Coulson handed the two of them tablets. Gwen looked through hers quickly, learning all of the information she could on all of the Avengers, the Tesseract, and Loki.


http://www.polyvore.com/gwen/set?id=81419381 - Gwen's outfit


Hope everyone liked the chapter. Comment? Message? Thanks.




BlackestOfBirds BlackestOfBirds
I still find this story extremely interesting! I'd love to read more!
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continue! love it!
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I really enjoyed your story ans I crave more.
CupKTCakes CupKTCakes
So you're using the Avengers script for parts, eh? Pretty impressive! I'd love to see how else Gwen develops with the team!
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