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Prologue/Chapter 1

"Is it me is fighting Loki getting more difficult?" Tony said he just got out of his suit went to join the others in the common room. It was movie night Friday Bruce picked the movie and it was Bambi "What!? I like Thumper!" Bruce said cheeks getting red. Clint chuckled the Avengers got into their spots to watch the movie. When the movie came to an end all the Avengers went to their room for a good night sleep that they all knew they need. Though little did they know there was an intruder in the tower he crept through the tower with out being detected. The intruder came to Tony's room first "In the morning you are going to be feeling a bit short along with two other friends of yours," the intruder said with a smile the intruder snapped their finger and a flash came. The intruder did the same thing to Thor and Clint and boy were they were going to get the shock of there life.

Chapter 1

Next morning

Tony woke up what he assumed was morning but it was still dark out "Jarvis what time is it?" he called out nothing. Tony began to kick the covers but that was no use the covers felt heavy that is when panic began to creep in. Ever since after his abducted he had a terrible fear of the dark "Help! Someone help!" he cried he kept on struggling to get free. Soon he heard his bed room door slam open "Tony!" someone called out Tony knew that voice "Steve! Steve! Help it's dark and I'm scared!" he called out. He felt some moving the blankets away "Tony where are you!?" Steve called out when the covers where through Tony was through out. Fell to the floor "Ow my head," Tony said he went to rub his head when he felt something fuzzy. He looked at his hands they had fur on them heck they weren't even hand they where paws. Long brown like paws he screamed "Tony?" Steve said Tony looked over at him. Steve was taller then usual "Tony what I am about to tell you is going to startle you but you are a rabbit," Steve said. Tony ran to his mirror he wasn't just a rabbit he was a jackrabbit know he began to freak out. "How am I a fricken rabbit!?" he yelled he ran out of the room at top speed. He went to the kitchen where he found Natasha and Bruce it looked like Natasha was holdings something big and it looked like Bruce was holding something small.

"What the fuck is happening!?" Tony yelled that got everyone attention Natasha squealed in delight "Tony you are a jackrabbit you are soo cute!" she said. Tony saw what Natasha was holding in her lap it was a fat rabbit it was a light yellow. "That is one fat rabbit," Tony said "I'm not fat!" Tony knew that voice "Thor?" Tony said in disbelief. The rabbit in Natasha's lap turned to look at him. "Yes it is I my fellow friend it is I," the light yellow rabbit said. Natasha squealed again when Thor talked she might look like a deadly killer and act like it most of the time she was still woman that enjoyed cute things. Like bunnies for example "Oh you guys are going to be cuddled to death!" she said she held Thor tight to her chest. "Then who is Bruce holding?!" Tony asked he saw that he was holding something in the palms of his hands and had it close to his chest. Tony took a running start and jumped on the table "Huh I like these legs," he said he moved closer to Bruce to get a better look at the thing in hand. It looked like a tan fur ball Tony poked it with his paw it moved. "Its a moving puff ball!" he said "Can you ever shut up?!" it yelled Tony jumped. "It talks!" he yelled and ran to Natasha. The fur ball moved and turned around it was a bunny too but a small bunny. Though it was really cute that Tony, Natasha, and Thor had went 'aw' "I hate you guys!" it yelled then it hit Tony. "Clint? Clint!? No way you aren't really that cute in human form!" Tony said.

Clint gave him his best death glare only for Tony to go 'aw' again Clint turned are and went back into hiding. Bruce chuckled Clint was very adorable. "It's okay Clint we will figure out a way to get you and the others back to normal," Bruce said Clint looked up at him. "Thanks Bruce," he said Bruce smiled. Steve came in to join his team Natasha was hugging Thor too death. Though Thor didn't mind he was actually enjoying it getting all this attention. Clint was being held by Bruce he was sleeping and by the look of it Bruce enjoyed having the little bunny close to him. "Where is Tony?" Steve asked "He wanted to see how fast he can run," Natasha said "What kind of rabbit is Thor and Clint?" Steve asked. Natasha and Bruce thought for a moment it was true what types of rabbits are they? "Jarvis can you do a scan on what type of rabbits they are," Bruce said 'Right away Mr. Banner,' Jarvis said. "Steve stick out your foot," Natasha said "Why?" he asked her "Just do it!" she said Steve did he felt something run into it. Tony tumbled into the covered "Ow! What was that for!?" Tony yelled Steve ran and picked up Tony. "Are you okay!?" Steve said he was holding him close to his chest. "Tony you have such soft fur!" Steve said Tony was not pushing him away with his long feet and arms.

'Sir it seems that Mr.Barton is a Netherland Dwarf and Mr.Odison is a Flemish Giant,' "Thank you Jarvis," Bruce said Clint yawned he got up and was cleaning his face with his little paws. "Omg that is so cute!" Natasha cooed Clint was still sleepy he sat up Bruce looked down at him. Clint moved his little paw telling Bruce to come closer to him. Bruce leaded down to hear what Clint had to say but instead Clint pecked Bruce's nose it was a a little kiss "Can I sleep on your shoulder?" he asked with a sleepy voice. Bruce was still a bit stun do to the kiss "S-sure," Bruce said he moved Clint to his shoulder Clint moved close to the knock of Bruce's neck. Clint snuggled close to Bruce and went to sleep Natasha wanted to squeal but didn't instead she held Thor tighter then she was already he was turning blue. "Natasha I can't *gasp* breath!" Thor said Natasha loosen her grip on him "Sorry but it seems that Clint found his new favorite advantage point," Bruce just blushed when Natasha said that. "I think we need to buy them supplies for however long they are going to stay like this. Though I call buying bunny clothes for Clint!" Natasha said.


Omg I really want to watch the Rise of the Guardians yeah I love Bunnymund! Also I love bunnies in general and all animals!


When will you be Updating!?!?!
I LOVE this story.
This is actually really cute!