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Chapter 2

Thor was fussing over Clint "Stop it! I am not a baby!" Clint yelled Thor had Clint in his arms and giving him a bunny bath. "Stop fussing little one your fur is getting matted," Thor said Tony was running around. Natasha was watching Thor groom the little rabbit "What's Thor doing?" Bruce asked in whisper. "Grooming Clint he said he had an urge to do so I think it's a rabbit thing but it's extremely cute to watch!" she said Bruce looked over at the giant rabbit cleaning the smaller one. Bruce couldn't help but 'aw' at the site. Natasha stuck her foot out there was a thud and it was Tony hitting the floor. "Stop doing that!" Tony yelled Natasha giggled "Where's Steve?" Tony asked he hopped over to Clint and Thor. Thor was done cleaning Clint now Thor was holding him close to him. Tony snatched Clint from Thor the little rabbit was struggling to break free. "Hey put me down" he yelled Tony began to toss him up and down like a ball. Thor watching this he began to worry "Tony put him down what if he falls!?" Thor said. Tony heard the worry tone in his voice "Why so worried of the fur ball?" Tony said some how Tony didn't catch Clint and Clint hit the floor with a thud. Clint didn't move Tony began to panic along with Thor. Natasha and Bruce ran to the small rabbit "Clint are you alright!?" Natasha asked scooping the small rabbit in her hands.

She looked over at Bruce he looked worried soon Clint jumped up it startled all of them "I got you!" he said "YOU LITTLE MONSTER! YOU GAVE ALL OF US A HEART ATTACK!" Natasha said she wanted to squeeze the little rabbit to death. Clint giggled she placed him down the floor when he was on the floor he was tackled by Thor. "Are you alright!? Are you hurt!?" he asked him Clint was fussing under the giants rabbits hugging the smaller rabbit. Steve came back with a cage "Tony you are sentence to the cage of punishment for 10 minutes!" Natasha said. Steve looked confuse but when he put down the cage Natasha picked Tony by the scruff of his neck and put him in the cage. "This is not right! I have my rights!" Tony yelled he was shaking the cage yelling out his rights. Natasha ignored him and walked over to the two rabbits she picked up Clint while Bruce went to pick up Thor. "10 minutes Tony in the cage come on Steve help us wash these two!" she said. Steve looked over at Tony who was still yelling out his rights and that he is going to call animals services.

Thor was placed in the bathtub Steve was washing him while Bruce was washing Clint "Thor calm down its water!" Steve said Thor was thrashing around while Steve was trying to wash him. Clint was another story he was he was enjoying his bath Bruce was giving him "Ah this feels good it feels better then having Thor's saliva on me," he said. Bruce chuckled "Well there you are all nice and clean," Bruce said Clint hopped off his hand and shook out the extra water. He puffed up Natasha ran and scooped up the small rabbit and ran off. "Look see Thor you are now clean was that so hard?" Steve said he was done washing Thor. Thor puffed up as well Bruce chuckled he went to go retrieve a brush for the fluffed up Thor.

Tony was still in the cage of punishment but he still had a minute to go as he waited he saw Clint running but what he was wearing made Tony laugh. Clint was sporting a pink hat that had frills and pink dress that had white frills and was checkered white and pink. "Hey pinkie where are you running from!?" Tony said laughing Clint looked up at him "You got to hide me! She has gone mad! She bought me all these girly clothes and wants me to wear them!" he yelled that made Tony laugh more. Thor came bouncing out all clean and brushed he had a little red collar with a thunder bolt on it. "Hello my fellow friends how are you this...CLINT!?" Thor said he ran to the small rabbit that was in girl clothing. "My poor little bunny!" Tony was dying of laughing Thor was taking off Clint's girly clothing. "My poor bunny purple is more your color," Thor said.


When will you be Updating!?!?!
I LOVE this story.
This is actually really cute!