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Who Would've Guessed?

You've GOT to be joking...

"Darcy, I'd like to introduce you to Steve Rogers AKA Captain America. Steve, Darcy Lewis." My newest friend, Natasha, said.

I nearly fainted when I saw the muscle-covered hunk of a guy in front of me. See, why didn't we have guys like this in the real world? That's going to be my new project. I'm going to invent a way to make average guys into super hot hunks like the one in front of me.

I kind of wanted to poke his muscles. Or feel him up. Or t- no! Bad Darcy! Bad thoughts.

"It's a pleasure to meet you ma'am." He said politely and stuck his hand out for me to shake. I was FREAKING OUT inside because I felt flippin SPARKS when our hands were touching!

"Um... likewise, Mr. Rogers. Can I just call you Steve? Because, you know, I hate stuffy names when it's all formal and it just makes me feel awkward, not that I'm not awkward anyway - what?"

He was laughing at me! Laughing at ME! It's not that I wasn't used to people laughing at me, in fact people laughed at me all the time. And when they weren't laughing at me they were staring at me like I was an alien. Honestly, I preferred laughing.

Steve made a poker face to try to hide his laughter, but he was so bad at it, that I almost laughed at him!

"Sorry miss Darcy, I guess I'll just never be used to how things - and people - are so much different nowadays."

"Aww! That was cute! Say it again!"

"Say what again?"

"Nowadays. It was so adorbs! Nobody says stuff like that anymore."


"Eeep! It's so cute!" I squealed. I punched my inner fangirl in the face for reacting like that.

'shut up! He's going to think that you're some sort of extreme fangirl!'

'but we ARE an extreme fangirl!'

'didn't I tell you to shut up?!'

"well it's been GREAT meeting you, but I've got places to meet, people to go. Er, I mean places to go, people to meet. Don't listen to me. Bye, Cap! Nice meeting you!" I smoothly *note sarcasm* excused myself and rushed off and to my room.

I flopped onto my bed and let out a screech of pure happiness. He knows my name! He knows my name!

if only I wasn't such a butt and ruined it all with my fangirling. Oh well! At least I can look!



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