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Who Would've Guessed?

Kitchen Fiascos

"Okay, now crack the egg very carefully this time, just like that. You're doing great, Darcy. Especially since this is your first time." Steve encouraged me as I successfully cracked the egg for the first time. My first three attempts were disasters, now sittin in the trash can.

"Okay, now stir that together and we can add the dry ingredients."

I jovially stirred the mixture, quite pleased with myself for not blowing anything up or setting anything in fire. And the fact that I was with Steve may or may not have made me a very happy girl...

"Mission accomplished, Captain. Hand me the flour."

Steve eyed me warily.

"Can I trust you with the flour?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Of course! Now gimme." I snatche the flour from his hands and picked the correct measuring cup. Very carefully, so as to not cover anything with flour, I added two and a half cups of flour into the baking soda and salt that was waiting.

"One, two, and a half. Is that right?"

"yes, actually. It's almost perfect."

"what do you mean 'almost perfect'?"

"I mean, you missed a little, right there!" Steve picked a flour covered finger on my nose. Oh. That boy better watch out. He might be a super soldier, but I AM Darcy Lewis.

"Ya know, Captain, it might be really terrible if someone where to, I don't know, do THIS!" I threw a handful of flour at his face and he sneezed loudly when he accidentally inhaled it. He appeared flabbergasted, bu I knew better than to trust that face.

"Miss Lewis, I do believe you have shocked me. I was thinking you do something a bit more drastic."

Steve pulled my hands together in his massive ones and I didn know what he was doing until I heard a crack and felt cold, slimy goo all over my hands. He hid an egg in his hands!

"Oh, you're going to regret that, stripes!" I exclaimed as I jerked my hands out of his and hastily wiped them on a dish cloth we had been using. I then grabbed two handfuls of flour and flung them at him to distract him as I ran to get more ammo. I spotted the perfect item; guacamole. I grinned crazily as I pulled the large container out of the fridge.

"INCOMING!!!" I yelled as I tucked the container under my arm like a football. Steve was looking the other directions and was caught completely off guard as I tackled him to the ground. I straddled his waist, trying not to think bad thoughts, and pulled the guacamole up so he could see his fate.

"I hope you like guacamole." I teased as I tipped the bowl. But before any could fall out, the guacamole was torn from my grasp and I was pinned to the ground by the most attractive man ever, AKA Steve Rogers.

"that's not fair!" I whined as I struggled in vain. "You're a super soldier and I'm just Darcy!"


Steve and I looked towards the source of the ehehem and saw a highly amused Tony Stark. Steve immediately got off me and we both stood.

"Don't bother." Tony said nonchalantly. "I was just going to get some breakfast. But if you're going to do that, I suggest you take it to the bedroom, and not some place that's about to be overrun with Avengers."

Steve an I both blushed deep red.

"You're an idiot, Stark. We were just having a friendly food fight. That's all."

"I didn't know 'just friends' did THAT. Unless, of course, you're talking about friends with benefits. In which case, I really didn't see that coming with you two in particular."

"What's friends with benefits?" Steve asked naively. I blushed.

"That's not important. Now. If you'll excuse us, Stark, we have to be cleaning up."



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