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A Love between a Norse Goddess and A Human

We Found Her

Steve and Bruce were talking, in the conference room. Fury walks in with Tony.
"Gentlemen. Please have seat."
"Why, what's going on?" Bruce asked.
"We have found SteeL and she will be coming."
"You finally found her? Where was she?"
"She is in Antarctica."
"Wow, that sounds really cold." Tony said.
"Bring SteeL On the line."
"Yes, sir." some agent.
"SteeL, come in, SteeL."
"I'm in, what's up?"
"I need you to come back to headquarters. ASAP."
"Yes, sir, but it might be a bit. Dealing with some people."
"Okay, but do come in as soon as you can. It's important. I have two new missions for you. One you might like, and one you might hate."
"I'm sure, I'll dislike both, but we'll see where things go. Alright. SteeL out!"
"Sounds like she's ready to leave there." Steve commented.
"Oh believe me, she is." Tony said.
"We'll be ready for when she does come in. She will probably be cold, so we'll make sure she's taken care of. Until then, you two, work on that process, SteeL might be ready to get rid of the two bodies, she's in, and you, go train, but stay out of trouble."
"Got it."
Fury leaves.
In the lab
"What you guys working on?"
"Nothing, really, just going to get things ready for SteeL. We're going to get rid of the Goddess in her and make her into the human form. I want my sister back."
"Oh, okay. Why is Fury always treating SteeL better?"
"You haven't heard the story?"
"What story?"



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