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A Love between a Norse Goddess and A Human

SteeL's Arrival

Steve was walking down the hall, to his room. He happened to stop in front of SteeL's room, when he heard a growl. He decides to see what was in there. When he opens the door and steps inside, he is soon pinned to the ground by a large wolf.
"Stand down, Blazzar." Thor said.
Blazzar backed off and when on top of the bed.
"Thank you, Thor. What or who is that?"
"No problem, my friend. That is Blazzar, SteeL's wolf. He can be quite protective over something as this room. Why are in SteeL's room anyways?"
"I heard, Blazzar growl, and that made me curious."
"Ah, well, please stay out for now, SteeL is to be here soon."
"Yes, sir. Sorry."
Steve walked out of the room, and Thor locked Blazzar back in the room. Steve keeps walking down the hall, until he gets a call.
"Captain America, please report to the conference room. Double time it."
"On my way."
When Steve gets to the conference he sees a tall figure, with long, blue hair, talking to Fury.
"Ah, Captain Rogers, I would like you to meet SteeL Thunder. SteeL, this is Captain Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America."
"Ah, Captain, nice to meet you. Fury as told me a lot about you."
"Fury I'm going to have to go back to Asgard, but Cassie will stay around here. I'll have her train. Besides, I need a break. So I'll leave her here for a week or so."
"Okay, just make sure your back here, when we're ready for the next mission for you, and Cassie."
"You got it. Steve, it was nice to meet you, but I have to go. So treat my human form well. She'll be in here in just a few."
"It was nice to meet you, too. I promise, I'll keep an eye on her."
"Thank you."
SteeL leaves. Fury turns to Steve.
"You better make sure that you protect Cassie."
"You got it, sir."
"Here she comes."
Cassie comes walking.



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