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Shaun Banner: Agent Hulk II

The betrayal.

At the Apps…Shaun and Victoria see Bruce and Clint with Director Fury.

Fury: Good work guys.
Shaun: Thank you sir
Victoria: Yea, that's a big thing coming from you
Fury: That's enough .
Clint: Sir, wait can I talk to Victoria in the other room real quick.
Fury: Yes, but hurry.

Clint and Victoria leave.

Fury go to car helicopter that brung them there.

Bruce: Shaun, listen you must stay on track if you want to make as a director.
Shaun: I know, there is nothing going on between me and Victoria.
Bruce: Ok, I'm just checking.
Shaun: Ok, goodbye.
Bruce: Goodbye, son.

Bruce leaves. I'm now talking about Clint and Victoria.

Clint: I just want to say good job on the interviews.
Victoria: Thanks dad.
Clint: Keep up the good work, and that Shaun kid, he's a keeper.
Victoria: I will, and Shaun, yea he is pretty cool.
Clint: Ok, I got to go but I love you.
Victoria: I love you too, bye dad.
Clint: Bye.

Clint leaves to the copter, and the three leave.

Shaun: We should contact Dal.
Victoria: Yea, I'm on the phone with him.

She calls him, and he arrives, with a surprise.

Shaun: Hey.
Victoria: Wow, you found you AXE.
Shaun: Yea, where did you find it.
Dal: I never lost it.
Victoria: What.

Dal knocks them out and takes them to a hideout in Miami.





Part 2 coming soon

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Buddy, you posted the chapter twice

I like it