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Shaun Banner: Agent Hulk II

Battleground: Sahara Desert.

Shaun rushes to her side as everyone else go's and attacks.

Shaun: Stay with me.
Victoria: I'm trying.
Shaun: Don't go.
Victoria: Goodbye Shaun, I will always love you.
Shaun: Don't go, and WHAT?

Shaun calls a medic and takes her away. Shaun jumps into action.

Dal takes out Captain America, (knocked out not dead) along with Hulk, as Hawkeye shoots him with an arrow Hawkeye gets taken out, but as that is happening, Shaun attacks him and takes him out.

Dal later dies from wounds.

Everyone is in the helipad in the infamiry.

Fury: Good job team. Espacially you Shaun.
Shaun: Thank you sir.
Captain America: I'm just glad everyone made it out alive.
Bruce: Me too.
Clint: Me three.

Victoria enters, by a wheelchair.

Victoria: I just got out of surgery.
Clint: I can't believe I almost lost you.
Fury: Yes, that was close, but I'm happy that we won and everyone lived for the next battle.
Bruce: I need a vacation.
Captian America: I'm with you.
Shaun: Hey, Victoria can I speak with you in the other room.
Victoria: Yea, sure.
Bruce and Clint: You kids be careful.
Captain America: My kid is already married to Starks kid.;(
Bruce: Luke?
Clint: He is trouble I heard.
Captain America: He's alright.

Shaun and Victoria.

Shaun: What you said back there, did you mean it?
Victoria: Yes.
Shaun: If we date, Fury could kick us off the team.
Victoria: I don't care.
Shaun: Ok, would you like to go out with me.
Victoria: Thought you would never ask, just kidding, of course.

They become boyfriend and girlfriend, Fury approves.


This is not the end.



Part 2 coming soon

@The Winter Soldier

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Buddy, you posted the chapter twice

I like it