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This Isn't Freedom, This Is Fear

War Is Inevitable

Luke and Kayla were head to the helicarrier. They got the news about Ultron and operation take down. This was major, a major battle was coming their way. They head to the command bridge and fine the rest of the team waiting for them, and some newbies, like willow, Victoria, and Shaun. "So what's the plan?" Luke asks Coulson. "You guys need to head to New York and defeat Ultron." Coulson says, but seconds later another helicarrier comes into view and starts shooting at the avengers. It was black. .Okay Stark, you and your son know what to do, Clint, Nat, Victoria and Shaun, do what needs to be done there. The rest of you, just follow what I just said.. Steve says as they run though the hallways. They all join up at the main deck, all suited up. They split up. Tony flies to the helicarrier attacking and fires at the hydra soldiers on board. Luke, Shaun, Clint, and Nat all jump into the jets and fly towards the attacking helicarrier. Willow, Victoria, and Kayla man the guns. Cap and falcon jump ship and land on the enemy ship.

"Falcon try to find the core." Steve says as three hydra soldiers attack him. He kills all of them.

Red Skull decides to make this battle a bit tragic, so he blasts Luke's jet. Luke hits the ejection seat at the last minute. Thor flies to the enemy ship and takes down Ultron, Steve, makes Bucky turn and the two of them team up and defeat red skull and HYDRA. Parker defeats electro and Luke kills the green goblin. Loki, surprisingly, comes and instead of fighting Thor, he defeats the Bifrost, tony defeats the mandarin, and Clint and Natasha defeat rhino. Luke lived from the jet explosion. The battle, of Allies and Enemies against each other ended. Ultron was dead, his allies destroyed except Bucky. Bucky lived and became part of the avengers. His faults were ignored.

"Well talk about a war."Luke says as they clean up the mess. The team finished and they decided to all go on vacation, together, as a group. They head home and later they all meet up at the HQ. ”so what's the plan?" Willow asks. "Cruise." Steve says. The rest mumble in agreement and they go to go on a cruise to Hawaii. They each get their own rooms. Then they head up to the food deck and the eat together and laugh together.



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