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This Isn't Freedom, This Is Fear


"hey Luke can we talk?" Tony asks. Luke looks over and nods. Tony and Luke walk to the basketball court. "I'm proud of you. You were very brave out there during the attack, and Peter thinks you did a good job killing the Green Goblin." Tony says. "Yeah, thanks, Peter seems like a cool kid, he's brave." Luke responds. The two of them talk for a while. Then it starts to get dark so they decided to head to their rooms to get ready for dinner. after dinner they all head back to the lido deck and they walk around, talk, look out the window. Bucky and Steve stayed behind. "Bucky, I think we should talk." Steve tells him. Bucky nods. "Look Steve, I'm sorry, for what I did, I was brainwashed and I don't think that's cool. I should be dead right now." Bucky informs Steve. Steve smiles. "It's okay." The two of them smile at each other. And they head back to the others.

"Willow. You have been promoted to level eight, same level as the avengers. You will be know by them as Wildefyre." Coulson tell willow. She nods and she takes a seat. The avengers got bigger now. There were 13 of them now, counting, Bucky, Peter, willow, Loki, falcon, Shaun, and Victoria. The avengers had gotten new members but something was wrong.
Across the country.............

"they may have defeated me, but they did not kill me." a voice said. Then the source stepped out of the shadows. Ultron was still alive, and now he had a more allies. The X-men were brainwashed, to fight the avengers, Thanos came with an army of Chitauri, and the fantastic four became traitors. "Bucky made a grave mistake, and because of that, he will regret, sooner than he thinks." Ultron said to two people wearing hoods. These weren't anyone, the avengers knew. It was Deadpool, and Deathstroke.


Sorry for such a short story the next one will be longer, and yes I'm taking Deathstroke from DC. Btw his name is Slade Wilson.


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