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My (Currently Unnamed) Avengers Fanfiction


I've always been good at climbing. Gymnastics, too. They just sort of come naturally to me. I used to think that was nothing to worry about. I mean, sure, I could climb the 15 foot tree on the front sidewalk in a matter of seconds. Sure, when I'm doing gymnastics it feels like I have no bones in my body at all. Nothing too important. That's what I thought at least.
Who is 'I' you may ask? Well, I can't tell you that. Sorry. I'd like to. But I can't. I can't even tell you the real names of my friends and boyfriend. I'm not trying to be difficult or self absorbed. I don't think I'm 'too cool' for names or anything.
I just don't want to be found.
Sounds pretty dramatic, right? Like I'm trying to be all suspensful or whatever. I'm not. Trust me. But, going through this story without knowing what to call me would be pretty confusing, so i'll make up a name for myself. As a matter of fact, i'll make up names for everybody. Or at least call them by their code names. Now I know what you're thinking. Code names? This chick must really be off her rocker. But I'm not. Actually, you might know our code name. The name my friends and I call our little group. We've made ourselves pretty well known.
We call ourselves the Avengers.
Wait, wait, wait. You think, The Avengers? Like the movie?
No, not like the movie. The movie, like all movies usually do, left out a bunch of information. Namely, me. And some of my other friends. I know it's hard to believe. Almost impossible. I get it. I understand. I'm really only writing this for myself. To get out the secret i've been holding in. You really shouldn't be reading this. It's basically my diary. But i'll give you a choice. You can either put this down and find something else to do, or keep reading. Why am I giving you this choice? Because I need to let someone know. The secret I have has been eating away at me. It's terrible. The others wouldn't want me this, so don't tell anybody else, okay? We'll just pretend I haven't noticed you're still reading.
Alright. The best place to start a story is from the beginning, right? It's not a very pleasent beginning, but its the only one i've got...


I want to read more please!
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