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Shaun Banner: Agent Hulk II (Part 2).

The Mansion

The whole team meets with Fury.

Fury: You guys will go and find the X-Men.
Shaun: What happened.
Fury: That's classified.
Victoria: Of course it is.
Captain America: So when do we start.
Fury: Now.
Bruce: I'll go get Clint and we will start up the helicopter.

They all go to the X-Men Mansion. They take Wolverine and Iceman.

Wolverine: I couldn't stop them, they were too strong.
Iceman: They were just so many.
Captain America: Its okay, (his phone rings). I'm sorry guys I've been taken off the mission.
Victoria: Why.
Captain America: Don't know.
Shaun: Who's the new leader.
Captain America: Bruce, I gotta go, good luck guys.

He leaves.

Clint: I wonder why he left.
Bruce: It doesn't matter, we have to get this done.
Victoria: I agree.
Iceman: I remember seeing one guy, without a mask, but its hard to tell what he looked.
Wolverine: Yea, I saw him too, he kinda looked like Striker.
Shaun: I thought he died.
Clint: He did.
Bruce: So we thought.
Victoria: What are we going to do.
Shaun: Find him and take him out
Bruce: No, Shaun and Victoria go research him and see if anything has been reported about him, Clint and Wolverine go and check the mansion for clues, and Iceman and I will go back to HQ.

They all go to their assigned places.


Someone leaves the team.