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Shaun Banner: Agent Hulk II (Part 2).

The End

Shaun and his team have located Striker and are close to getting him.

Shaun: We have to get Striker.
Victoria: We will.
Bruce: He will be brought to justice!
Wolverine and Clint: He better!

Stiker lair. But Shaun's team is there.!?

Striker: Soon you will be dead.
Angel: No!
Professor X: Angel, its ok we will get out of here, Wolverine will save us.
Striker: He is already dead.
Wolverine: No I'm not! (He says it as jumps right on to Striker killing him,)
Shaun: Wow!
Bruce: Mission complete.
Clint: Let's get everyone out of here.
Cyclops: I agree.

They all get back to where they need to be.

Shaun and Victoria got engaged. Shaun is 20, Victoria is 22.
The X-Men, get reunited, and everything goes back to normal, except wolverine left for a year to clear his head.
Bruce and his wife adopt a kid named John, who's 13.
Clint went back to his family.
Captain America completed his mission.
Lastly, Nick Fury did some stuff and went somewhere and killed someone and got married to someone at somewhere. IT'S CLASSIFIED.


Part 3 coming soon.!!!