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I trust you

Loki finds himself staring out over the edge of the balcony that he can access from his private room. His room however, just happens to be on the same floor as Tony's. It still confuses him as to why Stark had set him up right next door to his personal room, Loki was positive that there were other rooms that would have sufficed. He didn't complain once though. Their close proximity and communal balcony had allowed the couple to progress forward to a friendship and later more.

Talk between them used to be strained, practically non-existent even, Tony still slightly bitter over the whole thrown-through-a-window incident, but after a while he got over that and realised the two of them had so much more in common than he has with any of his other comrades. It was nice to finally find someone that understood him for who he was, on a similar level of intelligence — someone to challenge him intellectually, whether they were discussing science or magic. Both relished in the expansion of their knowledge.

Loki knew what it felt like to fight for his father's attention, as did Tony. Loki had to compete against Thor, Tony had his father's lust for power and the company to compete against. Of course their situations were worlds apart, literally, Tony hadn't brought upon an alien invasion and the destruction of Manhattan. But the underlying understanding was there, that was all that was needed. They had at least something to bond over, no matter how small.

Still stood in place, the morning sun has stolen the coolness from the air, and replaced it with a tenderness Loki is unfamiliar to feeling anywhere he belongs. The nice warmth of his skin is nothing compared to the chill radiating in his chest, as his mind is quick to replay the conversation Barton and Stark had begun before he silently excused himself to hide the pure look of betrayal on his face. He didn't want anyone to see the genuine hurt he was feeling, especially since he was still confused himself about the feelings.

"I haven't seen the wife around recently,"

Loki didn't even know there was a wife. He didn't even think it was possible, Tony wasn't exactly known for his commitment. If it weren't for the strengthening pain in his heart, he would have taken the time to figure out Barton's motives for this line of enquiry. He wanted to know what anyone was to gain from such a question. But now there was nothing but hurt. Loki didn't like feeling this way, especially since the mortals he now associated with were causing it.

"where've you been hiding her?"

It seems as though Stark had been intending to keep this a secret from him. Loki didn't know which of his thoughts hurt him the most: the thought that Stark had not been honest and the God of Lies had not seen through him from the outset, or that their relationship wasn't what Loki had come to want from it.

Loki is not ignorant to his lover's philandering ways, he knows about the woman, and the vast numbers they came in. He also knows about the previous experimentation the illustrious Man of Iron had taken too when he became bored with the female form. But he had hoped the infamous womaniser Anthony Stark had more tact and sense of nobility about him.

Their relationship wasn't conventional, not in the slightest, neither of them thought it was. Loki himself is a God, a frost giant despite what he tells himself — he wasn't exactly a common sight in Midgard — and even with his shape-shifting abilities, his natural and preferred form is male. A person of the same sex was not a completely foreign sight to see in Tony's bed, just less likely than the fairer gender.

Tony had to certainly adjust his feelings on the whole relationship between two males. He had to accommodate Loki's insecurities into their lovemaking. Loki would not under any circumstances let Tony top him. Tony put that down to Loki having a lack of control over his own actions in his previous life before he turned to the Avengers, and he was sure there an even deeper issue, but decided Loki would tell him about that when he trusted him enough. It was something Tony had to get used to. But after a while, he decided that maybe it wasn't so bad, and if being in control made Loki happy, it was worthwhile. He enjoyed himself whenever he was with Loki no matter what the circumstance.

Whatever it was between them was never defined into words either — it wasn't exactly what mortals would call exclusive — neither of them explicitly stating how they really felt or what the wanted to gain through their time together. At times Loki had suspected it was just a physical relationship that Stark had wanted from him, but the longer they were physical, the more it felt like he wanted more.

It turns out that it really wasn't just sex anymore. Feelings were getting involved and it scared them both to no end. But their stubbornness meant that both suffered in silence, neither admitting to the other. That's why Loki thought the relationship stayed in the state of ignorant bliss it was happy with. No one was getting hurt, they were both gaining some kind of release or another, and they were as happy as they could be with such a situation. That was enough to make Loki think he could rely on some form of monogamy from his lover. He thought Tony could have showed at least a low level commitment to the God.

It doesn't take Tony long to find Loki, especially since he can just ask Jarvis for his whereabouts. Loki can currently be found on your shared balcony, Sir. Once he gets to the specific location, he can immediately tell this is where the trickster is. He can sense the rapid temperature drop he notices that follows when Loki experiences a fluctuation in emotion. Tony just doesn't understand what emotion plagues the mind of Loki this time.

Just as Tony suspected, Loki is staring out over the city, arms resting on the barrier between safety and falling a thousand feet below. He usually finds him out here when someone, most likely Thor, has annoyed or upset him. Tony walks up beside him, and follows his lead by staring out over the side of the balcony. The city is still just as peaceful as Stark Tower was before Clint decided to cause his own havoc.

Loki doesn't look up, he doesn't even move. He continues to stare out over the edge, ignoring the advancing mortal. Still coming to terms with what transpired this morning, he really does not want to come face to face with his genius just yet. But it's like that song Tony had shown him a few days back, "you can't always get what you want", and it certainly looks that way today. Just his luck.

"Hey Lo', why'd you disappear earlier, you usually enjoy watching Clint mock me?"

His head may be spinning due to being called Lo', his appointed nickname from Tony, but it does not mean he misses the engineer's futile attempt at bringing light to the tense situation; he just brushes it off and tries not to let it affect him. Loki finds himself planning a weave of lies, but then he remembers who is stood beside him. The one man the God of Lies cannot lie too — oh, the irony — not that the billionaire will ever know that, his ego does not need anymore stroking.

"I just — I did not find the source of mocking appropriate."

Unwillingly, the temperature surrounding Loki keeps plummeting. A shiver runs through Tony, his arm closest to the other is pimpled with goosebumps. Loki realises Tony understands him well enough to know that there is something wrong, that something has upset him. After spending so much time together and his quick mind, Tony has the ability to sense such things now.

"Loki, what's wrong?"

Loki's body involuntarily stiffens as Tony reaches out to rest a hand on his forearm — an act of kindness — it's not that he doesn't want to feel Tony's touch, he just wants to understand the motive behind it first. With a simple touch, his façade begins to slip, but he corrects himself quickly. Loki sets the mask firmly back on his face, and he turns to look away, his eyes focussing on the ants walking the streets of Manhattan.

"It is nothing of importance."

The distinct hurt and confusion in Loki's voice, is enough to have Tony's fingers under the God's chin, turning him to look into his eyes.

"If something is bothering you, of course it's important."

Tony hates to see Loki's walls rebuild themselves; it makes it so much harder to talk to him, to express feelings. The trickster doesn't want to go back to the days of destruction and pain. It took them a while, but the bitterness Loki held, began to dissipate. He does not wish to travel back to that time of darkness.

"Please, Lo', what is it?"

Loki takes a deep breath, preparing himself to ask his question. Despite himself, Loki does not wish to go back to the times of being controlled, his mind not under his command, he desperate need for revenge. It is nice to feel less burdened now that he does not wear the heavy mask of his past, as much.

Almost afraid of Tony's answer to his question, Loki diverts his gaze away, unable to look at the man beside him.

"Does Barton speak the truth? Is what he said true?"

A silence surrounds the pair, Loki still not looking at Tony, unaware of the confusion on his face.

"Is what Clint said true?"

Tony searches his mind for something said by Clint that would upset Loki. His quick mind settles upon the root of this problem almost immediately. His hand settles on Loki's shoulder to bring his attention back to him.

"Oh, Loki, Clint was just wondering why Pepper hadn't been to the Tower in a while. He was trying to hide his interest in her, by teasing me, like a teenage boy crushing on the head cheerleader."

Loki is confused by both Barton's notion and Tony's metaphor. The second of which, he ignores, not needing to understand yet another modern custom. But he did begin to wonder, is it common on Midgard to cause trouble between friends, to hide ones fancy for a partner? On Asgard there was no such problem. It was simple, you would court the one that held your interest, and if you were the correct suitor, things would fall into place.

"So you are—"

Tony almost laughs at Loki's surprising reaction, it almost seems as if he is jealous. But he bites his tongue, not wanting to offend the clearly very upset God any further.

"I'm not married, not even engaged, I have no wife. There is absolutely no one else."

Loki ponders Stark's statement closely, a hint of a smile twitching at the corners of his mouth. His body relaxes under the gentle grasp of Tony's hand on his shoulder.

"No one else... Just me?"

Tony returns the smile at greater lengths, a large grin shining from his lips.

"Only you, Loki."

The thought of having Tony all to himself radiates a warmth across his chest causing a significant temperature increase to the air. The small hint of the smile from before grows wider, finally reaching his eyes. He brings his hand to lightly hold onto Tony's wrist, a thumb running over the skin beneath.

"I—I think I like that. I like having you to myself."

Tony brings both hands to cup Loki's cheeks. Looking into his eyes, now Tony understands. He understands what he previously thought was an overreaction on Loki's part. It wasn't. In Loki's eyes, his fears were justified, and Tony won't tell him any different.

"Is that what this is about? You were afraid there was somebody else?"

Loki's smile falters, his eyes dropping as if in shame. Pulling away, he turns his back on Tony. He doesn't like feeling jealous. He knows where it can lead: to anger, to resentment, to hate. He knows what that is like all too well.

"I do not wish to wake one day to find that you have found a woman that fits your Midgardian conventions, someone socially acceptable for an Avenger's significant other. The bringer of an alien invasion is not what a normal human being would find acceptable."

Tony almost snorts in derision. He walks up behind Loki, who has walked away closer to his own room, somewhere Tony knows he feels safe.

"When have I ever been one to play by the rules? I do what I want, remember? We do what we want. And right now, what I want is to be with you."

The words sink in slowly, Loki can't bring himself to believe this chance of happiness he could potentially have here with Tony. But something — doubt — seeps through into his mind. He glances over his shoulder to look at Tony.

"What is this between us, Anthony? Is this what you would call a fling, or something more than lust fashioned from simple boredom?"

Loki remembers their first encounter slightly better than Tony does. Loki had been bored, and Tony had been drunk and bored. A volatile mixture of boredom, clouded judgement (on both sides, once Tony decided to share his scotch with Loki) and pent up frustration can only lead one way, and that was from their joint balcony into Tony's bed.

What neither of them expected was after the initial shock of where they'd woken the next morning, their less incapacitated minds would continue to take them back to the same situation night after night.

"Loki, you are the least boring person—"

Loki shoots another glare in Tony's direction. He may now reside in Midgard, but he is still more than just a person, no matter how fond of the humans he has become. Tony realises his slip of his tongue, and holds his hands up surrendering.

"Sorry — God — you are the least boring, badass God I have ever had the fortune of meeting."

Loki would be more impressed by the statement if Tony knew more than two Gods; he already knows he's more interesting than Thor. But at least the sentiment is there, that's what he appreciates.

"But that does not mean we have progressed past the mere stages of lust."

Tony strolls towards Loki suggestively, closing the distance between them once more, their bodies closer than before.

"We are good at that though, aren't we?"

Tony gives a flirtatious wiggle to his eyebrows. Loki seems less than impressed. He realises his mistake by the look Loki sends his way, and quickly diverts his gaze. Probably one of the things Tony likes most about Loki is the emotion you can read from his eyes. Not everyone can. He has a pretty good barrier stopping those unwanted from seeing his feelings.

"Okay, sorry, not appropriate."

Loki smiles, because he really does appreciate the humour, and lays both hands on Tony chest, either side of the glowing reactor.

"You never are."

"Loki, you of all people know that I'm not good with feelings. Why do you think every relationship I've ever had starts and ends in my bed?"

Loki hates that the fear that rises from the pit of his stomach. He hates feeling that he is not worth Tony's affection, that he is just one of those cheap floozy's that have already been in his position. He feels like moving away again, retreating from Tony, but he drawn to him, like a moth to light.

"Is this one of those situations?"

Tony thought he was bad with expressing his feelings with words — that's why he skips that and gets straight to the fun bit — but Loki just can't seem to get his thoughts in order. More questions are being asked than answered. Tony decides to take control of the situation, finally having the conversation they should have had when the relationship seemed at least semi-serious.

"What is going through your mind, Loki? You keep asking me questions, but I don't know what you want. What do you want from this?"

Tony merely has to blink before Loki's barriers are blocking any progress he thought he had made in understanding the Trickster.

"I am not one to lay my heart on the line before I know of the others motives."

I've begun to notice, Tony thinks, but dare not say aloud.

"Let me in, Loki, let me know what you're thinking, what is going through your mind?"

More and more Tony finds himself begging. Never has he ever felt the need to beg for anything in his life. But this is different. Nothing has ever been this important to him.

"Opening my mind only leads to pain, Stark. You of all people know that."

Stark. Loki hasn't called him that in months. He didn't quite realise how much it could leave a distinct stinging in his chest. Loki's tone is sharp. He doesn't want to open his mind. Opening his mind lead to losing everything he was. Control was stolen from him and he was forced into the unthinkable. He hates himself just as much as the thing that infiltrated his mind and used him to do its bidding.

"Do you really believe I could — would — hurt you on purpose?"

Loki looks into Tony's eyes, deep, soul bearing. He wants to believe, he really does. But— but he— can he? Loki curls his fingers into the material, gripping onto the shirt covering Tony's chest, leaning into the warm body in front of him.

Tony has been the only one Loki has confided in about anything. Lying in bed at night, together, Loki would recount stories of his time on Asgard. Tony would listen avidly as much as his mind would allow. Maybe that's why Loki chose that time to open up about his past, maybe Tony would still be recovering from their activities and he wouldn't really be listening. But Loki knew he was fooling himself. Of course Tony was listening, and understanding, and taking an interest. As much as he hated, the things he told the mortal really could be used against him.

"You know my biggest fears and greatest weaknesses, you could quite easily—"

"Do you think I would really use them against you?"

N—yes…no—maybe? Loki doesn't know. Would Tony betray him? After everything, Loki knew Tony. He knew him better than he let on. Fear clouded his judgement, feeding confusion and doubt into his mind. But truth could be found amongst the most adverse conditions; Loki knew that better than most.


Loki let's his head fall forward against Tony's shoulder, his mind becoming weak from the intensity of the emotions coursing through him.

"Anthony, I don't know what to tell you, I am as conflicted as you seem to be, maybe even more. I do not know what I'm allowed to want from this relationship, we have never exactly set boundaries of which to adhere to."

Tony brings his hand to cradle the back of Loki's neck, his thumb massaging a small circle against the tense muscles, relaxing the God.

"You are allowed to want what ever you like from this. We'll work it out. Just tell me, please."

Loki doesn't speak immediately, his mind deciding on the correct words. He draws himself away from Tony's shoulder, his elegant fingers travel from Tony's chest, feeling along his neck to his face. He slowly traces the contours of the mortal's face, the stubble of hair rough under the soft skin of his hands.

"I want you, Tony."

His voice is quiet, a hoarse whisper. Loki combs through Tony's hair gently, avoiding tugging tightly as it knots, mussed due to sleep. He returns to focus on Tony's face, thumbs slowly smoothing the skin under his eyes.

"I want you, I want your love."

His long, pale fingers brush over Tony's lips. The other parts them, inhaling a large gulp of air, breathing in Loki's movements.

"I want to keep seeing the look in your eyes when you take my hand, when you hold me close, when we make love."

Tony stops him going any further, with his lips on Loki's. The movement of Loki's hands smoothing over his face, so gently, so full of — want, need, love? — Tony couldn't decide, but it leaves a distinct impression. He grips onto the front of Loki's shirt, as he feels those perfectly long fingers now tugging on the ends of his hair. They both pant and groan into each mouths, their movements needy and frantic.

Make love. Make love? The words that fell from Loki's lips resonate repeatedly through Tony's mind. It really is more than just sex. He should have known that when he had taken Loki to bed for third consecutive time — because if Tony is being honest, before the trickster, no had ever made it longer than two nights with the playboy. And even then, that was improbable.

This is what Loki needs, this is what he needs to feel. Tony's lips on his own, the closeness of their bodies, their heartbeats thumping faster against their rib cages. They go no further, though both are tempted. They are content for standing in their embrace, bodies flush against each other, holding on for dear life, afraid of letting go.


Loki groans out as he finds himself pushed up against the balcony barrier, his leg hooked high over Tony's hip, pulling their bodies even closer. Tony kisses along Loki's neck to his collarbone, almost tempted to mark him, but he knows Loki isn't into that. His hand runs over Loki's raised thigh, grasping onto the muscle beneath. Neither can control themselves anymore, the need for each other's touch is burning, overwhelming.

Loki's voice is strangled and husky with want, he whines against Tony's lips.

"Tony, please—"

"What do you need, Loki?"

Loki knows what he wants, but he just needs to be sure Tony feels the same. He stops Tony, as he nibbles the base of his neck, and spins them round. This time he is in control, a familiar situation for the couple. He pushes Tony against the barrier, who groans out as the almost painful sensation runs through his back.

"Love me, Tony, do you love me?"

Tony lets out an exasperated sigh, as Loki pushes his legs apart, his knee slipping between and against his crotch. He grasps a hold of Loki's hair, kissing him again.

"Yes, of course I love you, you bloody fool!"

The final weight is lifted from his shoulders, Loki's heart feeling lighter than ever before. He believes Tony — the mortal never more honest than when amidst of sexual pleasure — and that's all he's ever wanted. He just wanted to be loved, and now he has that. He can finally let himself be with Tony in the way he feels most vulnerable, most exposed, most scared. But he knows he can trust Tony with his life. Nothing can hurt him whilst he's with the mortal he loves. He leans forward and down level with Tony's ear, his teeth grazing the soft skin of his earlobe. His voice quiet, ridiculously quiet, even for a whisper, but Tony hears, loud and clear.

"Then take me, make love to me."

Tony understands immediately what Loki wants, and it shocks him to the core. Never did he think their relationship would reach this level of trust. But despite how scared he is about what the couple are committing too, he's happy.

"Are you — are you sure?"

Loki steps back from encasing Tony's body against the balcony, and places his hands gently on the mortals face.

"I trust you, Tony."

Still not sure what to make of this, Tony places his own hands over Loki's, holding them tight.

"But Loki, are you positive, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable, you know I don't mind—"

Loki smiles at the concern in his partner's voice, his eyes full of the same apprehension. He's surprised, yet happy that Tony is worried enough about his well being to ask if he's one hundred percent sure with his decision — which he is.

"Tony, you love me, and I you, now please!"

He looks straight into Loki's pleading eyes. He can't say no. If the God was not sure, he wouldn't ask this of Tony, especially since he knows Tony would quite happily let him take the lead. If he was honest, it kind of turns him on when Loki takes control, dominating him; just a little kink of his.

Tony nods, and Loki visible sighs, exhaling the breath he'd been holding. This was going to happen. He steps back completely letting his hands fall to his sides. Suddenly he's nervous, his stomach clenching. Tony steps forward, taking Loki's clammy hands in his own, gently squeezing in reassurance. Loki smiles, a heart-warming smile by Tony's standards.

Tony glances over his shoulder to the door leading to his own room, and then back to Loki. Loki nods, answering Tony's silent question of whose room would he prefer. Still hand in hand, Tony gently pulls Loki along, taking his time. No rushing. This time Loki let's himself be lead.

They reach Tony's room, a familiar territory for both of them. Loki finds himself feeling as comfortable here, as he does in his own room. They have practically been sharing this room since their affair began, more and more of Loki's belongings seem to be appearing. His books are now mixed amongst Tony's on his desk, and even his helmet sits proudly on top of Tony's dresser. Tony said it was too "badass" not to be in his room. Loki had to agree.

Once the balcony doors have been shut behind them, JARVIS thoughtfully closes the blinds, blocking out the sun, and dims the automatic lights. He mutes the communication and turns off the security cameras (a well practiced sequence in his program), leaving them to their own business. With the door shut and the privacy settings turned on to maximum, the couple are completely alone, no fear of a disturbance. A much more romantic atmosphere successfully created in seconds thanks to Tony's AI.

Tony stands Loki a few feet from the bed, and circles the trickster, his fingers brush over his shoulder blades, round to his collarbone and the top of his shirt buttons. Standing in front of the God, slowly, teasing, Tony undoes the buttons on Loki's shirt. He breathes in deeply, chest rising and falling, lungs filling with much appreciated air. The anticipation rushes through him, a shiver running through his body, as Tony pushes his shirt from his shoulders, the fabric falling carelessly to the floor.

Loki's nerves begin to mix with the anticipation, his blood coursing through his veins, a thin sheen of sweat beginning to cover his skin. His cheeks flush a warm pink, and Tony removes his own shirt, the arc reactor glowing from his chest, casting a blue colour over Loki. Loki continues to let Tony undress them both, this time leaving his magic dormant, no need to rush this moment of intimacy.

Ten long minutes later, Tony has finally finished undressing the pair of them, Loki assisting Tony out of his jeans. He soon finds himself being gently pushed backwards until his legs hit the bed, and he falls against the soft mattress. He shifts himself until his head reaches the pillows, leaving adequate space for Tony. Holding out his hands to his lover — an invitation — Tony takes a hold, entwining their fingers, and climbs over Loki's body.

He kneels either side of the God, his golden skin contrasting against white. Tony leans forward, pressing Loki's hands into the mattress over his head, their bodies together. He kisses Loki fully on the lips, their tongues massaging each other, dancing, no one fighting for dominance, no one needing too. Leaving his lips, Tony places feather light kisses on Loki's chin, his neck to his torso, hovering his body lower and lower over the trickster. With their hands still joined, Tony looks up from Loki's stomach.

"Are you sure about this?"

Loki smiles down at his mortal, his fingers unwind from Tony's grasp, brushing through the brunette hair beneath them. Tony turns his head to kiss the palm resting on his cheek. The words he previously said to Tony on the balcony rising to his lips.

"I trust you."

And that is all Tony needs to hear, he needed to know that Loki is confident enough for this. Tony, being the promiscuous character he is, has no qualms about what role he plays in the bedroom, but he realises for Loki this is a huge step for him to take. Loki isn't used to this, not in the romantic sense. This way has never been consensual. He's never enjoyed it. But his heart tells him this is different. Tony wouldn't hurt him, not like those before.

Tony takes charge, but not in a forceful way. He disregards his own needs, completely focussing on the God beneath him, and making him feel as good as he possibly can. He takes his time, making the foreplay last longer than it ever has before. Tony concentrates on Loki's pleasure; he wants the trickster writhing beneath him, compliant in his hands, submissive to any and all of his actions.

Loki holds the other man close with both arms wrapped around his torso, as Tony's hand reaches down, slipping between the God's legs. He feels his body tense as the engineer's fingers push into him, but the comforting words falling from Tony's lips relax him to make things easier. He spreads his legs wider, groaning like a cheap whore as Tony works his hand in and out. It feels so good, never this good before.

Continuing with his actions, Tony tries to make sure he can minimise Loki's discomfort as much as possible. So far, so good. But he knows well enough from personal experience, this is the easy bit, to get to the really good part, things get more painful. He wants to make sure Loki is ready for that. He slows his hand down, and pulls Loki's attention to him with a simple kiss.

"We can stop here, we do not have to go any further, just tell me what you want to do."

Wrapping both legs around Tony's waist, and his arms around his neck, he pulls the body closer to him. He kisses him once on the lips, and then his cheek, chin, neck, shoulder. He thrusts himself down onto Tony's hand, grinding up simultaneously, gasping loudly.

"Please Tony—please—just, I need this, I need you. Please!"

Unable to say no to the pleading, he gives in. He continues to take things slowly, talking to Loki the entire time, making sure he's all right, that the pain isn't too much. Loki isn't used to being treated this way, treated like glass, like he could break any minute. If it weren't for the feeling of Tony inside him, he'd be annoyed by such treatment, but right now his mind can't focus.

The pain subsided long ago, now there is nothing but raw, unadulterated pleasure coursing through his body. His muscles tremble, tightening as his back arches, a particularly sharp wave rushing through his spine. His nails dig into Tony's shoulder, small scratches pulling across his skin, as he continues to thrust. Loki lets out a sob of gratification, his body jolting, shivering in ecstasy. Unable to hold on any longer, he begins to shudder, stomach muscles tensing as the sensation, hotter than ever before, rumbles through his abdomen, up his spinal column.

Given up on being slow and careful, both far beyond the point of caring anymore, Tony snaps his hips backwards and forwards harshly, faster and more powerful than before. Each movement elicits a breathless moan from the God, his skin, tinted a warm pink, is slick with sweat, his dark hair splayed out over the pillows under his head. His eyes rolling back into his skull, closed; his mouth open, panting, gasping, lips swollen and red. It is not long before their bodies vibrate violently in absolute synchronicity, the final surge of white-hot electricity exploding, their climax finally pushing them over the edge.

Aching and fatigued, Tony's languid thrusts slow to a stop, their bodies too sensitive to enjoy any more. After the very last ounces of pleasure have been had, Tony lifts himself off of Loki's body, rolling onto he mattress beside him. Neither speaks, their breathing to fast to think of words. The silence is perfect enough, words would ruin this moment. What just transpired between them moments ago was beyond anything either had felt before. They had thought the sex was good before. The level of intimacy reached scares them, but knowing the other loves them, and is committed to this relationship, is enough to get them through the slight panic.

Loki rolls over, wincing slightly — but nothing unbearable — and curls into Tony's side. Finally he's happy, and all thanks to Tony, his Iron Man.


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