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I love you

Lying together in absolute bliss, the genius and his God bask in the post-coital glow of their lovemaking. Tony's arms grip tightly around Loki's shoulders, as they come down from their high, breath still panting for much needed air. Loki has his head pressed against his lover chest, listening intently to the rapid heartbeat beneath him. The engineer traces soft patterns, possibly equations, maybe just wistful swirls and circles, into the soft pale skin under his fingers.

The trickster kisses Tony's chest tenderly, his hand gripping onto his lover's shoulder, and looks up, a small but heart-warming smile gracing his lips, "I love you, Anthony Stark."

Tony returns the smile, his hand brushing smoothly through Loki's sweat slicked hair, "You're the only person I don't hate for calling me Anthony, you know."

"I feel privileged, Mr. Stark…" His voice a little hesitant, Tony still hadn't returned Loki's previous sentiment.

The self-proclaimed former-playboy instantly picks up on the uncertainty and is quick to put it right, "Loki, I love you too."

Tony lifts his hand to cup his partner's cheek, his thumb slowing smoothing circles to the tight skin, Loki copies the action, holding gently onto to Tony's face. Their lips gravitate together, softly touching, moving in synchronicity. It's short and sweet, but filled with so much love. They wrap their arms around each other in a tight embrace. Loki presses his forehead against Tony's shoulder; the slight dampness of his eyes has the genius holding his lover even tighter. His voice is quite in Loki's ear, "I love you so much, I can't even put into words."

"You don't need too, you've already said enough." He looks up at Tony, who wipes away his happy tears with the pads of his thumbs. The billionaire kisses Loki again, not getting enough of the sensation, the love that rushes through him. They continue to hold each other, blissfully happy to be in each other's company… until they are interrupted by Jarvis' voice chiming overhead at a slightly lower volume than usual.

"Sorry to disturb you Sirs, but Miss Romanoff requested that I bring your attention to Mr Odinson's increasing interest into your whereabouts.He is close to searching for you himself. I do not need to remind you about the amount of doors and walls he has so far managed to destroy with Mjolnir." Tony is grateful for the warning; this isn't the predicament they want to be found in, especially by Loki's older, adoptive brother.

"Do you think we should join the others again then, or can you make them disappear?" Tony sighs, not really wanting too, he wants to continue lying in the company of his lover — and possibly have some more sex, but that is beside the point.

Loki's own sigh mimics Tony's. He too wants what Tony wants, but his happiness overshadows any annoyance he may hold for the disturbance, "If I could, I would, but I am in such a good mood, I think I can even cope with the overbearing protectiveness from Thor, and you know how much I despise that."

"Come on then, lover boy, we need to shower, we're filthy and smell like sex…" Tony grimaces and throws back the covers, revealing their still naked bodies; he crawls ungracefully over the God, kissing him quickly before pulling them both from the bed towards the bathroom. With his head still reeling from the overwhelming emotions, Loki doesn't ask questions and follows Tony blindly.

Once in the bathroom, Tony turns the shower to the correct setting, and when to temperature he steps in. He is quick to drag Loki in after him. In any other circumstance, they would have put the close proximity of their bodies to good use, which would usually consist of Tony letting the trickster have his way with him up against the cool tiles of the shower wall. But not now, this time is different, the entire experience of their lovemaking was. This time, standing under the warm spray of the water, comfortable in each other's arms, has them both content enough.

Tony moves to stand behind Loki, who watches as he takes a hold of the body wash, squeezing some onto his palm. He smoothes the scented soap over Loki's lower back, his thumbs gently massaging the sore muscles. Leaning back, his head tilted to lie on the shorter man's shoulder, the God hums greatly in appreciation. Tony continues his actions over the rest of Loki's body.

Once he feels more comfortable, his body now relaxed and free from the aching twinge in his back, Loki spins himself around in his mortal's arms. This time he takes the mint scented shampoo and lathers it through Tony's hair, and then his own, they stand back under the water, to wash themselves completely. They spend the next half an hour letting the warm water roll over their shoulders, soothing their tired bodies. The couple finally step out of the shower, suitably relaxed, and wrap themselves in the fluffy, green towels that Loki ensures are always there hanging over the heater.

In no hurry whatsoever, they dry themselves, and redress in the same clothes they had been wearing previous to their little rendezvous, in hope to avoid any further questions. They are almost ready to face their friends, who will no doubt have their own suspicions as to why the God and the genius disappeared for well over three hours. As they are about to leave the bedroom, one question pops into Tony's head that really makes him think hard. He can't answer it for himself, because it doesn't really make sense to him. He stops and takes a hold of the trickster's hand, needing to ask him the question playing on his mind, "Why didn't you use your magic this morning? You've used it plenty before when we've had sex…"

"I wanted no theatrics or distractions. I needed it to be us, just us. It always seems so much more intimate that way, I can feel everything, all the emotion, even that momentary pain and that's what I wanted for, well, for my real first time?" Loki can't decide on a better way of wording what he means, but Tony seems to understand what he is trying to explain anyway.

"…And was it all that you wanted?" All of a sudden Tony begins to feel slightly inadequate. He underestimated the significance of the situation; he had completely underestimated just how highly Loki regarded what they had just done. They both knew that this wasn't in fact Loki's first time, but yet in a sense it was. That was something they both realised — even if Tony was a bit slow to the mark. It was the first time Loki had chosen to let someone take him whilst having sex, he had let himself be that vulnerable, at that much risk. It was all his doing. He had finally had a real say in what he wanted, when he wanted, how he wanted, and most of all he wanted Tony. It was now that Tony really started freaking out, worried that this really wasn't everything Loki had wanted it to be. He didn't want to let him down with something this important.

Loki sees the pure panic in his lover's eyes, but instead of messing with him — like he usually would — he decides to alleviate the tension promptly, "Do not worry, my love, everything was beyond perfect." Tony breathes a deep sigh of relief, his face visibly lifting, as Loki places a reassuring hand on his shoulder, "It's sweet of you to be concerned for me, Tony."

"Well, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I wasn't concerned for your well-being? I only want you to be happy." Tony shrugs like it was nothing, scuffing his feet against the carpet.

A grin slowly creeps onto Loki's face in an almost teasing manner, "Boyfriend?"

Tony's genius mind freezes in an instant. He physically feels the blood drain from his face, his hands start waving in the air trying to explain himself, as his words fail him, "I, um — oh — I… I know we haven't really ever classified what we are, and I know it's a big commitment to put a name to it, but, I mean, if you want to, like, you know—"

"Mr. Stark, is this your way of asking me to be your boyfriend?" The grin on the trickster's face is only getting larger

"Yes?" In an uncharacteristic squeak, Tony's voice cracks in his reply, heart hammering against his chest. Noticing how weak he sounded, he coughs and corrects himself, fixing his voice, feigning a confidence that isn't really there. "Yes. Loki, would you like—"

The God throws his arms around the Tony's neck before he can even finished his sentence, "You don't need to even ask, you fool. I'm all yours."

Tony's arms tighten around Loki's waist and he lifts the trickster from the floor until the longs legs are secured around his body. Their lips meet each other again, soft and sweet, yet hot and passionate. There is a crackling from overhead and they pull away groaning in annoyance.

"Sirs, I apologise for my second interruption, but I have had to inform Mr. Odinson that you are currently on route to the living area to stop him from coming to your room. Mjolnirwas at hand, Sirs."

Unwrapping his legs from around his partner, Tony assists him in standing safely. He brushes himself off, before addressing the AI, "Do not worry yourself, Jarvis. Tony and I are ready."

"Speak for yourself," Tony coughs, "I could quite easily whisk you back to bed right now."

"And have Thor catch us in the act? I think not, dearest. Not even my good mood could survive that." Loki pats Tony on the shoulder before stepping towards the door, "We must leave now to save us from any more awkwardness involving my brother."

Tony huffs, really not wanting too. He sulks quietly, "You suck…"

"As my mind serves me, that is usually you, my darling." Loki taps the end of Tony's nose, before he saunters out of the room and off down the corridor, his hips swaying in a way that makes the playboy's stomach twist and his heart clench. Did his boyfriend just sass him? He stands bewildered before he hurries after Loki. When he catches up to him, he slips his hand into the taller man's hold. They both grin as they make their way to find their friends.

After one last kiss in the elevator, with only a few wandering hands — Tony— they finally separate when the door slides open. The room they walk into is now silent at their arrival, the team sit staring at them intently. Tony seems to take it in his stride, but Loki is still uncomfortable under the questioning gazes. Just as they suspected, Thor is the first to stand from the sofa to interrogate the couple. Loki notes that Mjolnir was in fact on the floor where Thor's feet were moments before he stood, and that does not make him any less queasy.

"Man of Iron, why did it take so long for you to find my brother?" His voice is accusing and strong, yet he has no idea.

Clearly Clint finds this most amusing, as he snorts, choking on the soda he is drinking. Natasha is not much better, but at least stays silent, as she sits beside him, a smirk wide on her own face. Shaking his head, Bruce sits wordlessly smiling to himself. On the side of the room, Steve decides to ignore everyone around him and pretend he is anywhere else but here. He really doesn't want to be involved in the conversation, because he has been around the Avengers long enough to understand exactly why Tony and Loki were absent — even if Thor is still oblivious — and it makes him uncomfortable thinking about his friends in such predicaments.

Loki sees the reactions from the team, and his pale cheeks tint a rose blush. He is unbearably embarrassed, everyone — minus Thor (of course), but even Steve! — knows exactly why it had taken Tony as long as it did to find him. He didn't realise just how much attention the other's had paid to their absence, and he wasn't quite sure how they became so aware of their trysts.

"For your own good, Shakespeare, you might not want the real answer to that question." Tony laughs as he continues in the room, high-fiving Clint as he goes. Loki hisses his displeasure, not wanting Tony to lead Thor to a state where he really does understand what is going on between them. That is just too much hassle to deal with. Already getting a headache, he takes a seat beside Natasha, and she nudges his arm with a knowing smile. He shrugs dismissively, but the small smile playing at his lip gives him away completely.

"I do not understand —" Thor is still bewildered by what is going on as he begins to realise he is the only one to not know.

"Honestly, Thor, for your own sanity, you do notneed to know." Clint joins in, cackling as he does.

Sensing Loki's displeasure, Natasha leans over, and punches the archer on the arm, stopping him in his tracks. He glares back at her, she can punch reallyhard! "You're pushing too far, shut it, or I'll persuade Hulk to smash your ass so hard, you won't be able to walk for the next month."

"Pretty sure that's what Tony wants to do to Loki…"

Everyone visible stiffens in their seats, knowing that could potentially be all that is needed to clue Thor in. Tony freezes in the middle of the room right in front of Thor, he still hadn't made it to the sofa. Slowly, he creeps along to stand behind where Loki is sat, his legs shaking with both anxiety and anger — thanks, Clint… Jerk.

"Now what is thatsupposed to mean…" Thor glares at Tony behind the barrier of the sofa separating them, the realisation setting in with everyone that he now understands. He understands exactly what Barton had meant, he has become more than accustomed to the innuendos, and he now wants to kill Tony Stark. Everyone flinches as the sky visible darkens and a loud rumble of thunder rips through the air. Panic officially sets in within both Loki and Tony.

Tony steps forward and places a hand on Loki's shoulder gently. The God quickly responds by grabbing a hold of his hand, and looks up to his partner. "Loki, you know how much I love you, and I would also love to stick around and front this out with you, but I honestly think Thor is plotting to murder me. So for my own protection and so you still have a boyfriend once this is over, I hope you can understand my leaving to find a very secret hiding place. Come find me once the thunder has stopped."

He kisses Loki chastely before indeed making his escape from the room. Loki doesn't protest in the slightest, agreeing that this is probably for the best. Tony has no particular destination in mind just yet; when out of earshot he'll have to ask Jarvis the best place in the tower to hide, with the highest probability of Thor not finding him. He's even contemplating grabbing the suit and flying to Malibu until things cool off, but he couldn't do that to his lover, Loki would kill Tony himself for deserting him to another part of America, no matter how much he loved him.

"Man of Iron, wait." Tony stops moving, just as he reaches the elevator, his finger ready to push the call button. "Did you just tell my brother you love him?"

It slowly dawns on everyone else, as much as it does Thor. Love? No one knew it was as serious as love, well apart from Natasha. She already had everything figured out and was waiting for it to become public knowledge. Let's face it, she knew they were in love before they did themselves, she's that good. Steve looks up from whatever he was using to focus his attention, eyes wider than before; Bruce is still as indifferent as ever, he too had already had reason to believe this; and Clint, well Clint is shocked to say the least, he is the most surprised of everyone. He thought it was just about the sex. He didn't even think they were capable of the commitment that followed a declaration of love.

Tony knows he's not in safe water yet, but the sky does significantly brighten. He walks back into the main section of the room, closer to the lion's den. As he approaches, he sees Loki hopeful face. Loki realises what is about to happen: either Tony is going to brush off the sentiment and crack a smart-arse comment, or he is going to tell everyone the truth. He really hopes it is the latter option.

Tony knows he is not going to break his partners heart and lie, he just can't do that to him. He looks Loki straight in the eye and smiles warmly; his voice is completely void of any hesitation, as he talks straight to the trickster, "Yes, I did. I love your brother very much."

"And Loki, you too return this love?" Thor's voice is still disbelieving, as he also looks to his brother.

He is still overwhelmed by Tony's admission to the group, he can only nod, his eyes glassy. He can eventually choke out a gentle, "Yes."

"Well, if that is the case… I cannot defy your happiness." Thor can see the truth in his brother's eyes, but pauses, concern once again returning to his voice. "My brother, you are happy?"

Loki lifts himself from the sofa and steps up beside Tony, their fingers entwining in a tight hold. He looks to his boyfriend with the most genuine smile anyone has ever seen from him, and they all know this is true, "Yes, I finally am."

The genius-billionaire-ex-playboy-philanthropist and his God of Mischief boyfriend have made each other better people, and for that the rest of the Avengers are ecstatic. The rarity of this relationship is not something they are going to challenge, not even Thor. Now that the couple realise that, Tony reaches up, attaching his lips to Loki's, their eyes slipping shut, blocking out the people surrounding them. No one matters but them, and that is how it is going to stay.


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