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Who knew?

It took a few hours since the news broke, but eventually it sunk it. Tony and Loki were in love with each other, and embarking on a relationship that went above just having sex. It was difficult for Thor to comprehend, and he took immediate leave to hide in the kitchen once the couple started doing "coupley things". Tony had taken to the sofa, and Loki had very gingerly made his way to sit in his lap. The genius didn't protest, his arms wrap instinctively around his lover, holding him close. The other Avengers — not out of discomfort, but respect — follow Thor's lead, and make their way from the room. The couple seemed to need a moment alone.

Bruce and Clint stand in the doorway of the dining area, which is conveniently far enough away from the two lovebirds to remain unnoticed. They stand and watch, still finding it hard to believe. Natasha joins them, out of pure curiosity. Remaining at the table, Steve sits with his newspaper. He was confused that in this day and age, it was acceptable for two men to be together. Hell, he was still confused by the fact he was actually in the modern age. And it's in the modern age where aliens are in fact real, and he shares a giant tower with two world-class assassins, his deceased friend's genius son and his disembodied butler, and two mythological God's. So in all actuality, two men being in a loving relationship doesn't really stretch the imagination that far anymore. He wasn't going to oppose the relationship, of course not, Tony was his friend, and Loki was, well, Loki, how could he?

Taking the news worst of all was of course, Thor. Despite everything — the adoption, the Manhattan incident (as everyone now calls it to avoid any embarrassment or upset) — Loki was still his brother. He will always love him like a brother. So to see him commit to this relationship with Tony Stark, who had quite the reputation to begin with, scared him. He doesn't want him to get hurt. He remains sat at the table beside Steve, in a stunned silence, staring off into the distance.

"How on this Earth have they made it work?" Bruce glances to Natasha and Clint who are stood beside him.

Natasha had managed to make sense of all the evidence, so to say, and realise that this was in fact love. That doesn't mean however, she understood how it had happened. "I have absolutely no idea."

"Let's face it, we all knew they were screwing from the beginning, that much was pretty obvious. Painfully obvious, remember that giddy look on Tony's face at the beginning? I thought it was just about the sex." Clint states matter-of-factly, slouching against the doorframe, and it happens to be true.

"It must have been great sex." Natasha thinks aloud, not even feeling guilty for her current thoughts.

"The best…" Clint continues to let his mind wander, but is brought back to reality when he hears Thor groan in displeasure, from his place at the table. He does not want to think of his brother in any such situation. He was aware of such things, but it did not need to be shoved in his face. Clint grins sheepishly over his shoulder, apologising quickly, "Sorry, Thor."

Slightly uncomfortable himself, Bruce shifts to rest on his other foot, and decides to skip over the assassin's thought process to focus on something a little less personal, "But look at them now though."

As their friends watch on, Loki still occupies the engineers lap space, not that either seems to mind in the slightest. Tony places feather light kisses to his lover's neck, both giggling like giddy teenagers. They stop after a few long, teasing moments, and look directly in each other's eyes; the trickster gently places his hands to Tony's face resting their foreheads together.

"I know, it doesn't even make sense." Clint can see what Bruce means, it really is a strange sight to see. He's not used to seeing such intimacy.

"You mean it doesn't make sense how Tony, as famous for his promiscuity — the little slut — as he is for his heroics, and Loki, former villain and God of Mischief, have somehow successfully managed to tame each other into a committed relationship?" Natasha responds, folding her arms, shifting into a more comfortable position against the wooden doorframe.

Clint contemplates for a moment, tapping his chin, before replying, "Yeah that…"

"But you could tell though." She quips.

The archer raises an eyebrow questioning, "Tell what?"

She tilts her head quizzically, remembering not everyone catches on as quickly as she does, "How much they truly love each other. There is just this look in their eyes when they are in the same room, they gravitate towards each other, they make each other happy."

"I'm just glad that they finally have found happiness." Bruce is glad they have found something he hasn't, and possibly never will. "They deserve it more than most, especially after everything they've been through."

"That they do." Clint nods his head, agreeing with the doctor.

"And I'm glad that Loki has stopped with all the evil too." Bruce is also really grateful for that added benefit; it's nice not being on tenterhooks all the time, now that they don't have to worry if Loki will suddenly decide to turn against them again.

"Wait…" Clint's voice hesitates, "Guys, what happens if Tony messes this up?" The three look to each other, the sudden realisation dawning on them. They stare out of the door to where Loki and Tony are sat, and almost immediately all bad feelings are abolished.

Cuddled in each other's arms, Loki sits with his head resting on Tony's shoulder; the genius weaves his fingers through the ends of his partner's long, dark hair. Every so often the trickster will press his lips softly against the billionaires neck. Tony's lips are moving, but from the distance they are spying from, they cannot hear, and the angle is distorted so Natasha cannot lip read either. Whatever he says makes Loki look up to him, his eyes glistening, a smile tugging on his lips. He reaches up and kisses Tony chastely, then returns to listening intently to the mortal's heartbeat.

"Come one guys, we can't think like that, they've got this far on their own, let's just leave them too it." Natasha is the first to speak sense again, not liking the sudden negativity. She places her hands on both of the men's upper arms and motions towards the table. They all glance once more to the couple on the sofa before turning to join Thor and Steve.

"How did this happen?" Thor whimpers incredulously, almost to himself, as he doesn't really note the other three Avengers joining him.

"They are two beings that are remarkably similar in more ways than we can fathom, that used their connection to bond on such a level, it went much further than mere friendship." Steve glances up from his paper to join Clint and Bruce staring at her, all surprised by Natasha's sudden display of emotion.

"But love? My brother in love?" Thor obviously knew his brother was capable of love, of course he was. His brother loved more than most, and that was what led him to the darkness. But being in love with someone was completely different, and that was new for Loki, that hadn't happened before. But now, on Midgard, with mortals as friends, Loki had found the love he so desperately craved. He was happy for him, but yet he was still concerned for his well-being.

"It's alright big guy, at least he's happy, right? Tony's a good guy, he won't hurt him." Clint leans over and punches Thor lightly on the arm, any harder and he would have broken his hand.

"I suppose you are right…" Thor's voice trails off, distant, his mind clearly taking transporting him somewhere else.

For the first time since today's instalment of 'Which Avenger or modernism can confuse Steve the most?', the Captain decides to ask Natasha a question that has been on his mind, "Miss Romanoff, since when did you become so open to romantic affection?"

"From the moment I realised the two most unlikely people in all of the nine realms have managed to find love, it gives me an ounce of hope that we can all have at least that in our lives too." She understands why he would ask that of her. She isn't the most expressive when it comes to emotions, it's advantageous in her line of work to keep them hidden. But seeing Tony and Loki sat on the sofa in each other's arms, holding the one they love, allows her to think there is the same possibility out there for her.
Back in the living room, still curled up together on the sofa, Loki once again looks up to Tony, "You know that our friends have been watching us from the doorway…"

He sighs deeply, "I assumed as much. Sometimes they really are too nosy for their own good." Tony just hopes this will not become a habit.

"At least my brother remains too shocked to stand watch. I do not need a chaperone." Loki shifts himself to sit beside his boyfriend. The thought of Thor now keeping an eye on him thoroughly disturbs him; it reminds him of his younger years on Asgard.

"Now that really would be a mood killer." Tony shudders at the thought.

Repositioning himself to kneel beside Tony, sitting back on his haunches, Loki places one hand on Tony's upper thigh, the other on the base of his neck; he flexes his fingers, teasing the muscle he has a hold of. He leans forward, his breath hot against his lover's ear, "How about we escape before he notices our absence again. He should not come looking to interrupt us this time."

"Oh—oh… Mr. Silvertongue, I like your thinking." Tony's own breath catches, his heart rate accelerating.

"How about I show you just how talented this silver tongue really is?" All of the remaining blood in Tony's head decides to vacate his brain and travel immediately south. Loki smirks at the control his has over his partner. He stands gracefully, dragging his fingernails along the length of Tony's thighs, and his muscles twitch in response.

Sauntering away, Loki winks over his shoulder. Tony quickly jogs up behind him, wrapping his arms around the slim waist of the God, "How about you teleport us out of here?"

Loki does just that. He places his hands on Tony's shoulders, and let's his magic engulf their bodies.
After being coaxed by Natasha and partially Steve too, Thor wanders out of the kitchen and dining area, back into the living room. He has decided to talk to his brother; he wants to understand the new relationship Loki has embarked on. He doesn't want this to drive another wedge between them, they were just starting to fix things. When he walks into the room, he immediately notices the empty sofa. Looking around, he decides they are definitely gone. "Does anyone know where Loki and Anthony have departed too?"

His friends walk up behind him, peering into the vacant room. Clint cackles, Natasha sniggers and Bruce chuckles lightly to himself. Thor looks to them all, and Steve gives him a look of sympathy. Oh… oh! The realisation hits home hard, he understands now. From this day forth, he is always going to understand every single innuendo and euphemism that is made about his brother and Tony's relationship. He wishes he was still oblivious, the thought of Loki doing… things, makes him cringe. Outwardly groaning, he drops his head, "I shall return to my quarters now, I can no longer cope with the revelations today has brought."

As Thor ambles to the elevator, Clint and Natasha continue to giggle together. Once their resident God of Thunder has left the room completely, Steve turns to look at the assassins. "You're not going to let him forget about this, are you?"

They look to each other, smirking wildly, "Never."
Mere seconds after Loki had cast his teleportation spell, they materialise on the still unmade bed in Tony's room. It is such a well-practiced journey to the room, Loki no longer has think about what he is doing or where he is going. The couple land gently with Loki straddling the mortal's hips, pinning his shoulders beneath him against the mattress.

"Now this seems more familiar." Tony smirks up at the trickster.

"Well, I was going to show you what I can do with my tongue..." Smothering any reply, Loki covers Tony's mouth with his own, his tongue working against the other.

The couple quickly fall back into their usual bedroom routine. Loki takes control and indeed shows Tony what his tongue is really capable of — something that Tony is definitely going to remember for later — it really isn't just his words that gave him the reputation of Silver Tongue. But as the afternoon turns to evening, the hungry passion calms considerably and Loki asks Tony to make love to him again, the trust in their bond stronger than ever. With each eager kiss, gentle touch, amorous glance they share, their love continues to thrive, growing more and more with each second.

Once upon a time, Tony Stark was scared of love, of settling down, of commitment. No one could overlook his hang-ups and neuroses to find the real him. Loki Laufeyson never thought he would find someone to accept him for who he was and who he is now, accept his troubled past with all the damage his soul has taken. As they hold each other in a tight embrace, they realise how truly lucky they are to have received redemption for the destruction they have caused, and found their one true love, their soul mate. They didn't think real happiness was possible, but they will fight with all they are to make sure nothing ever happens to the one they love.


Sorry... I suck at updating! I have this on so many sites, and I kind of forgot... Hope you can forgive me, but I updated both of the remaining chapters for you!


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