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It's a cat, not a bloody baby!

Still holding the small, black kitten securely in his hands, Loki waltzes into the kitchenette as if it were his name on the Tower, not just Stark's. The kitchen area is relatively small considering the vast size and luxury of the penthouse Tony had added in the reconstruction of Stark Tower. The larger kitchen, with professional chefs and large stock, is situated on a lower level, mostly for events and catering the staff. Loki finds he likes to cook for them both, especially since Tony doesn't follow the timings of a normal persons 24-hour clock. But occasionally he will call upon the chefs, only when he really can't be bothered.

Looking around the kitchenette, Loki stares at the cupboards and the refrigerator, unsure of whether his previous assumption was in fact correct. He was convinced that the feline would drink milk, he had found most infants did. Humans did, and on Asgard there was a suitable equivalent for their young. Loki did find himself preferring the Midgardian version of the drink — it just seemed sweeter here. He was also sure that somewhere, probably during one of Tony's many film nights, he had learnt that cats did in fact drink milk.

Meowing quietly up at him, a soft paw padding at Loki's hand, he realises the poor kitten probably hasn't had any source of real sustenance in quite sometime. Instead of wasting more time trying to figure out himself if he was right or not, he decided to relent and just call for his lover. "Tony, do kittens drink milk?"

From the living room area, Tony looks up from his tablet to the sound of Loki's voice. He wasn't really paying attention, so missed what was said. What was he talking about? Lazily he calls back, "What?"

Still in the kitchen, Loki lets out an exasperated sigh, and apologises to the kitten he is still cuddling, talking as if he would understand. He assumed he had posed an extremely simple question, especially for someone with the engineer's intellect. Luckily for him, Tony strolls into the room, so he doesn't have to shout again.

"Kittens, milk, drink: yes or no?" Now Tony understands why he is being asked about such things. Loki is still unfamiliar with some aspects of Midgardian lifestyle and culture, including the idea of pets.

"Oh, yeah, that's perfect! They love milk!"

The God grins, as a large wave of relief washing over him as he learns he was in fact doing the correct thing. At least he can do something right. Tony is closet to the fridge, so opens the door and removes the carton of milk from the door. As he closes the refrigerator and turns around, he watches Loki approach the cupboard, his magic easily opening the door before he pulls out a bowl.

"Cheat." Tony retorts, quietly under his breath.

Loki chuckles to himself, deciding to play with his mortal a little longer. He clicks his fingers, dramatising his performance, and the milk vanishes from Tony's hands. It materialises again hovering over the bowl that he set on the side. With a wave of his hand, the carton tips, pouring its liquid contents into the bowl. The ball of black fur jumps from Loki's hands to the worktop, and begins lapping up the milk. Tony huffs, slightly annoyed that magic is one thing he cannot master. Science, technology, he's a genius. But magic, that's Loki's thing.

"You've not complained about my magic before." Loki smirks, turning to lean against the side, his peripheral vision still watching the cat. He finds himself using his powers less and less, occasionally around the penthouse, menial jobs when his hands are full, or when he is feeling particularly lazy. He only ever uses his magic properly, to full effect, to spice things up in their love life.

"I've never had reason too, I've always been… tied up." Tony can't think of a better word to describe it. The last time they experimented with the trickster's magic, his hands were bound, but it wasn't with rope.

Folding his arms showing his superiority, "So you enjoy that particular aspect of my magic? I shall keep that in mind. Your birthday is soon, is it not?"

"Oh god," Tony's mouth hangs open, dry, his breath catching in his throat, eyes almost glazing over; his thoughts excited over what Loki could very well be planning at this very moment. Loki's magical laugh rings though the room, he loves the power he has over the ex-playboy. It makes him feel better knowing that he isn't completely inferior, and weak, and powerless.

The couple continue to watch their kitten, side by side, leant against the worktop. Once he seems to be finished, the feline turns and sits, looking directly at his owners. Smiling, Loki steps forward to pick him up, and then asks Jarvis for the time. 11.47pm, Sir. Loki informs Tony that he is retiring for the night, he's tired, and surprisingly the engineer decides to follow. The trickster had become accustomed to going to bed alone, his partner's erratic sleep patterns never easy to predict. He knew that Tony would usually find his way up to their bedroom, but sometimes when he awoke in the morning, he would discover his lover sprawled across his work surface in his lab. It was just the way their routine fell into place, and it worked, no one seemed to mind.

Once in their room, the pair has to decide what to do with the new addition. Tony tells Loki that he doesn't want the kitten on the bed, he has to sleep on the floor. It's their bed, and he doesn't want to share it with anyone that isn't Loki. The trickster's heart warms when Tony tells him that.

After they are ready for bed themselves, Loki removes one of his pillows and lays it on the floor, placing the cat on top of it. He strokes him until he is lying down, seemingly asleep. Smiling, he slides under the covers beside Tony, arms quickly circling his body, pulling him close. With the silence of the room, and the warmth from his lover, he is quickly lulled into sleep.

But of course, things are never that simple. Not even 10 minutes later, the room is no longer silent. The kitten has awoken, and is sat beside the bed, meowing as loudly as his little body would allow. The couple try their best to ignore him, but eventually it gets too much.

"It's a cat, not a bloody baby! I didn't think it would keep me awake. I would have left it if I knew that!" Tony complains, covering his face with the duvet.

Loki slaps the arm beside him, as he sits up. "Tony, be quiet, don't say that. You did a good thing in rescuing him. Now he's probably just a little scared."

Leaning down from the bed, he scoops the kitten up, and places him on his lap, scratching behind his ears. "See look, he'll be quite now."

Just as Loki goes to pick the kitten up to put him back on the floor, the deviant creature darts away, running to the end of the bed. He walks in a circle, his paw padding at the duvet, making room for himself, and curls up at their feet, immediately falling asleep. The couple sit staring at the creature, amazed by his determination. After a few moments of just watching, Tony is first to move. Deciding to give up too tired to argue about the situation, he shakes his head and lies back against the mattress. Still smiling to himself, Loki follows Tony's lead shortly after. The rest of their night is peaceful with no interruptions, or unwelcome noise.


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Aww, this story is so cute :)
XerraS XerraS
Ah! This is great. Can't wait for the rest. :)
RachaelGrohl RachaelGrohl