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This little bugger needs a name.

The next morning, instead of being woken by the rich aroma of coffee, Tony feels a soft prodding on his cheek. He bats away whatever is causing his annoyance, and for a few moments that works. But just as his eyes feel more comfortable and ready to sleep again, the nudging of his face continues. A tiny wet tongue of some kind licks at his skin of his cheek. Finally fed up, he rouses from his sleep, one eyelid creeping open at a time. He is confronted by the God of Mischief smiling giddily at his side, the soft ball of fur he had rescued the previous night appears to be the reason he is no longer asleep. If Loki didn't look so damn happy right now, he'd be taking the cat to the adoption shelter right now.

"Darling, why is your cat waking me at… Jarvis, what time is it?" Tony calls to his AI, as he can't be bothered to roll over to check the clock on the bedside table — 9.07am, Sir — he groans as he hears the time, "It's practically the middle of the night!"

Loki leans down and kisses his partner's forehead, brushing his fingers gently through the mortal's hair. Tony sighs contentedly in response, his eyes slipping back shut, and the trickster can't help but giggle at the current similarities between the cat and the genius. Cracking one eye open, he eyes the God suspiciously. When he gets nothing in response but soft giggles, he shifts himself into the sitting position, his back pressed against the headboard. It's not often he hears Loki giggle, so he's interested.

"You are ridiculously cute in the mornings," is the only explanation Tony gets and he can only grumble about being too sexy to be cute. Loki repositions himself closer to Tony and lays his head on the mortal's shoulder, the shorter man pulls his arm from between their bodies and wraps it around the trickster's torso.

The couple sit in each other's embrace, watching the kitten roll around the bed in front of them. As the feline pounces onto Tony's legs he glares at the creature, wanting to scold him, but he has nothing to call him. "This little bugger needs a name…"

"What shall we call you then?" Loki asks almost to the kitten himself, as he rubs his face against the part of the duvet covering Loki's legs.

"Tony Junior." The billionaire pipes up from beside the trickster. Loki lifts his head from the mortal's shoulder, pulling away and gives him a pointed glare. "Okay not Tony Junior then."

He thinks for a moment longer, before continuing to tease his lover, "Ace Lightning!"

"Tony!" Loki whines. This is a really important thing to be doing, and he doesn't want to name him something silly, it just wouldn't be fair.

"Fine, fine, I'll be sensible." Tony laughs lightly to himself, having had his fun. He then turns to look at Loki, "What do you want to call him?"

A glint appears in Loki's eyes as he watches the kitten jumping over Tony. He hears his partner groan as the agile feline finds a way to climb towards Tony's shoulder. Loki grabs a hold of the kitten just in time to stop him falling towards the bed. Holding the small ball of black fur in his hands pulled to his chest, he looks at the creature, scratching the side of his little face. "Mischief. I think we should call him Mischief."

Looking to Tony, hope in his eyes, this is a big responsibility for Loki, and he awaits a response. Tony comprehends the name for a moment, a smile growing on his lips, "I think… it's perfect, absolutely perfect."

Grinning, he leans over to Tony and kisses him chastely, happy that Tony likes his choice. The kitten purrs against Loki's chest. The God looks down at the creature, smiling even wider than before, "I think he likes it."

"Of course he does, you chose it." Loki bumps Tony's shoulder, almost cringing at just how corny his lover can be, but he smiles anyway. Tony kisses Loki again, before he pulls himself out of bed, "Since I'm awake this early, we might as well make the most of this unprecedented event."

Once Loki has followed Tony's lead and dragged himself too out of bed, the pair get dressed. They make their way from the bedroom to the living room, the kitten chasing them the entire way. Loki makes sure to carry Mischief down the stairs because he's just too small, and will hurt himself to attempt it alone. When they get downstairs, it's straight to the kitchen, where they get themselves breakfast and make sure to give Mischief some more milk. In the process of being fed, Mischief manages to successfully trip Tony up five times. Loki is graceful enough to avoid stepping on the kitten underfoot.

"Loki! I think we need to get some supplies, I think he's bored." Tony whines, lifting his foot with Mischief attached to his trouser leg, his hands holding onto the kitchen surface to stop himself loosing balance. Unhooking the claws from his jeans, Tony lifts the cat and hands him to Loki. "Come on, we're going out."

"We can't leave him alone!" Loki calls after Tony, who has already made his way out of the kitchen.

"Why can't we?" Tony looks confused as Loki walks up behind him, Mischief clinging to his shoulder.

"He's too young to be left alone, since the tower isn't kitten-proofed yet, it is not safe. We have to take him with us." Tony just stares at his boyfriend incredulously; he can't seriously want to take the kitten shopping? Loki can already see that Tony is about to disagree with him so puts him straight, "Just put him in your jacket like you did last night."

Sighing deeply, already thinking that this is a bad idea, Tony relents and allows Loki to put Mischief inside his jacket. He knew he wasn't going to get away with leaving the kitten at home, not after the trickster had made up his mind. He is convinced that Loki has this automatic maternal (paternal?) instinct or something that has switched on now that there is something — someone, despite the fact it is only a cat in Tony's mind — that needs his protection.

He doesn't question it, because he knows for a fact he will never understand. To Tony, the stray is just a baby cat, a carnivorous mammal with four legs and a fluffy tail with a penchant for milk, but he can already tell that Loki cares for Mischief like he would a child (and Tony knows all about Loki's children). He doesn't have the heart to argue or take that away from Loki, not now he is better and has recovered from his villainous past.

So this is why Tony Stark, genius-billionaire-superhero, finds himself strolling through the fanciest pet shop he could find in Manhattan before midday with the God of Mischief on his arm, and their newly rescued kitten hiding in his jacket. The rest of the Avengers will get a good laugh over this if the paparazzi manage to get a photo of this moment. Maybe this time he won't hold Loki back in his quest to destroy every camera that takes his photo in public.


Let me know your thoughts darlings!


Aww, this story is so cute :)
XerraS XerraS
Ah! This is great. Can't wait for the rest. :)
RachaelGrohl RachaelGrohl