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We have some news for you

The couple are woken at an ungodly hour by Jarvis, since a jet is set to be arriving in just under an hour to transport them to the Helicarrier. Tony is less than impressed at how early it is and Loki, rubbing his eyes, is still tired from their late night. They drag themselves from their bed sluggishly to get dressed. Tony chooses a simple pair of jeans and one of his numerous music related t-shirts — Black Sabbathit is today. Loki on the other hand dresses in an only slightly less formal version of his Asgardian armour. He usually does for team meetings, he likes to ensure they remember who he is: a God. The metal and leather allows him to assert his dominance and power in a completely non-violent manner. It's hard for him to be menacing in denim and his favourite pair of green converse high-tops. He's also partial to his leather jacket collection that Tony very much indulges. The playboy definitely has a leather kink, that much was exceedingly apparent to Loki early on in the relationship.

Once they are completely ready, they make their way downstairs, Mischief hot on their tails. Upon entering the kitchen, they find Clint already sat at their breakfast bar with a bowl of cereal and a steaming mug of coffee. Tony stumbles over to the hot pot of coffee to pour himself a cup. Practically floating across the floor, Loki readies Mischief’s food and then makes his way over to brew some of his favourite herbal tea, laughing at the two men grumbling into their own drinks. The trickster decides his chipper mood is still from the conversation he and Tony had had just before they went to sleep. If Clint hadn't stayed over and wasn't occupying their kitchen, Loki would have continued to discuss the practicalities of their newest plan with his partner.

One of the S.H.I.E.L.D. quinjet's drops onto the landing platform, and out steps their favourite redhead. Clint's face instantly lights up, but he tries to hide his excitement to see Natasha walking into the Stark living room. She returns his smile, yet doesn't say anything directly too him. They both take professional to the extreme. Natasha stands by the door, hands on her hips, addressing the three men before her, "Come on, let's get going, I'm not in the mood to have our balls busted by Fury for being late. It's been a long night."

The couple of Tony and Loki, fall back behind the two assassins, knowing that Clint is dying to make sure Natasha's mission went okay and she's not been too injured. By the lack of rage and only a small one-armed hug, they assume everything went to plan. Not that they were surprised in the slightest, it was a Black Widow operation after all. As they pass through the living room, Loki makes a detour towards the sofa, where he knows his cat will be waiting for him. He leans over the back of the sofa and tickles between Mischief's ears, earning a loud content meow purr. He kisses the feline on the head, quietly wishing him goodbye. Once he knows the cat is settled, he returns to Tony's side and steps onto the jet.

It seems that Natasha must have flown the jet here because both her and Clint return to the cockpit, leaving Loki and Tony alone. They strap themselves into the seats, making sure to sit side by side. Yawning quietly, Loki rests his head on Tony's shoulder, whilst the playboy takes a hold of the other's hand. The jet whirls into action as they take off, the air pressure changing around them. Tony takes a deep breath, readying himself to breach the subject, gaining enough courage to have the inevitable conversation they need to have.

"You know what we were taking about last night," Loki nods his head, his dark hair brushing against Tony's neck, "I want to do it. I think we're ready."

Loki lifts his head, staring at his lover. When he sees no lie on his face, he is quick to kiss Tony the best he can against the safety restraints of the seat. He pulls away and brushes his fingers through the brunet hair, his hand finally settling against Tony's cheek. The trickster's eyes are bright, almost flooding with joyful tears. Loki can't bring himself to say anything, so he says nothing at all. He rests his forehead against Tony's, hoping his smile is enough to tell his partner how much this means to him.

"Sorry to ruin the moment we've got going on here, but we'll have to inform the team at some point." They both laugh lightly together, Loki nodding his head in agreement. It's funny how quickly their life is changing around them, and how happy they are about it.

With Natasha and Clint at the helm, the three Avengers and their resident God of Mischief make it to the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and are sat around the conference table, accompanied by the Captain, Dr. Banner and Thor, within the hour. Fury arrives not long after to debrief them on the previous few months activities. Natasha's recent mission came to nothing, no villains or master criminals had appeared on their scope and there were no rumours of any planned attacks. For now, the Avengers really were rendered completely useless. Holding hands under the table, Tony and Loki sit buzzing in their seats at the thought of a peaceful world. It made their intentions much safer for all involved. Once Fury dismisses them, Tony calls for their attention himself to make sure no one leaves.

"Since things seem to be going well, we have some news for you all." Tony looks to Loki, silently asking if he can be the one to tell the team. The trickster nods, knowing how much his partner wants to be the one to tell the news. He also doesn't want to be the one to do it, it may sound like a slightly better idea coming from one of their own. One of the real good guys. Everyone turns to look at the couple, curiosity etched to their faces. Tony takes a large intake of air, whilst Loki holds his breath. "We are planning on having a baby."

The genius and his God sit patiently whilst the news settles in with their comrades. For a good five minutes they receive nothing but silence and blank stares. Each of the people in front of them goes through various states of shock and confusion, which is clearly visible on their faces. Eventually Clint comes back to reality and shakes off the odd thoughts he is having. Loki isn't known for having 'normal' children, what would theirs turn out like? Would it be purely human; would it even look human; would it have eight limbs with fur? He can't help but think back what he said to Tony last night about Loki giving birth to Mischief. Clint turns his head, covering his mouth as he whispers under his breath.

"I knew that cat would eventually lead to no good…"


Finished Part One of my Reflection Series (creative I know)!
Protection is up next, followed by Supervision.
Let me know what you think :)


Aww, this story is so cute :)
XerraS XerraS
Ah! This is great. Can't wait for the rest. :)
RachaelGrohl RachaelGrohl