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Echo: The Unsung Hero

Where Do I Sign?

Maya Lopez punched the bag hanging from the steel beams in her apartment. The chain rattled with every punch and kick the fighter gave. Maya was ten times stronger than then a normal women her size. It was all apart of her mutation,yet even if without her powers she could kick the ass out of most people. Maya wiped the sweat off her face and up into her black pony tail. These days she had a lot of spare time. Her employment status was far from steady. She was a hired gun to the highest bidder and she was one of the best. Since the Avengers were out in the open, the kind of scum that usually hired her were deep underground. Not that she was complaining, she hated them just as much as anyone. It just happened to be the best way to market her skills.

A light next to the sliding steel doors flashed red. Maya was deaf and sure didn't need a doorbell. Maya looked over at the door dismissively and continued her work out. Another flash of red followed.

"Go away" she shouted roughly. She didn't like when people showed up at her doorstep. Then the door opened by the person from the outside. Maya ran over to the night stand where she kept her Colt .45 and aimed it at the door. Standing in her door way was a tall, black man with an eye patch wearing a leather jacket. He didn't look phased that Maya, a perfect marksman, had her gun aimed at his patch.

"Can I come in? I have a business proposition" he said calmly.Since she was able to read lips, Maya nodded and lowered her gun. She gestured for him to sit down at the kitchen counter. More money equaled more food.

"This isn't usually the way I do business Mr…" Maya said hoping he would introduce himself.

"Oh I know how you do business Echo." he said taking a look around her fairly large studio apartment. "You've been doing pretty well for yourself, but the jobs don't seem to be rolling in as they used to. Does this sound right?"

"Well not sure if you'd heard my hearing isn't too good. But you're not wrong." Maya muttered while walking over to her kitchen table. She took a swig from her water bottle and put her Colt on the counter, at her fingertips.

"I have a team. I want you to be a part of it."

"What kind of crew?" she asked, thinking he was talking about a heist of some sorts.

"Not a crew. Its a team, they call themselves the Avengers. I'm Director Nick Fury." he said plainly. Maya's eyes nearly popped out of her head.

"You want me to join the Avengers?" Maya repeated.

"Why not? You're an excellent marksman and even better fighter. Not to mention your unique gift of mimicry. You'd make a great addition." he said with confidence. "Also you would never have to work for those criminals again."

"Where do I sign?" Maya replied with a smile.


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