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Not Another Iron Man Fanfiction *revised*

Bring Down the Hammer

Tony had hitched Natalie up to the frequency on my helmet. The drones were located in a warehouse a couple of kilometers away from Hammer Industries' main building (and apparently, Ivan Vanko's command center) and were just beginning to make their way out. I blew a hole in the ceiling and landed inside. Almost at once, the drones recognized the repulsor tech in my suit and rounded on me.

"Natalie, I made it, they're already activated!" I said.

"Nearly there," she responded. The drones stepped off their pedestals and headed straight for me.

"JARVIS, remind me to add more weapons to this thing," I said.

"Noted.Have you tried the unibeam, Miss Stark?" asked JARVIS courteously."We still have enough power left for that."

"What's that?"

"Unibeam activated."

My jaw dropped as a huge jet of energy burst from the repulsor in my chestpiece, blasting a
path through the drone legion. It nearly knocked the wind from out of me, but as I steadied myself I grinned.

"...and it was super effective," I said. "Let's do that again."

On the opposite side of the warehouse a big door flew open and Natalie stepped out, but rather than the skirt and blouse I was accustomed to seeing her wear, she was clad from head to foot in a black catsuit. She raised her wrists to eye level and pointed them at the drones. Bullets shot out of the bands on her wrists, embedding themselves into the drones and releasing pulses that sent them crashing to the floor. Natalie raced into the thick of the battle.

"Nice Kim Possible look," I noted, grabbing one drone's head and smashing it into the chest of another.

"I thought Coulson shut you down for good," she quipped, making a vicious roundhouse kick as she went.

I was impressed and surprised. "This is crazy! I mean, I thought you were a trained personal assistant!"

"Fallaces sunt rerum species," she said matter-of-factly. Around us, three drones already took flight. They blasted more holes in the ceiling, and I kicked off from the clutches of one to give myself a boost as I rocketed after them.

In the air, I tackled one drone like a rugby player to conserve the armor's energy. Drone number 1 got his head ripped off, and drone number 2 was blasted into smithereens by a shot to the chest. Drone number 3, however, was already making its clumsy way across the night sky and back to its maker.

"Oh no you don't," I snarled. "Come back here!"

A controlled burst allowed me to grab the drone from behind. I was about to yank its head off when a beeping noise appeared to come from its chest.

Just in time, Tony's voice crackled on in my helmet. "Vanko's down. All drones are rigged to blow." I let go of the robot, suddenly realizing what he said. "Repeat, all drones are rigged to blow, get out of there Iz!"

"Got it," I gasped, then made a steep dive back into the warehouse as the drone blew up behind me.

Down there I grabbed Natalie around the waist as she ran out, the bodies of drones beeping around her.

"Hey!" She yelled, as the blasts went off behind us. I shot right through the hole in the wall I'd created and outside, where I found Happy Hogan standing next to the car, looking absolutely terrified.

"Happy!" I shouted, and grabbed him with my free arm. The three of us careened through the sky before I steadied myself enough to land several meters away from the warehouse, which exploded tremendously in a burst of smoke and light and heat.

As Happy caught his breath and Natalie tried to get her hair normal again, I got my communications back. "Tony! Can you hear me?"

It was a tense two seconds before he replied. "Loud and clear, Iron Girl."



I just read chapter 17 and if we're making Harry Potter referenes then all I have to say is.... FIFTY POINTS FOR GRIFENDOR!!!!

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

YAY!!!! DRUCK TONY!!! Not that it's anything new! :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Whoa! This is so good! :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Keep writing!!!

Abbyfish Abbyfish

Good job, keep up the good work.

Alexdanger101 Alexdanger101