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Not Another Iron Man Fanfiction *revised*

Welcome to Stark Mansion, Enjoy Your Stay

Several minutes later we arrived at Tony's mansion. Seeing it for the first time made me gape. This was better than I thought.

Inside I met a pretty redhead who had a great smile and looked like she needed a rest--a lot of rest.

"Hi. Isabella, right? I'm Pepper."

"You're my uncle's assistant, aren’t you?" I asked a little timidly. I felt out of place and awkward. This must be how refugees feel--people with nowhere else to go.

That smile again. “Technically, I'm his CEO now."

I blinked. "You are?"

"It's a very recent arrangement...the announcements haven't been formally released yet," Pepper explained. "Though I don’t officially start until he signs paperwork, so I guess you could still call me his assistant.” She shook my hand and led me to a small guest room that pretty much looked like it had been prepared for me. There was a small balcony that led out to a great oceanfront view and the bed was soft and fluffy. There was an old but working television and when I checked my iPhone, the internet connection was unbelievably fast.

“Your uncle’s not home right now, but he’ll be here for dinner. Make yourself at home," said Pepper. She left me in the room.

I looked around, trying to get used to my surroundings. Well, kid, this is your life for the next month or so.

I lay flat on the bed, trying to relax in a room that wasn’t a dormitory.

“What am I doing here?” I said aloud.

Suddenly a voice spoke out. “If I understand correctly, Miss Stark, you are spending the summer here under your uncle’s temporary care while your parents arrange the division of their assets, following their unfortunate decision to legally dissolve their marriage.”

I sat up in shock, eyes wide. “Who’s there?”

"Allow me to welcome you, Isabella Stark. My name is JARVIS—Just Another Rather Very Intelligent System."

“An Artificial Intelligence?” I repeated. “Do you run the house?”

“Indeed I do, Miss Stark. Anything you might need, any information you request, I am at your service.”

“Well,” I said. “Thanks…JARVIS.”

I couldn’t remain on the bed much longer. At one point or another, I’d have to get up and get out there.



I just read chapter 17 and if we're making Harry Potter referenes then all I have to say is.... FIFTY POINTS FOR GRIFENDOR!!!!

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

YAY!!!! DRUCK TONY!!! Not that it's anything new! :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Whoa! This is so good! :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Keep writing!!!

Abbyfish Abbyfish

Good job, keep up the good work.

Alexdanger101 Alexdanger101