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Not Another Iron Man Fanfiction *revised*

It Hits the Fan

Much to my discomfort, the nickname ‘Iz’ caught on rather quickly to everyone in the household. And Tony seemed to be hiding something. I didn't know what, but it made me seem much more distant from him. He was evasive, guarded. Was he like that all the time, or just now? We rarely held a conversation that went past three minutes. He was probably avoiding the uncomfortable topic of my parents' divorce, but if that was the case, I never saw what he was worried about. There was no way I was going to talk about that to him, or to anyone else for that matter; except for maybe some of my friends from school whose parents had split up as well.

As to who was taking Pepper’s place as my uncle’s P.A., they'd hired a new girl, a stunningly pretty chick called Natalie Rushman. There was something different about her, but I couldn't quite put a finger on it. (It wasn’t only the fact that I’d heard she managed to take down Happy in the boxing ring.) Tony had finally signed the paperwork that gave Pepper full control over the company. He hadn’t explained to me yet why he had decided to resign and pass the torch to his girl Friday, but though I was curious, I could definitely dig it. Pepper was capable and balanced, tough as nails under a composed and made-up exterior. More than anything, I guess I was just excited to see what a woman would do as the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world.

We left for Monaco a couple of weeks after my arrival. Stark Industries was sponsoring a race car at the Grand Prix. At the events hall, Tony and Pepper separated themselves from us, and I was soon confined to sharing a table with Natalie.

"Hi," I said.

"Hey," she replied, but for some reason kept looking over at my uncle, who was at the bar (again.) She was watching him--not even in the 'I-like-you' way, but in the 'I'm-seriously-watching-you' way. I was wearing a plain blue silk dress that made me feel a little older and not so much like a misplaced little girl living among strangers. I watched the goings on with a quiet curiosity—after a bit, I noticed that Tony, who’d been talking to this guy Justin Hammer at the bar, had disappeared.


Several fingers pointed to the screens that showed the race track, and I looked up in surprise as Tony appeared.

"Oh man," I gulped. I could distinctly see him in the racecar Stark Industries had sponsored. What the hell was he thinking? And where did he get that driving uniform?

He put on the helmet and pointed to the camera, like he was watching us too. Or, more specifically, one person. Justin Hammer. One of SI’s biggest business rivals.

In a couple of minutes, they were off.

Well, so much for shaking things up. Pepper and Natalie both looked panicked, and a lot of the other viewers were amused. Hammer seemed put out. Then the whatever-it-was that always hits the fan finally hit the fan when a random guy got onto the track.

"What the hell...?"

He was holding what looked like electric cables and had something strapped to his chest, a familiar glowing circle.

An arc reactor.

And just like that, there was mayhem and panic as this guy started using the cables like whips, cutting cars in half, tripping up the tires and sending them crashing. Then he hit the Stark car.
I was unable to see what happened next because my view was blocked by Pepper rushing past me.

"Isabella, I need you to stay here okay? Stay with Natalie. Happy and I have got something to do."

She ran off before I could reply. Back on the screen, Tony was hiding, panicked, under the wreck of another car.

I lurched to my feet. There was an explosion and I figured the cables must have hit a gas tank somewhere. Then another familiar car came on the scene, stopping nearby, and I was aware of Pepper throwing a strange suitcase to Tony from the back seat. He pressed a button at the side. Immediately the suitcase opened, multiple armor plates rippling out and forming over his body.

People started screaming, and when I got closer to the screen, I saw him. Iron Man in full glory, ready to rock and roll.

I watched the electrified whips wrap around him, but despite that, Tony managed to bring the whip guy down. He ripped out the arc reactor as the police arrived. The audio was just loud enough for me to catch the perp’s words.

“You lose, Stark!” He cackled as security dragged him off the site.

It was over. Everyone was shocked, murmuring amongst themselves. I sat back down on my chair, hard, my mind reeling over what had just happened.


can anybody help me figure out a final, better title for this fic?


I just read chapter 17 and if we're making Harry Potter referenes then all I have to say is.... FIFTY POINTS FOR GRIFENDOR!!!!

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

YAY!!!! DRUCK TONY!!! Not that it's anything new! :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Whoa! This is so good! :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Keep writing!!!

Abbyfish Abbyfish

Good job, keep up the good work.

Alexdanger101 Alexdanger101