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Not Another Iron Man Fanfiction *revised*

Party Crashin'

Tony’s birthday party rolled around, in the midst of much fluster and planning. It was supposed to be really lavish and fun, meaning as an underage kid I wouldn't be allowed to attend.However, I coerced Happy into joining me as I used the entire afternoon before his birthday to scour the nearest mall for an appropriate present. At a loss, I bought a bottle of chocolate vodka and presented it to Tony with a red-and-gold bow.

“That’s…cute,” he said, picking it up and examining it. “I love this brand.” Then he peered at me as if I were a germ beneath a microscope. “The people at the liquor store allowed you to buy this?”

“Happy was with me,” I said with a shrug.

“Rhodey, look at this,” Tony said, passing the bottle to a tall man with a military cut. “Remind us to open this if we run out. By the way-- Rhodey, this is my niece Isabella. Iz, this is Rhodey."

"Colonel James Rhodes, Air Force. Nice to meet you," he said curtly, with the air of a seasoned soldier. "How old are you?"

"I'm fourteen," I replied.

He glared at Tony and took him aside. I heard him say "This is a bad idea. You already have enough problems!"

"Rhodey, if you have a better suggestion as to who should be looking after her,” Tony said, “I’d love to hear it.”

“Tony, come on—“

“It’s a family affair, buddy.”

"I can hear you," I couldn't help but say.

Rhodey tried to smile at me. "Just a little...concerned." He turned back to Tony. "Don't let her attend this party."

I was present to watch Tony blow out the candles and sing along with the other guests just before Pepper shooed me to my room, making sure I had a slice of cake and a can of ginger ale.

It honestly wasn’t that long when I heard a bang. And then another, then another. Great. Tony was showing off again.

Things got really weird when I thought I heard Rhodey yell something I couldn't understand, then suddenly loud music was playing. Another One Bites the Dust? Tony, what are you thinking?

Turns out he wasn't.

The music was accompanied by loud crashes from downstairs, and when they started sounding like they were happening upstairs too, I braced for impact as whatever it is that hits the fan finally hit the fan.

I screamed as a huge outside force came hurtling through the door, smashing it, and the surrounding wall, to bits. It occurred to me that the outisde force was Tony in his Mark 5 suit grappling against an older, grey version of the Iron Man armor. As they separated, I realized the person in the other armor was Rhodey.

"What's going on?" I screamed.

"Don't worry kid, I got this!" hooted Tony, clearly enjoying it. Rhodey was unused to the suit; that gave Tony an advantage. He smashed the Mark 2 armor through the opposite wall of my room. Pieces of plaster scattered everywhere, bouncing off the floor and my bed. One hurtled toward my head, and I lifted a hand just in time.

I looked up, bewildered, as the boys carried their fight further downstairs. My arm was stinging from the impact of the plaster that hit it, and I hissed in pain, realizing what was going on. Tony was insecure, drunk and showing off, and he was way out of control tonight. Maybe he and Rhodey were both drunk and that’s why they ended up brawling. As to how Rhodey had accessed the silver armor, I couldn’t think about right now.

More people screamed from downstairs, and I could distinctly hear Pepper. My fists clenched. They were endangering everyone in the house! I was one hundred percent done with Tony and his reckless shenanigans. Somebody had to put a stop to this.

I opened my closet door, heart pounding.

“It’s time, girl.”



I just read chapter 17 and if we're making Harry Potter referenes then all I have to say is.... FIFTY POINTS FOR GRIFENDOR!!!!

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

YAY!!!! DRUCK TONY!!! Not that it's anything new! :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Whoa! This is so good! :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Keep writing!!!

Abbyfish Abbyfish

Good job, keep up the good work.

Alexdanger101 Alexdanger101