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Loki sat reading a Midgardian novel as he waited for his brother and Father to return from Midgard. It had been a treat for Thor's birthday and their Father has said that Loki was to remain behind with their Mother; his recently discovered frost powers were volatile when Loki was angry and humans annoyed Loki easily.
A flash outside caught Loki's eye and his face lit up when he realised it was the Byfrost. He jumped up and ran through the palace and streets, throwing himself into Thor's arms.

"How was Midgard? You must tell me everything!"


"...And at the end, she accidentally froze her sister."

Loki wiped a tear as he listened to his brother recount the 'Frozen' moving picture he had seen on Midgard. Fear stuck Loki as he looked at his hands.

"W-What if I freeze you...?"

"You would never Loki... Hey, brother? Can we build a snowman?"

Loki nodded and followed his brother outside.


It had been four months since Thor's birthday and Loki growled as he heard a familiar knocking.

"Loki... Do you want to build a snowman?"

"NO! I do not wish to build yet another snowman, brother."

"It does not have to be a snowman."

Loki was about to snap when a plan meticulously formulated in his mind.

"Let us go to the Byfrost. We can build a snowman to greet people."


Loki watched Thor play around with the snow he had created as he crept up behind him. A short burst of magic sent Thor over the edge of the Byfrost. Loki grinned. No more Odin damned snowmen.




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