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The Daughter Of Thor

"This baby, I like it. ANOTHER!"

A storm gathered around the surrounding towers of the Asgard palaces as an extraordinary event took place. It was the birth of the kings child. The new heir to the thrown was arriving and Thor began to pace the delivery chambers muttering words of encouragement to his wife. His palms were sweaty and his mind foggy, he couldn’t comprehend the oncoming responsibilities, a king he was but a father, surely not?

“I’m not fully equipped for this role!” Thor exclaimed in panic as Jane grasped his forearm in agony, making a stern face at him. Loki leant against a pole rolling his eyes at his half brother.
“Honey seeing as we’re in this current- ARGH!” Janes face crumpled in frustration and agony again as she made strange hissing sounds in rhythm with panting.
“…Situation. I’d say you were pretty well equipped to be a father!” Jane finished her painfully obvious observation and gave Jord (Thors mother) an exasperated look as she began to stifle a laugh.
“I meant I can’t be a father!” Thor bellowed, his eyes wide in panic and fear as he searched Janes face.
“Stop it! Yes you are, you’re going to be the best father there ever was and you’re going to love this child with all your heart.” Jane retaliated calming Thor slightly.
“Now sit down and hold my hand.” Jane continued, Thor did as she said like a puppy that had just been scolded, Jord and Odin sat laughing casually on an ornate set of chairs across the room watching the unfolding events carefully.

Hours passed and Thor swapped between pacing and sitting impatiently next to his expecting wife as she winced and soldiered on. This was never going to be a typical birth, not when you’re the child of Thor Odinson. But most definitely not when your fathers best friends are warriors and Avengers.

The door opened quietly followed by Darcy’s dark hair and brown eyes peering around silently, she hesitated slighlty before entering. Darcy crossed the room to Jane taking her hand silently she gave a nod to Thor.
“How much longer?” Darcy asked quietly, Jane was grateful for her hushed tone after Thors earlier outburst of panic.
“Not too long, I can tell we’ve got an impatient one on our hands…” Jane jested at Thors impatience, Darcy sniggered and winked at Thor who smiled back before returning his attentions to Jane.
“Do you mind if I stay?” She asked again, Jane smiled and shook her head squeezing Darcy’s hand tighter as she sat down at her bedside.

Just as the atmosphere had calmed the inevitable happened, all hands on deck as the newest heir to the Asgard throne decided to make an appearance. Janes grip on both Darcy and Thor tightened as all her muscles tensed and Dr. Banner ran flailing into the room in appropriate dress closely followed by his team of medics.
“Bruce!? What the hell are you doing here? This is not your department!” Jane exclaimed half laughing, half crying as she realised Dr. Bruce Banner was neither a midwife or a qualified doctor in this sense. Bruce began to laugh as he assembled his team and sat tightly.
“Actually, seeing as i’ve had a fair amount of spare time I decided to try my hand at all the sciences. So today I will mostly be focussing on the biological aspects of the human body. And not to worry, i’m perfectly qualified!” Bruce chirped happily setting Jane slightly at ease.

As soon as it had all kicked off all hell broke loose and Tony, Steve and Clint ran into the room excitedly closely followed by an annoyed looking Natasha who appeared to have been blocking their entrance.
“Sorry! They’re crafty!” Natasha spoke apologetically to Jane and Thor as she attempted to herd up and excitable Tony, Clint and a pale looking Steve back outside. Thor attempted to conceal his laughter poorly as Jane clenched his hand tighter and tighter.
“Bloody hell, why can’t we be normal?” Jane said to herself as the final set of contractions began.
Thors face was a picture for the rest of the theatre, his eyes wide in both astonishment, wonder and panic as Jane delivered their first and judging from this ordeal, last child.

Despite Thors initial reservations about his poor maternal instincts he knew exactly what to do, and as he stared down in wonderment at his new baby girl he couldn’t conceal his extreme smile any longer, he leant his nose against her tiny porcelain forehead and smiled as she babbled sweetly into him.
“She’s beautiful.” He whispered softly against her leaning into Jane and kissing her damp hair and handing his new treasure to her carefully. His blue eyes soft and watery as he gazed at his family.
“Indeed she is.” Darcy spoke softly, stroking Janes hair and softly caressing baby’s tiny hand in hers.
“You did good there Thor! And of course well done Jane i’m sure that was quite an achievement for you too…” Tony said light-heartedly giving Thor a pat on the back and Jane a touch on the cheek. He turned to Steve and laughed, he had of course turned a strange shade of green…
“Need a lie down Cap’?” Stark jested at his sickly shade of skin. Steve waved a hand and turned away giving an ‘OK’ gesture with his fore finger and thumb. Loki eased himself from the post at which he leant and slowly walked towards Thor as all the attention was now on Jane and the child.
He stopped just behind his brother and waited a second as if mulling over how to break the news to him…
“Brother. I was just wondering whether you realised that to be an heir… Er- How do I put this? Oh yes, your she would have to be a he.” Loki smiled smugly to himself as he left Thors side, made his way to Jane giving both her and the child a seemingly genuine smile and excited the room.

“Jane, what are you going to call her?” Natasha asked both her and Thor taking Clints hand excitedly and smiled. Jane looked to Thor to make the decision, he hesitated for a moment looked over to Jord and Odin before speaking clearly and surely.
“Skye. It means cloud.” Thor smiled at them all and Jane.
“Well welcome to the world…’s, Skye.” Bruce said calmly, smiling at Skye sweetly.


So yep, this is the first installment of Skye's action hero packed life.
I'm not sure how regularly I can update but here you are, please tell me what you think and ideas would be highly appreciated to keep you all entertained.

Enjoy! Love Laura x

(P.S this is my original writing that can also be found at - http://www.mibba.com/Stories/Read/468342/The-Daughter-Of-Thor/ - )


I need to see what happens next. Please post soon.

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this is awesome!
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