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The Daughter Of Thor

“Last man standing!”

An unmistakable SMASH! sounded from the kitchen just down the hall from Skye's chambers, her head shot up from the book she was currently reading in surprise. If she had rabbit ears, a sound like this would have pricked them up.


There it was again. . .
“What are they doing?” Skye asked herself quietly as she rose from her chair and crept sneakily along the corridor towards the kitchen eerily in silence. She stalked up to the nearest corner and poked her head around ever so slightly to listen for another smash. Nothing. Well nothing apart from the unmistakable sound of Tony Stark suppressing laughter and the sound of Natasha Romanoff scolding Steve Rogers. Skye considered retiring back to her chambers, but her mothers curious side refused her this wish, instead she crawled to the door swept her long dark waves behind her right ear and pressed it eagerly against the kitchen door.

“What did I tell you!?” Natasha's question radiated through the wooden panels making Skye snigger at her motherly tone.

“I-Well, See I just thought if I pressed tha-” A confused Steve replied coyly, the only images coming to Skyes imagination were that of Steve and Natasha covered in cake mix whilst a mischievous looking Tony suppressed laughter in the corner.

“I said DO NOT. Turn anything on until I had showed you how to use it... TONY STOP LAUGHING!” Natasha continued clearly trying to keep a stern face whilst attempting not to laugh as well. Skye couldn't stand it any more she had to scare them.

In one swift motion she was ready to burst in and catch them in the act of making her birthday cake but the sound of footsteps caused her to leap into a hole in the ceilings structure.

“Skye. What are you doing?” Loki's voice carried silkily to Skyes ears, she could sense the smug smile in his tone.

“Shh!” Skye hushed him authoritatively before lowering her upper half over a joining piece of wood to look at him.
“They're being chaotic and I wanted to see what all the drama was about. I was hoping to scare them but you've blown my cover...” Skye spoke trailing off into a disgruntled mumbled mid way through her sentence. Loki looked up at her for a second as if analysing her before she gestured a hand to help him into the hole in which she hid.
“Now be quiet.” She ordered Loki, he rolled his eyes and saluted sarcastically in response but Skye still caught a glimpse of the genuine smile that followed.

They planned their attack and after a good twenty minutes of waiting an unsuspecting Steve stupidly left the kitchen, walking right under Loki and Skyes attack zone. Before the plan could be put into action Loki lost his balance and before Skye could react slid between two poles resulting in a Loki/Steve pile of limbs on the marble floor beneath her.

“Ruined!” Skye exclaimed melodramatically causing Loki and Steve to laugh. Tony appeared at the door of the kitchen poised with a witty retort to the current situation.

“Cap! I thought I was your only one. . . And now what do I find? You on the marble floor with another man. Is it because i'm too pretty?” Tony beat Steve and Loki to the “It's not what it looks like!” and had everyone apart from Steve in fits of laughter. Steve himself had turned a strange pink colour and resumed his shy nature, Natasha just about had time to react to Skye slipping from the roof before they too fell in a heap of laughter on the floor.
“Last man standing!” Tony cried as he faked a faint onto Skye and Natasha dramatically.

Once again Skye found herself in her room buried in a book. The air was cool and light in her room as usual, but she noticed a disturbance as someone approached her door.

“Skye you need to get ready, we've got an hour until the ball.” Janes voice carried gently through the wood into the room, Skye reluctantly put down the book.

“Come in, Mum.” She spoke softly as she went to sit at her dresser, gazing out the window as her mother lay out dress for the evenings ball.

“Sixteen today.” Jane said sweetly as she brushed Skyes hair from her face and set it over her back gently. Today was the day Skye finally stopped growing at an abnormal rate and finally Jane and Thor could savour their years with their daughter again.

“I'm nervous... I never get nervous. Why do I have to have a ball, Mum?” Skye worried about tripping or not living up to expectations, of course she wouldn't tell her mother this. These kind of feelings were more her fathers subject area. Speaking of Thor, where was her father?

“That's normal dear. And you'll enjoy it once you get there, I promise.” Jane knew Skye better than Skye herself, she knew Skye enjoyed the limelight once she had it but also feared rejection, just like her father.

“Where's Dad?” She asked wearily seeing as she hadn't seen him all day.

Thor had been in his room most of the day mulling over Loki's unwelcome words once again. . . “your she would have to be a he. . .” Thor knew that with his word he could change this, an Asgardian Queen would be welcomed by his people. And with a princess as charming as Skye not even Loki could resist.

“He's getting ready, he'll be along in a while.” Jane reassured Skye as she began to fiddle with her hair. Darcy appeared at the doorway holding two dress bags and two pairs of shoes, she beamed at them excitedly before beginning to unzip the dresses.

“I've never been to a ball before!” Darcy smiled enthusiastically sending a wave of reassurance through Skye, as if Darcy were there they could both make idiots of themselves rather than it all landing on her own head.

“You'd better get dressed then.” Skye smiled at her through the mirror and Darcy did as she was told. A thought crossed Skyes mind as she looked out the window, as long as The Avengers were there it would most definitely be an action packed evening.


!SPOILER! In this story Loki is much younger than Thor... And the 'HALF' incest wasnt realy intentional (forgive me) !SPOILER!

Seriously I should stop writing for a bit! Ha, that's not likely. But here we are again and i hope you enjoy the melodramatic events of Stark and co. I'm not sure if Pepper should make an appearance as I am captain of the Pepperony ship. . . See what i did there? Anyway i've a lot more to come so if you're enjoying it stick with me and as usual suggestions are much appreciated!
Happy Fangirling. . . Love Laura x


I need to see what happens next. Please post soon.

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this is awesome!
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