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The Daughter Of Thor

"Dangling from the chandeliers. . ."

Darcy’s snoring and a nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach disturbed Skye from her dreams that night. She’d been waking up at about the same time almost every night, and wandering around the palace silently until she felt tired enough to retire back to her room regularly these past few weeks.

This night was no different. Although tonight there was a warmth in the air, Skye didn’t bother with socks, a hoodie or anything of the sort. She got out of bed slowly attempting not to stir Darcy and closed the door with a muted click. Skye took a new course through the palace tonight. Usually she stayed deep within the walls and halls of concealment, but not tonight. She walked silently through the halls towards the front, weaving from side to side for amusement until she came to a set of marble doors. She pushed into them but when the same force was returned she rested on the doors instead of pushing again.

“Locked.” Skye sighed to herself filling her cheeks with air in aggravation.

“Not for long.” Skye could sense the grin in Loki’s voice before she saw it.

“Have you been following me?” Skye asked, slightly annoyed with him for tailing her this eve.

“Not usually, but seeing as you decided to take a different route tonight I thought maybe I should see what you were up to. And if i’m honest. My curious side got the better of me.” Loki confessed still smiling down at the girl. Skye bit the inside of her cheek apprehensively, “What are you doing?” she thought to herself before smiling back at Loki.

“Now shift if you want to get out…” He continued, nudging Skye slightly as she hesitated stepping aside. He touched the door softly and with an intake of breath pushed his hand into the door, twisting slowly as it progressed further into the stone. Intricate swirling patterns formed on the stone the further Loki's hand progressed inwards, they glowed a vibrant blue, twisting this way and that quickly.

“Where does it go?” Skye asked her eyes wide in wonder at the transforming door. Skye had a habit of doing before she thought and sometimes ended up in tricky situations. Much like the time she'd tried on one of uncle Tony's Iron Man boots and ended up dangling by her left foot from a chandelier in his office, only to be rescued later by Mr Stark himself. On the upside, he found it hilarious.

“The balcony.” Loki said matter- of - factly to her, he knew exactly where every door, passage and window lead inside the palace. He'd spent countless hours as a child wandering as Skye did now in search of new rooms and halls to discover. Skye saw a flash of something in his green eyes alive with mischief once again. She registered the something as a memory, had he been here before with somebody? A lover, her father? Skye smiled at that thought, Thor told her many tales of the adventures Loki and he got up to when they were much younger than Skye herself. But this flash of something seemed linked to the nervous feeling in her stomach, see Skye had been experiencing these flashes for a few weeks now. And it wasn't just Loki who fell prey to her sixth sense, she had experienced a feeling of anticipation every time before something happened. Just yesterday she had a feeling something was being hidden from her, she was right. And every time she had a 'feeling' about something she was usually right but it seemed this was only the case if something were being concealed from her.

She was so lost in thought and barely noticed Loki had stopped walking and sat down until she tripped over him, he only just managed to react quick enough and catch her waist skilfully before she could meet the floor tiles with her face.

“Thank you.” Skye managed to mumble as she composed herself, Loki's grip still securely around her waist. She snapped back to reality as she saw the whole of Asgard in her peripheral vision. Lights glowing and water glistening beautifully all around, Loki had opened the balcony door, but what he meant by balcony was a tiled hallway with one glass wall facing to rest of the kingdom.

“Beautiful. . .” She whispered, Loki's grip loosened as she stood and reached forward to press her palm against the glass. Her hands touch was met by a warm blue glow pulsing in and out from the origin of her touch like a ripple on the waters surface. Loki adjusted his stance to watch Skye more closely, his arm resting on his raised knee the other supporting his weight whilst his other leg rested on the floor.

“It'll all be yours soon.” He said relaxedly gesturing his free hand across the kingdom in front of the two. Skye smiled and bit her lip, one day this would all be hers to watch over. She would be Queen. But she'd been thinking. . . as Loki was younger than her father, only about twenty in fact he would be around a lot longer. And as he was more than just an uncle to Skye, more like a best-friend she'd considered asking him to aid her in her duties.

“I've been thinking a lot about that actually.” Skye began, now tracing blue patterns on the glass. “One day, when all this is mine, well actually I was thinking maybe it could be. . .Ours?” She smiled into the glass, her reflection meeting Loki's eyes exactly. Within a second he was at her side, her face cupped in his hands as he spoke slowly,

“For you, I would jump into the Bifrost never to return. To rule this land with you would be an honour.” His eyes alight with compassion he kissed Skye softly on the forehead before laughing madly.

“Now what are you laughing at?” Skye too began laughing with him as it was infectious. He tried to stop and choked on the words between laughs as he attempted to tell Skye what was so hilarious. All the years of scheming, trying to prevent Skye from the throne were utterly pointless because after all she turned out to be the only thing he was sure of nowadays. Skye was a true friend and was pure of heart, it was clear she had no hidden agenda and now, neither did Loki. He could never harm Skye, and never wanted to. After all, he had always loved the girl.

“Just wait until your father hears about this!” Loki laughed.


I realise how soppy this story has become :P
Aren't I lovely to you all? See I should be revising but this story interests me so much more than the philosophical reasoning and disambiguation of the Christian faith. . . Did I lose you there? So anyway behold the next chapter of Skye's dreadfully exciting life and as usual I love comments and recommendations or a general chit-chat!

Happy Loki(ing) Love Laura x


I need to see what happens next. Please post soon.

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this is awesome!
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