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The Daughter Of Thor

“What a fool you've been, Loki. . .”

The last thing on Skye's mind was the distant sound of Loki's laugh, the last thing Skye felt as she drifted into sleep was the feeling of weightlessness as Loki gently carried her back down the halls to her bedroom. Skye was not at all heavy. So light in fact Loki had almost dropped her due to his miscalculation resulting in him putting too much force into lifting her, almost throwing her across the balcony. Skye wearily wrapped her arms around him, she nestled into the nape of his neck softly, just where his slick, dark hair turned into fly away wisps of colour. Loki let a tiny scoff escape his throat as he mulled over this evenings proposal; he was to be king, with Skye by his side. How ridiculous he'd been. All this time he'd spent despising the child, hating her and his brother. He'd been wasting precious time, moments and memories on hatred for her father. He'd been spiteful, cruel, full of rage. Loki could have taken more moments like these, cherished them. He'd been so focussed on Skye being an obstacle for him to overcome and deal with when in fact, Skye was the solution. Skye was Loki's solution. She was the solution to his unhappiness, the friction between him and his brother, even the bad blood between himself and 'The Avengers'.

Since the moment Skye was born she had acted as a force, like a magnet. She'd drawn everyone to her and in turn drawn everyone in to one another. She'd gathered everybody together without even trying. Loki himself felt the worst affects of her magnetism, he was sucked in the moment she'd noticed him and he was trapped now. Although not trapped, willing.

“What a fool you've been, Loki. . .” He said quietly to himself.
Loki leant carefully onto the solid wood of Skye's bedroom door applying pressure evenly. The door parted with a small creak, the only other noises were that of Darcy's snoring and the patting of Loki's bare feet on the marble floor.

The moons glow created a stream of cool light into the room, specks danced and glittered in patterns on the floor gracefully. As Loki walked a stream hit Skye's face perfectly, specks danced on her face, glowing on her porcelain skin. She stirred slightly at the coolness of the moons light caressing her face. He lay her gently onto the bed beside Darcy and covered her extremities with a blanket, Loki left just as silently as he'd came with a slight creak of wood and a smile.

Skye awoke the next morning slightly confused as to whether the previous night had been a dream or in fact a reality. Darcy was no longer by her side but the soft sound of water droplets hitting a surface was a tell tale sign of where she was. Skye made her way to the bathroom, the sound of Darcy's singing making her giggle.

“Do you realise that even though you're in the shower, I can still hear you?” Skye laughed over the sound of running water, a scoff from Darcy indicated she knew.
As Skye had forgotten to take her make-up off her reflection came as a slight shock to the system. At least it woke her up a little more.

“Oh please, i'm basically you're personal alarm clock. Whatever would you do without me?” Skye could hear the smile in Darcy's voice. She began scrubbing her face carefully and pawed at her black under eyes gently trying to avoid the horrible dryness of make-up remover. Darcy restarted her tuneless singing, it wasn't until a squeaking began that Skye turned toward the glass screen.
Darcy had started drawing Skye pictures on the steamed up glass; a cat, a bird and a-

“Darcy! If mum sees that!” Skye laughed at the new 18+ addition to the shower screen, Darcy rubbed it off frantically whilst stifling a giggle.

“Ha. I'm sorry. . .” Darcy laughed again, a large clap of water hit the shower bed as she squeezed the excess water from her hair before peering around the screen with her own set of panda eyes.

“You getting in, Squirt?” Darcy asked with a slight mischievous smile. The smile was registered by Skye so easily as it's hard not to pick up on hints of mischief when you share a palace with the likes of Tony Stark and Loki Laufeyson. Mischief comes hand in hand with the two. Skye had been provided with hours of amusement as a result of pranks they loved to play on each other.

“Yep. . .” Skye trailed off as she began to undress quickly whilst Darcy scampered off giggling into the bedroom.

Skye didn't have time to register the giggling or grin following Darcy before the freezing water hit her naked back unleashing a large squeak in annoyance at Darcy’s pathetic excuse for a prank.

“Amateur!” She retorted, she could still hear the giggling over the droplets.


Although please forgive me as i've had a total of eight exams these past weeks and have been extremely stressed, my second excuse would be that my laptop has refused to save any previous chapters so this is a compressed version. I promise to resume my usual writing schedule as I now have NO MORE EXAMS! . . . Until I start my A-Levels in September (foot note im now in my first year of college and its bloody mental...) *boo.

I'm sorry for the poor quality of this chapter but I had to write something to prove i'm still alive!

Enjoy as always, feedback is lovely too. Love Laura x


I need to see what happens next. Please post soon.

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this is awesome!
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