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The Daughter Of Thor

"If you've got it, flaunt it."

By the time Skye was finished in the shower Darcy had crept off to breakfast leaving her alone.

Skye wrapped her towel tighter as she progressed toward the newly made bed, complete with fresh lavender scented sheets. She perched on the end sifting through a pile of ironed clothes beside her, she came across her favourite skinny jeans and jumper, she wriggled into the jeans after located some fresh underwear and pulled on the jumper smoothly.

“Ah freedom…” Skye smiled to herself. She didn’t particularly enjoy wearing the dresses her mother picked out, Natasha and Darcy had a better idea of what she preferred. In fact the jeans she was wearing were Natasha’s choice, slim fitting and dark.

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Natasha had said with a wink as they’d tried on clothes in the changing rooms of a nearby mall. They were allowed a visit to Earth for clothes shopping every other week so Natasha, Darcy, Skye and even Tony took full advantage of this allowance. The highlight of last weeks shopping was convincing Tony he should invest in a pair of skinny jeans, it goes without saying he pulled those off amazingly… Skye began giggling to herself at that thought whilst she sat at her vanity, trying to steady her hand as she applied a little mascara.

“Never a dull moment.” She smiled to herself also remembering last night. She studied her face momentarily in the mirror, tested a smile and left swiftly. Skye didn’t bother with shoes either, barefoot was fine for a princess.

A muted humming carried along the small halls leading to the dining room, but the humming hadn’t originated at the dining room, the tune was coming from a room to the left… Did Skye detect AC/DC? Skye paused at the open door and peered in cautiously, to her surprise there stood Tony Stark, in his boxer shorts and t-shirt, ironing his jeans. She sniggered into her hands trying to mute the sound,

“What’s this? Iron Man actually ironing… Is this a new initiative, the domestic Avengers maybe?” Skye laughed as Tony’s eyes widened in horror. He composed himself quickly if Skye wasn’t so eager of eye she wouldn’t have noticed his shock.

“Yes actually, Skye… But shh, it’s top secret.” He winked at her, pulling his jeans on and shamelessly tightening his belt as he walked her way. Tony had also opted for the barefoot approach.

“Cute feet.” He joked noticing Skye’s choice of footwear, e.g., nothing. He stood on her foot playfully and she retaliated with a back hand to the head, the laugh Tony responded with wasn’t exactly what she’d hoped for.

“Now, now children. Didn’t mummy teach you to play nicely?” Loki’s silky voice swept through the air to their ears eerily. Skye turned to see a wide grin and received her second wink of the day. What was it with these guys and winking? Tony looked briefly annoyed before registering a slight change in Loki’s outlook,

“Do you just skulk around and pop out of nowhere in particular to surprise your next victims or…?” Tony jested at Loki who simply brushed his hand in the air as if swatting away the words.

“As a matter of fact I don’t, most people in the castle just aren’t very observant. Much like yourself, Tony.” Loki retorted with a strange air of politeness. ‘He’s up to something.’ Skye’s mind decided.

Tony scoffed, leaning into Skye he whispered "Sort your boyfriend out. . ." before speeding down the hallway and into the dining room.

"He's not my boyfr-!" Skye began after Tony's back as he slipped between the oak doors. Loki began giggling to himself behind her, he advanced towards her as she too began to laugh and steered her towards the dining room.

"Now who are we going to tell first?" He asked Skye smiling curiously.

A knot formed in Skye's stomach threatening to bring up her dinner and crush her internal organs as a fluttering feeling formed too. They had reached the doors before she could formulate a reasonable excuse towards putting off this confrontation.


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I need to see what happens next. Please post soon.

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