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The Daughter Of Thor

“Please be alive.”

Thunder roared distantly stirring Skye from her slumber. The splitting sound of lightning and the blinding light that followed pierced through her closed eyes, she squeezed them tighter as if it would make the pain stop. She turned sharply onto her side as a ringing sound shot through her temples agonizingly. She could hear yelling but the ringing refused to let her put it to a name or face. The ringing continued and as she tried to stand her knees gave way, falling to the floor like a lead tablet Skye hoped it was all a dream.

Loki stumbled through the halls, his legs and arms disobeying him with every step he took. Goosebumps tingled all over his body from the cold.

“Skye!” He yelled holding the walls for support, Loki felt his way along the halls ignoring Tony Stark’s attempts to pull him in the direction of safety.

“Skye!” He yelled again, never had there been an electrical storm quite like this. With Loki’s pleads Tony realised why he was so unwilling to accompany him to shelter. He panicked slightly, where had Pepper gone?

“I’ve got to find Pep-” Tony’s voice ran with him through the halls a crack of lightning cutting off his sentence, “Just find Skye…” The remainder of his words rang in Loki’s mind.

He continued through the palace, steadier than before his mind set on finding the girl. Thor thundered towards him at great speed dragging a frightened Jane behind him, he didn’t even have to say what he was thinking before Loki opened his mouth. . .

“I’ll find her!” He cried, Thors hand clasped his face in thanks as he took off down the corridor once again.

By the time Loki reached Skye’s room he thought he was going to collapse, a ringing slammed from temple to temple as he stumbled to Skye’s limp body.

“Please be alive.” Loki spoke desperately. There had been vast occasions where citizens of Asgard reacted horrifically to an electrical storm of this intensity, they had the power to blind and deafen even the strongest of wills. Skye’s eyes fluttered delicately as Loki lifted her head carefully, a sense of relief spilled through his bones. She was unsteady and with one swift motion Loki scooped her into his arms and cradled her closely, his grip tightened as he pulled her into his chest. Skye could hear the pounding of his heart again her ear as she pulled herself against him, grabbing his cloth t-shirt with small palms.

“Close your eyes, Skye.” Loki spoke softly, now managing to contain his panic as she was safe,

“Just don't fall asleep.” He cautioned, of course Skye knew what 'Falling asleep' meant, at least he hadn't referenced 'Going into the light'. If Skye had been her usual self at this point, she would have had to refrain from rolling her eyes.

The ringing had not yet abandoned Loki or Skye's ears making it harder for Loki to stand. He soldiered on down the corridor shifting Skye's weight slightly, a flash of light erupted closely followed by a broken window cascading broken shards of glass down upon them, a crystal like shower landing rather horrifyingly on Skye's bare arms and legs. . .


I know it's short but here's your first cliff hanger! As I said, there's never a dull moment as always comment and subscribe

Love Laura xx


I need to see what happens next. Please post soon.

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this is awesome!
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