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Steve is a single father raising his five year old mutant daughter named Brook after the death of Steve's husband Bucky. He thought it was a good idea to move from California back to New York where he is originally from. He just hopes Brook and him can start new again live a happy life...Wrong since Brook has a unique power some villains seek to steal her and use her powers for evil. Steve knew he shouldn't of moved them from California.

Tony Stark is Iron Man and anyone who knew that knows he is a hero being a member of the Avengers. He lives in his Tower with his eight year old son named Peter. Tony took in the boy after he was left in front of the tower with nothing but a not describing why his parents couldn't raise him. Tony at first didn't want to keep him but then had a turn of heart. One day when the Avengers where called to save a school that was being attacked Tony saves the lives of a father and daughter. Some how Tony fell for the man that he saved.

OmegaSteve/AlphaTony! Also warning has M-Preg, Fem/Fem, Male/Male, and Fem/Male


  1. Chapter 1

    Steve's Past

  2. Chapter 2

    Steve's Past


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