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Thor's Omega

The Tournament

Audra spends her days training with Prince Loki and the others. What she has learned is invaluable. She has already expanded her repertoire with her battle axe and is using it today during the tournament. She has gotten pretty far in the rankings for a novice. Everyone had underestimated her. So many of the warriors here are so used to charging in at full speed to defeat their enemy, they don’t expect to be disarmed by a handful of small wounds. The difficulty is increasing with each new round, and her opponents are starting to catch on to her fighting tactics. She almost lost the last round.

Audra woke up this morning with a burst of energy she didn’t expect. It must be the adrenaline. It would be great if she wasn’t also sweating profusely. Really, she would like to look a little more lady like. Huge pit stains are just not attractive. Her turn is up again. This time she is facing off with Holdreth. He’s a dim witted prick, but he’s also very large and strong….and slow. She’ll have to be extra careful. One good blow from this man could kill her.

Audra looks over at the royal box. The King and Queen look on with smiles on their faces. Prince Thor is sitting to the right of the King. Prince Loki and Princess Aralia have a whole separate box for their family to accommodate their large brood of children. Lady Sif is on the sidelines smiling encouragingly at her. Thor leans over the barrier to chat with his brother.

“So this is the one you were telling me about. She is an adorable little killing machine isn’t she?” Thor smiles at this brother.

“That she is. Gundirth should be very proud. She is stealthy and intelligent. I imagine that if the day should come when we need to have someone’s throat slit, she will get the job done and escape undetected.” Loki beams.

“She’s so small, she could pass easily as a mere chamber maid.” Thor says.

“Exactly.” Loki smiles. He then feels an urgent tug on his arm from his wife Aralia.

“Oh dear GODS! Stop the fight!” Aralia cries. “Stop! Stop! Stop!” All eyes in the arena turn to her as the crowd goes silent. The opponents down in the arena look up at her in confusion. They were just about to begin.

“Aralia my darling WHAT is WRONG?” Loki gazes upon his wife with concern.

“That girl, she’s in heat.” She says. Loki sniffs the air and smells nothing.

“Aralia darling you are mistaken. I smell nothing.” Loki says.

“I do.” Thor says quietly as he stands up from his seat. The smell is very very faint. In a matter of moments the whole arena is going to be filled with her scent. Her scent is…amazing.

Audra starts to feel…unwell. She feels hot and sweaty, not just because of the physical exertion, but from something else. She notices that she is wet, like really wet, down there. She feels stinky and dirty and…aroused. Horror overcomes Audra’s face as she realizes what is happening to her. She looks up the royal box where Princess Aralia is standing, staring at her. The women make eye contact and the princess nods once. Yes, you are an omega.

Audra’s mind whirls with options of what to do. She takes a deep breath and calms herself. She doesn’t have to worry about being raped, not anymore. She gets to pick, not them. But pick an Alpha how? She looks up at the Princess again and decides to take her cue from her. Audra pulls a handkerchief out of her pocket and blindfolds herself. Princess Aralia was in this very arena when she found Prince Loki, perhaps she will be just as lucky.

Prospective Alphas hoping to be chosen are climbing down out of the bleachers into the floor of the arena. Thor is among them. Everyone is quiet. Audra is hit with a wall of hormones. Scents of all kinds fill the air. She can scarcely breathe. Some of the smells are nice, some are downright disgusting. Audra remembers the great love story about how Aralia found Prince Loki and puts her arms out to feel her way around. She sniffs the air for a very long time until she catches wind of something, no someone wonderful! She wades through what feels like a sea of people, bumping and sniffing, sniffing and bumping.

Thor stands near the royal box holding his breath. He has flash backs to the day Aralia came into the arena doing this exact same thing. He had been humiliated that day, though he is grateful for the way it turned out. His heart starts to pound in his chest as she makes her way towards his direction. The crowd notices too. With each new person she rejects the closer she gets to Prince Thor. A small murmur starts to roll through the audience. The tone and volume growing in tiny increments of excitement as Audra comes to stand before Prince Thor and inhales deeply.

This man smells like grass after the rain, lilac, and loving. To Thor, she smells like honeycakes and dragonberries. Audra reaches back to pull off her blindfold. The crowd goes silent again. She looks up.

“Oh.” Her eyes fill with trepidation. Countless Omegas have presented themselves to Thor and he has never shown an interest in any of them. He’s going to reject her, she is sure of it. There is a moment when no one speaks. Finally Thor does.

“I have been waiting for you for a very long time.” He smiles down at her, with his eyes full of love. He crashes his mouth on hers. She reaches up and wraps her arms around his neck and the crowd goes wild.

“Darling? If you would do the honors?” Aralia says to her husband.

“But of course.” Loki says. With a flick of his wrist Thor and his Omega disappear in a puff of green smoke. Clouds gather as the thunder rolls across the sky.

King Odin stands and addresses his subjects. “Since the weather for the next several days will no doubt be very poor, I am suspending the tournament for 10 days. The matches will resume thereafter.” Queen Frigga looks like she is about to burst.

Thor and Audra reappear in Thor’s bedchambers. Moments later other objects appear on the desk and table that are in the room. Loki sent care packages for them. Baskets of lotions, healing salves, plates of food, jugs of wine, and bed clothes for the lady. Thor makes a mental note to thank Loki for his thoughtfulness and thoroughness. Thor looks down into the eyes of his omega.

“What do I smell like to you?” He can’t help but ask. He’s been told by various third parties that most omegas find him to smell of garlic and dirty feet.

“You smell like lilacs and the air after a rainstorm. What do I smell like?” She asks.

“You smell like honeycakes and dragonberries.” Thor says.

“Really? I hate dragonberries. That’s funny.” They both lightly chuckle as they lean in close for another kiss. She is so short compared to him she has to stand on her tippy toes to just reach his chin. Thor picks her up and carries her bridal style to the bed. Audra is suddenly aware of how needy she feels within her body. Her abdomen feels taut and her womanhood feels drenched. Thor reaches down and slowly starts to unlace her leather bodice. Audra lightly strokes Thor’s forearms with her delicate little fingers as he does so. Her breath hitches as her bodice and shirt are removed, revealing her breasts to her Crowned Prince. They are small but perfectly shaped and perky. They fit the frame of her body perfectly. Thor takes one into his mouth and ravishes the nipple.

“AH!” Audra cries out. Her wetness and desire intensifies. She feels hot. The air is stifling. She needs more. So much more. Thor teases her breast as her pungent aroma fills the room. Thor is starting to feel fuzzy in the head. His arousal is overcoming his other senses. He usually likes to take his time pleasing and teasing his bed partners before he fills them with his mighty cock. Sweat drips down his temples and he knows he does not have the willpower to wait. Thor starts stripping off his own clothes. Audra takes the hint and removes her trousers and panties. She feels shy doing this. She has never been naked before another person before, but it feels so natural, and she feels so safe.

Thor is maintaining eye contact the entire time he disrobes. When they are both finally naked before one another, Thor climbs on top of her and puts his hand between her legs. Audra is again filled with trepidation when she sees the size of Thor’s cock. It is massive, and meaty, and…..inside of her!

“AHHHHHH!” She cries out in pain. Her maidenhead has been breached.

“Shh, my darling, I’m sorry. I know that hurt very much. I will be as gentle as I can, I swear it.” Thor whispers in her ear as he pecks sweet kisses on her cheek and neck. She is so tight; her sweet little pussy is squeezing the life out of him. After a moment, when Thor feels her muscles starting to relax around him, he starts to move within her. He goes slowly and gently at first, but the her scent is making his blood boil and finds he can no longer hold back. He increases the pace and ruts her violently. All these years of being alone and worrying if he’d ever find a love of his own are finally done. She is beneath him with her legs spread wide.

“Oh Audra… tell me how badly you want my seed!” Thor is whispering and growling and panting and beseeching. He needs her. He needs to know that she needs him just as much.

“Please My Prince…fill me please!” She cries.

“Say my name. I am your mate now, say my name.”





“THOOOOORRRRRR!” She comes with searing spasms that rack her entire body. The feeling of her womb clamping down on his manhood, and the sound of his name on her lips, make Thor come with her. He paints the walls of her womb with his seed which gushes out in excess around his buried shaft. Thor collapses on top of her nearly crushing her. He rolls off of her and pulls her into his side, cradling her.

Audra is exhausted. Between the multiple fights and the mind blowing sex all she wants to do is sleep. The pain between his legs is excruciating. After of moment of rest and cuddling, Thor gets up from the bed and heads into the bathroom. He turns on the water and fills the bathtub with warm water and scented bubbles. He goes back into the bedchamber and picks up his mate and deposits her into the bathtub.

“Oooh.” She says. She is sore everywhere and the warm water feels so good.

“Relax here for a moment my lady while I clean off the bed.” Thor leaves her to enjoy her soak while he strips the bed of the bloody linen and replaces it with clean ones. He grabs the bed clothes that Loki sent in the care package and takes it into the bathroom. Thor climbs into the tub behind Audra. He massages her shoulders and rubs her back and takes a washcloth and bathes her gently and lovingly. He cleans himself quickly and then assists her out of the tub, using a towel to dry off her wet body. He dresses her into the silk night gown. It is in his shade of red. He leads her back to the bedroom where they curl up for a much needed nap.



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