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Thor's Omega

The Heat

Thor and Audra awaken after their long nap refreshed and ready for another round. It is still day one of her heat and they expect to be in Thor’s bedchamber for at least three days. Thor stretches slightly before pulling her in close to him again. He loves this, he has a love of his own now. Audra is curling her flingers in the ends of his long blonde hair. Her eyes flutter open and she looks up at him. Her head is resting on one of his massive pectoral muscles. Their legs are intertwined.

Audra feels hot again. Her body is needy in spite of the pain between her legs. She both wants and doesn’t want to have sex again. Thor sees the grimace on her face when she tries to move. He gets up and walks over to the table with the basket full of salves, lotions, and other creams meant for “intimate” use. He picks up a blue jar and walks back to the bed.

“Open your legs for me darling. This will help you heal faster.” Thor dips two fingers into the salve and plunges them into her womanhood. Thor makes gentle swirling motions to coat her insides and give her the relief she needs.

“Ah! That feels so good. The pain is already going away.” Audra sighs with relief. Thor leans in for a kiss. It was meant to be a small kick peck but turns hungry and passionate very quickly. Thor is still stroking her insides making her quiver from the touches. She moans deeply into his mouth. Thor pulls away reluctantly.

“We should eat before we start the next round and give the salve time to work its magic.” Thor says with reluctance. Audra makes a whining noise of disappointment, but she knows he’s right. They hop up off the bed and go to the table where the food is laid out. Thor trots to the bathroom for a moment to wash his hands while Audra looks over the spread. She grabs a plate and fills it full of grapes, cheeses, bread, and preserved meats. She pours herself a glass of wine and sits down in the grand comfortable table chair. She feels like a princess.
It hits Audra in this moment. She is the future Queen of Asgard. What about her weapons training? She’s an Omega. It is her duty to birth the next heir, which she and Thor are currently working on conceiving. Will Thor’s family even like her? Prince Loki seems to from what she can tell. What about the current Queen? Queen Frigga is going to be her mother-in-law. Audra gulps audibly as the epiphanies hit her waves. Thor sits down beside her with a filled plate of his own. He sees the worried look on her face.

“What troubles you my darling?” Thor asks with concern.

“Do you think your family will like me?” She asks.

“Yes of course I do. Loki speaks very highly of you and I know my mother will just adore you. You are strong in your own right. People who have not seen you fight can easily underestimate you. Though beyond the practice field, I must confess I know very little about you. Tell me about yourself.”

“Well, you already know that I’m the daughter of the Captain of the Guard and that your brother is…well was training me. I don’t what will happen with that now. But my favorite color is blue. I hate the taste of ale, but love the taste of mead, and I’m not a morning person.”

“As future Queen of Asgard your weapons training will actually continue. Though what you are taught will be slightly augmented. Your penchant for daggers will serve you very well as Queen. Your poisons training will have to wait until after the baby is born. You will also be taught to fight with found objects. Take this room for example. If you were cornered in this room without any of your weapons, how would you defend yourself?”

“I don’t know. I suppose I would start throwing things and try to flee.” She says.

“You have many options in this room. You could smash that porcelain jug and use the jagged edges from the handle to stab your opponent or you could smash the mirror. The noise would draw attention to your location. Screaming would be encouraged in that instance. Your quickness and intelligence will serve you well. My mother will be teaching some of these lessons herself.”

“I understand you do a lot of hunting.” She says.

“Yes I have hunted a great many things over the years. I will regale you with those tales at our celebration feast. Do you hunt?” He asks.

“A few times. Father took me out to the dark forest. I killed an Elk on my last trip with a bow and arrow. Father was very proud. It is not something we were able to do often.”

“I will have to remedy that then. Do you ride?”

“Father made me learn. I’m not very good though. Mostly because I don’t do it very often either.”

“We will include that in your lessons then.”

“Tell me something about yourself that no one else knows.” She says.

Thor thinks about his response for a moment. Only one thing really comes to mind. “I’m lonely.” He finally says. The confession makes Audra’s heart break for him. His eyes seem to glaze over a bit from unshed tears, and she knows he is being sincere.

“Oh sweetheart. I’m here now. You don’t need to feel that way anymore. I’m yours and yours alone. I must confess that I am surprised. You have such a large and happy family. Why do you feel lonely?” She leans in and puts her hand in his.

“I’ve been waiting for a love of my own for so long. I cannot tell you how jealous I’ve been of Loki and my friends. They’ve all been paired off for years. They all have children. Even my parents have rekindled their passion, and now I have another brother. I was beginning to fear that Balder would find a mate before I did.”

“You’ve had so many Omegas present themselves to you over the years. I’m surprised you turned them all down.”

“I did it at first because I did not want to be tied down. I thought I had lots of time and none of them smell right anyway. Your mother was one in fact. She wandered into the feasting hall in full heat. I walked right past her. After the revolution, there were few Omegas to be had and I had little luck in love with any of the betas. I began to fear I would never find you.” Thor feels a tear escape down his cheek. He did not realize just how bitter he had become over the last few years. The rain outside has started again. It is beating against the windows.

Audra rises from her seat and leads Thor over to the bed. She feels much better physically and she wants to comfort her man. She touches his chest as he wraps his arms around her. She slowly works her hands south until she reaches the hem of his pajama bottoms. Hooking her fingers on both sides, she gently tugs them down. They slide down to his ankles quickly and Thor steps out of them. Thor hooks one of his fingers under a shoulder strap and pulls it down her arm, exposing one of her breasts. He gives her nipple a playful pinch before doing the same with the other side. Her gown slips down her body with ease and they are naked before each other once again.

Thor kisses her passionately as he lowers her onto the bed. The sight of her, the smell of her, hardens his cock. But he is not going to enter her yet. No. He is going to make her come from touch and words alone.

“My darling girl…” Thor begins as he kisses her neck, breasts and stomach. “I can’t wait to taste you. Your cunny is so wet, so sweet. Audra trembles in anticipation as Thor slowly trails his kisses downward until his head is between her legs. She feels his fingers parts her petals and bucks her hips when his tongue makes contact with her most intimate place. “You taste like Valhalla.”

“Ah….ah….ah….”Audra keens as Thor rubs, strokes, and teases her. Thor’s member is hard and aching from neglect. He’s leaking copious amounts of fluid and is on the verge of an orgasm himself. Still he waits. He’s going to bring her close and thrust inside of her and spill his seed there.

“Thor! Thor….I….I….ah…” Thor feels her body tensing up and pulls away only to line up and thrust into her with a hard push. Audra cries out in ecstasy as Thor pounds her mercilessly through her orgasm, coming himself after only a couple minutes of hard fucking. When he pulls out of her, he is still hard and ready for another round. He looks into her eyes and sees she is lost in the haze of her heat. She needs more. Much much more.

Thor enters her again and begins a marathon fucking session that lasts three hours. Thor feels both possessive and possessed. They flip through many positions, even bracing themselves against a wall at one point, but they never stop. Audra’s legs are drenched with the spent fluids both from herself and her lover, which mix in streams running down her ass crack and thighs, puddle-ing wherever she is. Thor growls like a wild animal, his Alpha nature taking over as he breeds his mate.

Finally, with both lovers utterly spent. They crash onto the bed to sleep again. They awaken in the morning and start the process all over again. Audra becomes more adventurous and takes Thor’s cock into her mouth making Thor emit a high pitched keening sound one would expect from a woman. His member is so big the tip barely fits into her mouth and she uses both hands to stroke his meaty length. Just when Thor is about to come he pulls his cock out of her mouth, grabs her under the armpits and lifts her completely off the ground.

“Wrap your legs around me.” He growls as he thrusts into her, pumping his release into her womb. Thor pants heavily from his release. They bath, they eat, they talk, and they fuck. For 2 days this continues.

The city is starting to flood. Odin has to push the storms out to sea to keep the city from washing away. The servants are already preparing for the bonding ceremony. Frigga is directing the palace seamstress to create a whole new wardrobe for her new daughter-in-law. Baby gifts are pouring in from around the kingdom and other realms as well. Thor has found his queen, and they will have many children together. His happily ever after has come at last.



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