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Great Expectations (Loki Story)

Chapter 11 Until we meet Again

Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you... Its been 6 days. 6 days since Loki was discovered and locked in a cell. He waited for Bella to write him back, but nothing ever came. He didnt blame her though. How can someone forgive so easy? They cant. Thor approched inturupting Loki's thought. "Brother, it is time." Loki stood up from the small cot he had been laying on. Sighing he walked to his brother, following him to the court. "Loki Lufyson, you are charged with murder and act of war against these United States, as well as the world. How do you plead?" How do you plead? Like he could simply say he was not guilty of these charges. "Guilty." Thor rested a hand on Loki's shoulder, a small sad smile on his face. "It is to our attention that you are not of this world, and our laws do not have an action to proceed accordingly. You have a choice how ever. Being as you currently reside on earth, you could be treated as such and be sentenced to 105 years in prison." Loki held back the want to look at him oddly, knowing that even without his powers he was still imoral and would live well passed 105. "Or you can go home to face whatever punishment awaits you there if any, in any case once you leave you are to never return, should you chose this and return anyway, you will immidiatly be accounted for as wanted, leaving it to be that you are captured and killed on sight regardless of the saying given by Odin. I now ask, what is your choice?" (Tony's voice) "Female brains have a larger Hippocampus. Which usually makes them better at attention and memory." "Sir, miss Lovel is at the door." Tonys bit his lip. "Im not home." 'Tony I know your in there! Open up now!" Tony made a scared face. "Ohhh she sounds mad." Tony quickly hid behind the couch. "Ok let her up." Bella made her way up to the main are of Stark towers with a glare. "Where is he!?" 'He appears to be hiding miss.' Jarvis stated. Bella rolled her eyes. "Tony! Come out now!" Tony poped his head up ever so slightly. "No! Your going to yell at me!" Bella wipped her head toward the direction of the voice. "Damn right Im going to yell at you! You put a terrorist alien in my house!" Tony stood up from behind the couch. "He is here on punishment! He changed! As far as I am aware you two got a little cozzy." Tony smirked and wiggled is eyebrows. Bella glared at Tony and the tackled him. With one swift knock to the ground Bella punched him in the face. "How dare you!" Tony groaned and the grabbed her arms to stop her from hitting him again. "Hey! Calm down!" "Dont tell me to calm down you asshole!" Tony shifted his weight so he could switch places with Bella. Pinning her arms above her head with one hand Tony grabed her face with the other to stop her from shaking her head back and forth. It was now he saw the angry tears stream down her face. "You asshole..!" Tony frowned and grabbed her face harder. "Bella listen to me! Im sorry alright!" Bella head budded him causing him to roll off her. Getting up she kicked him in the stomach. "Fuck you Tony." As Tony held his head and sat up he watched Bella head out the door and sighed. "Fuck." (Tony's voice)"Male brains have a bigger parietal cortex. Which helps when fending off an attack. Male brains confront challenges differently than female brains." Thor once again found himself at the bottom of Bella's appartment. He was about to buzz her when she appeared beside him, a look of aggrivation on her face. "Miss Bella!" Bella whiped her head around to see Thor, she put a hand to her face and rubbed it tierdly. "What is it now?" Thor put an arm on her shoulder. "We are going home." Bella looked at him confused. "What? Whos going where?" Thor looked up at the sky. "My brother and I are going back to Asgard." Bella wasnt sure how to take this information. "Whe-" Bella paused. She looked at Thor and got closer to him. attempting to put her face next to his. Thor noticed this and turned his eyes to her. "Miss Bella, what are you doing?" Bella looked at him then out again. "Im trying to see what you were looking at." Thor laughed. "I was looking in the direction of Asgard, you will not be able to see it." Bella stepped away. "Oh, anyway. When, are you leaving that is?" Thor gave her a small smile. "Tonight." Bella looked down. "I see." Thor grabbed her hand and kissed it. "Until we meet again Bella." Bella looked down in her hand to see a small piece of paper." When when she looked up to ask about it though, Thor was gone. (Loki's voice)"Woman are hardwired to communicate with language, detail, empathy." Tony bust through S.H.E.I.L.D headquarter in a fit. "Fury!" He called running through the base. Finally he found him sitting behind a desk,looking through some paper. "Fury!What the hell!?" Fury raised an eyebrow. "I am right here Mr. Stark there is not need for yelling." Tony slammed his hands on the desk. "The hell there isnt! You arrested Loki! You just took him?! What kind of asshole are you!?" Fury but down his papers and folded his hands on the desk. "He is a terrorist who killed hundreds of people and nearly took over the world and you expected us to let him go?" Tony clenched his jaw but knew none the less fury was right. He threw his hands in the air angry. "This sucks!" Fury stood up from his chair and folded his arms. "No, you want to know what sucks Mr. Stark? That a civilian had to end up with feelings for an international terrorist, who was bound to get caught at some point all because her so called friend decided he was safe based on the judgment of that terrorists brother. Now she is at home sulking about how much of a fool she is for letting this man near her and her family, when she never should have met him to begin with. That is what sucks Mr. Stark." (Tonys voice)"Men, not so much." "Are you ready brother?" Thor asked quietly. Loki sighed and looked around. He wasnt sure what he was waiting for though. In the back of his mind he hoped to spot Bella,standing in the distance, watching his departure. She wasnt though.Loki closed his eyes and took in a breath. "Yes." He turned back to his brother, who waited patiently for him. Loki however was caught by surprise when he was Bella standing next to him. In that moment Loki couldnt move, he couldnt breath, he couldnt speak. "Hi." Was all she said. "Alright how did she get through security?" Fury asked slightly annoyed. Tony landed in his Iron man suit. "I have my ways." (Loki's voice)"It doesn't mean that we're any less capable of emotion. We can talk about our feelings, it's just that… most of the time, we'd really rather not." Bella walked toward Loki. Her eyes examining him, as if he were a stranger. Bella noticed his dark roots growing out for most of the top of his head. His eyes not longer the shade they once where but more of a greenish blue. He was a little paler, a little thinner, and looked absolutly exsausted. "Bella I-" She held her hand up. "Dont. Dont stand here and tell me how sorry you are because for this particualr problem. Sorry doesnt quiet cut it. I know why you lied, to prtoect me from the truth, and its one of the reasons I love you. But it is also why I hate you. Because you couldnt trust me with that even after everything. I dont care who you were in the past, I care about who you are now, and unfortunatly I dont know who that person is. I want so badly to just forgive you and pretend it never happened, but I cant. I came here to tell you Loki, that I do, and always probably will love you, but I dont trust you. And to me, trust is bigger than love, and I dont know if you will ever get it back. You are who you chose to be Loki, so tell me....who are you?" (Tonys voice)Be a man. People say it all the time. But what does that even mean? Is it about strength? Is it about sacrifice? Is it about winning? Maybe it's simpler than that. Loki stared at her for the longest time. Taking everything about her into his mind. "If you can not trust me then why are you here?" Bella glared and pulled out the letter he wrote her. "Because of this! Becuase everytime I read this my heart hurts so much that I want to rip it out of my chest because I want to believe these words, but how can I? I decided that you dont get to do that. You dont get to lie to me about everything and then write something like this and just leave, you dont get to!" Fury attempted to intervine. "Miss Lovel he needs to leave." Tony and Thor walked infront of Furry. "Move you two." They shook their heads. "Let them be one eyed man, Asgard will still be here when they are finished." Fury glared but said nothing. "I need something solid Leon..Loki..whatever your name is! I need to now where I stand..." Her voice got quiet. "Because I am literally being held together with tape and glue and I dont know how much longer it will hold. And I need it to hold because I have others who depend on my to stay together. For once in your life can you please.Just.Be. Honest with me." (Loki's voice) "You have to know when not to man up." "Isabella I have lied to you about many things, but I never lied to you about my intentions or feelings. I love you. I dont know why, or how, or when it happened but it did. I laid next to you every night wondering what would happen should you know who I really was. I having the idea that you would find me just as much of a monster as I find my self. I thought that we would be together for a short amount of time and in that time you would grow fond of me but you would never love me....and then you did. And I....I didnt know what to do because all I could do was lie to you about everything, as to insure that that love..that happiness that I have craved for so long, wouldnt go away. If I leave with any once of your trust, if you take in anything that I say as truth let it be this. I have, and always will love you, with everything that is my being. No amount of time, space, or imortality will ever change that." Bella could feel her eyes leak small tears from Loki's words, in an instant she had gone from a foot away to attached to him. A kiss that was filled with longing, passion, and forgivness. "Im not gonna cry..Im not gonna cry." Tony said taking deep breaths. He looked at Thor who had a small smile and watery eyes. "Dont cry man..your a god..dont you cry." Tony said to him, his hand on Thors arm. Thor took a deep breath and then quickly turned and crushed Tony in a hug, his Iron man suit protecting his bones from being abliverated. "Do you have to go?" Bella whispered, her head placed against Loki's. He nodded slightly. "Yes." "Can you ever come back?" Loki shook his head. "No." Bella bit her lip. "Will I ever see you again?" Bella looked up at Loki who removed his head from her. "One day." Loki kissed Bella one last time before leaving her side. "Lets go home brother." Loki said, his hand open for Thors. Thor smiled and grabbed him brothers hand pulling him into a one armed hug. In an instant they were gone. (Loki's voice)"Sometimes it takes a real men to set his ego aside, admit defeat and start all over again." The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye...until we meet again. THE END! COMMENT, FOLLOW, FAVORITE, AND ALL THAT JAZ! SEQUEL? HUMM..



Please put up a sequal. This was so good and I love it. ")

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

I really enjoyed chapter 10. :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Chapter 3 was really good.

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton