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Monster (Loki love story)


(Inspired by Shrek)
Loki, Thor and friends set out to help save a princess after Odin is put in an unsteady situation with another realm. During the journey Loki and the Princess start to have feelings for each other but the Princess is not all she seems.
So as I mentioned this story was inspired by Shrek, with that being said you may high a good idea how things are going to go. This is good for both of us, because I am also able to map out pretty well how each chapter is going to go instead of just making it up as I go along, which gives you faster updates and sequels! The plot is pretty AU So dont expect to see too much of the normal Thor or avengers plot.Please Comment and heart to let me know if you like it!


Princess Talia

Princess Talia

Princess who Loki and Thor go to save. However not everything is as it appears about her.



Evil King who wants Talia to be his wife.


  1. Chapter 1

    For some reason after I submit the story the whole thing goes from being written properly to becoming one big paragraph. I dont know if its only on my end or what, but if its on yours too Im sorry, I dont know why its doing that.

  2. Chapter 2

  3. Chapter 3


I actually finished this on quotev.com but the site is being a pain right now and I cant transfer the rest of the chapters, so if your interested you can probably find it on there.

AshDash AshDash

sounds good keep writing

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