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Monster (Loki love story)

Chapter 3

Been a while I know, sorry! I just have been caught up with somethings. I hope you like it! Remember to comment so I know I should continue!


The next morning Talia got up early. She looked over to see Thor, Loki, and Novu still asleep against some rocks and smiled. Quietly Talia tip-toed away for a walk. On her walk Talia admired her surroundings. Most of this relm was fire and lava, that looked only of destruction, however not all of it was like that. Currently the forest they where in was one that seemed spell bound, the trees and bushes all resembled fall with their firey colored leaves, animals where usually of a fire decent but harmless.
"Hm hm hmm, hm hm hmm, hm hm hm hmm hm hmm hmmm." She hummed to herself and smiled as a red tailed bird landed in a tree near her and hummed back.
"La la laa, la la laa, la la la laa la laa laaa."
She hits higher and higher notes and the bird struggles to keep up with her. Suddenly the pressure of the note is too big and the bird explodes. Talia brought her hand to her mouth with a small gasp and looks around sheepishly. It is then she spots some eggs sitting in a nest in the tree.

Thor awoke to the smell of food being cooked. He sat up to see Talia cooking eggs on a hot rock. Thor smiled and woke Loki.
"Brother, looks breakfast."
Loki sits up and looks over to see the food being cooked and raises and eyebrow.
"I hope you guys are hungry." Talia said with a small smile.
"Where did you get those?" Loki asked now walking toward her.
Talia looked down and bit her lip.
"Found them." Was her only response.
"Who cares how she got them! Im starved!" Novu said trotting to Talia.
"I just wanted to apologize, I think we got off on the wrong foot and I wanted to make it up to you. I mean you did rescue me after all."
Thor sat down and Talia handed him an egg on a leaf.
"Well thank you princess!" He them spoke and began eating the egg.
Loki followed, while watching the princess, unsure how to feel.

The journey continued as the four continued to walk toward the portal.
"We are making good timing, we may make it their a day earlier than expected." Thor said with a smile.
"And you thought resting would be a problem." Talia said with a smile.
"That is Thor for you, he wants something he has to have it now." Loki mocked.
Thor glared at his brother lightly.
"I do not. I just like things to move quickly and not sit around and do nothing."
"So you have to have it now." Talia confirmed with a nod.
Thor gaped.
"No, dont turn my words against me! Do you see this brother? Your mockery has already rubbed off on her, soon she will be as bad as you!"
Talia laughed and began to walk further ahead of the group.
"You know princess, you are not quite what I expected." Loki commented.
Talia looked over her shoulder with a smile.
"Well maybe you shouldnt judge someone before you get to know them hum?"
Loki just smirks back. The group continues to walk only a few short feet before out of nowhere Talia is grabbed and swung into a nearby tree with a small man.
"Ah ha!" He said with his fist in the air.
"Princess!" Novu shouted.
"What are you doing?!" Talia asked in outrage.
"I am here to save you from.." The man brings kisses up her arm that Talia struggles to pull away from. "These kidnappers."
"That is our princess! Go find your own!" Thor shouted.
"Please, stranger, can you not see I am a little busy here?" The man said in annoyance.
Talia placed her hands on her hips getting fed up with this.
"Listen here you! I don't know who you think you are but-!"
"Oh of course. Let me introduce myself!" The man said lifting his hat to reveal his hair made of fire.
Suddenly a group of other men appear from behind tree's and bushes.
The man jumps down and placed his hands on his hips. Loki, Thor and Novu look around as they hear the sound of music.
"I steal from the rich and give to the needy."
"He takes a wee percentage," The men chorus.
"But I'm not greedy. I rescue pretty damsels, man, I'm good. "
"What a guy, as a hero should." Thor glares as one of the men pops up behind him with a hand on his shoulder.
"Break it down. I like an honest fight and a saucy little maid..."
"What he's basically saying is he likes to get..."
"Paid. So...When an bandit in the bush grabs a lady by the tush. That's bad."
"That's bad." The men Chorus.
"When a beauty's with a beast it makes me awfully mad."
"He's mad, he's really, really mad."
The man grabs out his sword and moved towards Thor and Loki with a mean look.
"I'll take my blade and ram it through your heart, keep your eyes on me, boys 'cause I'm about to start... "
There is a grunt as Talia swings down from the tree limb and knocks the man (who's name still has not been said.) unconscious.
"Man that was annoying." She said looking at Thor, Loki and Novu, who eyebrows where raised.
"Oh, you little- -" One of the men shout as he shoots an arrow at Talia but she ducks out of the way. The arrow flies toward Novu who jumps into Loki's arms to get out of the way. The arrow proceeds to just bounce off a tree. A fight sequence begins and Talia gives a yell and then proceeds to beat the crap out of the men. There is a very interesting 'Matrix' moment here when Talia pauses in mid-air to fix her hair. Finally all of the men are down, and Talia begins walking away.
"Shall we?" Talia asks continuing on.
"Whoa, wait a moment." Loki says dropping Novu. "Where did that come from?"
Talia shrugged.
"When your locked in a tower for so long you take the time to learn things just in case-" Her eyes then widen.
"There's an arrow in your leg!"
Loki looks down.
"What? Oh, Hum, it appears so." He attempts to pull it out but stops at the feeling of tenderness.
"I am so sorry, this is all my fault!"
"What is the matter?" Thor asked with Novu following behind.
"Loki's hurt." Talia responds pointing to his leg.
"Loki's hurt!? Oh no! Loki's gonna die!" Novu wails.
Loki rolls his eyes.
"I'm not dying."
"Im too young for you to die! Keep your leg elevated! Does anyone know CPR?!"
"Calm down little one." Thor said chuckling at Novus erratic behavior.
"Novu! If you want to help Loki, go into the woods and look for a blue flower with red thorns." Talia said to Novu who nodded quickly.
"Blue flower Red thorns, got it!" He then ran off int the forest.
"What are the flowers for?" Loki asked.
Talia smiled and looked at him like it was obvious.
"To get rid of Novu for a while."
Loki nodded. "Ah."
"Alright now come here." She attempts to grab the arrow but Loki flinches away.
"Ow, get away from that!"
"Im sorry but it has to come out."
"You are going they opposite of help!" Loki says continuing to doge her advances.
Thor sits in the back round with a look of amusement on his face.
"Your being a baby." Talia says reaching for it again, but Loki puts his hand up and pushes it against her forhead, stopping her from getting any closer. Talia sighs.
"Fine what do you suppose we do?"

"Blue flower, red thorns, blue flower, red thorns. This wouldn't be so hard if I was not color blind!" Novu said in frustration. In the distance he hears a groan from Loki causing him to panic.
"Hold on! I'm comming Loki!" He then grabbs what he hopes is the flowers he is looking for and begins to head back.

Thor shakes his head as he watched Talia try and pull the arrow out of Loki's leg.
"I'm going to go look for a little friend while you two handle that." He then says walking away.
"No! Dont you leave me with this woman!" Loki tries to argue but Thor ignores him and continues on.
"Hold still!" She says. "I can almost see the tip."
"Ah!" Loki shouts in pain attempting to get away from Talia but failing as he falls over, taking her down with him.
Talia blushes slightly on top of him and then notices that he has very nice eyes. If Loki were younger, he might have blushed too, but he had grown to hide his emotions. However, just because he did not show them to her, did not mean he himself did not notice them. As a man he could not help but be affected by a beautiful woman being on top of him.
"Ahem." A voice is then heard causing Loki to push Talia off of him.
"If you guys wanted to be alone all you had to do was ask." Novu said with a sly smile.
Loki shook his head.
"That is the last thing on my mind! We were just-" Loki then grunts and looks over to Talia who now holds the arrow in her hand with a triumphant smile.
"Ow." He said quietly.
"Wha...is..is that blood..heh.." Novu says and them passes out.
"I can't seem to find Novu anywhere..oh.. There he his." Thor said coming out of the woods.
"Ah, and you got the arrow out. Good."
Thor then picks Novu up and they continue on their way.

The day passes with ease as they move on ward. Thor however cant help but notice small things happening between Loki and the princess. Hands brushing one another ever so often. Small glances to one another. When they talk it seems more free and friendly, yet somehow more then that. This made Thor both happy and sad. He would love for his brother to take interest in a woman, especially one as lovely as Talia. But Talia herself was already spoken for, it was the whole reason they rescued her in the first place. Thor wasn't sure if Loki realized it or not, but he was setting himself up for heartbreak. Loki did know though. Every moment that passed with Talia he seemed to want to get closer to her, but he knew their time together was short. Women do not usually have much of an effect of Loki, but she was something different, he just couldnt put his finger on it. She made him feel..at ease, she related to him in someway but he couldnt figure out how. It didnt take long for them to be through the portal and in the Vanaheim, where Vali awaited.



I actually finished this on quotev.com but the site is being a pain right now and I cant transfer the rest of the chapters, so if your interested you can probably find it on there.

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sounds good keep writing

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