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A Kidnapped Pawn


My whole life has been a lie…
For whatever use they needed me for, the use for me has been famished, like that of a sacrificial lamb’s ashes.
After all of these years, my false hopes of ruling Asgarde have plagued my mind like a beautiful dream…
But it is time for me to awaken and forget this childlike foolishness.
Through the bifrost I shall travel, to where I do not know…
Only my wits about me like the abandoned orphan I am, was, and ever will be.
There is a time to live, and a time to die…
A time to love?
It is my time to hate.


I was watching Thor today and decided to create a Loki fanfiction just for the heck of it. I haven’t written fanfiction since I was 14, so this should be interesting. I’m basically writing this because I find the character of Loki to be intriguing, I am NOT a fangirl, merely a fan of comic books as well as Norse mythology.
I do not own the rights to any Marvel/Disney characters that appear in this story, nor do I own Asgarde or any of the galaxies that I might mention.
Rating: Language and violence, PG 13 just to stay safe. Comments are awesome and help me become a better writer, any feedback would be incredible, thank you!



Great chapter!!! Please write another soon!!! =D
XDamionX XDamionX