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Hero's Child

Chapter 1

The seven of them were, by some miracle, sitting in peaceful silence. Each of them did exactly what they did on a daily basis, only today they'd avoided conflict. There was always an argument going on. Whether it be Nate and Tori, Becky and Lydia, or most commonly Claire and James, there was always something going on. Usually the room was filled with angered yells, threats, and swears. Sometimes they'd even resort to violence. But when you've got seven super-powered teenagers locked up in a room far from normal life and the rest of the world.....who can blame them?

She sat in her usual spot, perched high above everyone else. One leg dangling over the edge, the other straight out in front of her, and her back against the wall. She twirled a thin black arrow around in the fingers of her right hand. She preferred to be separated from the rest of them any chance she got and sneaking away up to her loft helped her achieve that. Claire, was the daughter of the famous Hawkeye, A.K.A. Clint Barton. That's where she got her love for heights and bows and arrows. It's also where she got her dark, secluded attitude. Though she also shared his appreciation of a good prank now and then. And even though she was so much like him, she wanted nothing to do with him even if she had the chance. Claire was the very definition of a rebel. In fact that was her nickname among the kids.
This rebellious attitude, of course, was not as amusing to James as it was the rest of the kids. He, being the oldest and the self proclaimed leader, didn't like it at all and that was the cause of many of their disagreements. He sat quietly in a bean bag chair down on floor level reading an old comic book from back in the 40s about his very own father, Captain America, A.K.A Steve Rogers. Unlike Claire, James longed to meet his parents more than anything else in the world. James's problem was that he was very bossy. He loved giving orders and watching as they were followed. In fact he even took it upon himself to look up form the comic book now and then to make sure everyone was behaving to his standards not that anyone cared what the said anyway.
It was James's bossiness that lead Nate and Zach to behave the way they did. The two were the same age and the best of friends. However, they also enjoyed spending time with Claire who they practically worshiped. They'd do anything she told them, play any prank. They were 2 years younger than her and 3 years young than James. Nate was the brawn, being the son of Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), and Zach was the brains, being the son of Iron Man (Tony Stark). The two, together, were more than enough trouble as it is without any help from Claire, however right now they were being quite well behaved, fiddling with a small microscope and some glass slides.
Becky Banner on the other hand was nearly as smart as Zach, but quiet and well behaved. She preferred not to cause trouble or get caught up in it and she certainly never pranked anyone. She was the same age as the two boys but much more mature. Becky, if you hadn't guessed, was the daughter of Bruce Banner. She showed that she was very much like him through her enjoyment of scientific experiments and love of medical practices...and also through her very unique temper. Bruce had passed on the affects of the gama radiation accident to her. the group knew better than to anger her. Becky could usually be found looking through a microscope or reading a physics book but today she was simply letting her best friend, Tori, braid her hair.
Tori was the youngest of them all. She was only 14 years old. She had an upbeat, bubbly personality. She had gained her fathers power to control lightning but only through her sword. Tori was the daughter of Thor and she looked very much like him. She had bright blue eyes and long blonde hair that she pulled into a braid with blue ribbon. She was very girly but an excellent fighter. Right now she was sitting cross-legged on the floor braiding Becky's dark brown hair.
Lydia Lauffeyson was the final member of the crew. Though, like Claire, she preferred to be by herself. She by far was the most devious. She wasn't really the child of a hero.She was the daughter of the god of mischief, Loki. The other teens tried their best to get her to be social but it wasn't in her. She had a dark, condescending personality and never enjoyed anything the kids did. She was Claire's age and they were natural enemies. That made sense though considering the bad blood between their fathers. Lydia sat in a dark corner at the moment with a pencil and sheet of paper, though no one knew if she was drawing or writing or what. In fact James was worried that she might be up to something, but he didn't say anything.

As Claire twirled the arrow she was thinking. She wanted something to do. This same old routine was boring. The fact that they were literally locked in this room like caged animals or prisoners bothered her. She'd spent the past few weeks concentrating on an escape. She had no idea what the world outside was like and that bothered her as well. What right had S.H.I.E.L.D had to keep them stuck here like this? None. There had to be a way out. She'd made plenty of previous attempts but she'd always been caught. Then she'd had to suffer lectures from Nick Fury and James. She looked around the room and saw a vent directly across from her loft. She grinned. How hadn't she seen it before? This was all too perfect.


Thanks so much!! And yeah I was thinking about that! I probably will have her cause some mischief I just dunno what yet! Thanks!! :)
This is great! I love the kids and their personalities. I don't know if you want suggestions or not, but maybe try and have Lydia more into making mischief on the other kids, being the daughter of Loki and all. :)