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Finding Home

Chapter 4

"You okay, Cap?" Talia sits down beside him. Her wings have been folded behind her, but she doesn't lean against the wall of the quinjet, instead she sits facing him leaning on her side.

"Yeah," he nods, patting her knee reassuringly, "just a little tired."

"Well, this mission will be fast since I know the ins-and-outs of the Facility." Looking across the space of the quinjet, she smiles sadly. "Most of the people inside the Facility are scientists. I don't know if they've been trained to shoot guns, but some of them are pretty good with Tasers and shock sticks." She rubs at her side.

"We'll be fine." Steve smiles.

"Guys, coming up on the target," Natasha's voice crackles through their earpieces. Talia stands up as thee Black Widow opens the back of the jet. "Let me land first, before you go running off, Talia."

"I can scout and see how—"

"No, Talia," Steve's voice makes her stop. He's in full on Captain America mode, his command echoing through the jet. She knows he's the leader of the Avengers and now, seeing s she's a junior member of the team, he is her Captain too. Sometimes it's infuriating, being much older than the other junior members and still known as a junior agent. She watches as the Captain stands in front of the open end of the jet. "We need to figure out our plan of attack. Are there any other experiments we should look out for?"

"Metal Arm." Talia's eye look worried. "He's the strongest. They brought him in when I was younger, 180 months old." The young redhead bites her lip. "I think he might have been Elena's sire because she didn't get the brown hair and hazel eyes from me."

"What does he look like?" the red, white, and blue hero asks as the quinjet settles on the ground. Talia follows Captain America and the Black Widow out of the back of the jet, trying to find a way to answer his question.

"Cap, we've gotta go quickly," The Widow says as she looks at her phone. "There's security the way. They must have seen the jet."

"This way," Talia doesn't give them time to carve out a plan, leading the way. Her wings are unfurled and they lift her a few feet of the ground s she won't leave tracks. "There's about five of them." Her nose twitches. "And they really need to shower." The two agents laugh.

Suddenly, five shapes leap out of the shadows. They look humanoid, but their skin is sallow and they aren't wearing clothes. Their skin looks rough, like reptilian scales, and blue patches mark them as distinct from their brethren.

"You hassss returned, Predator," one of the creatures, the one with the most blue, hisses. "We could ssssmell you." It takes a step forward and reaches for Talia with a sharp claw. The two heroes step forward, Steve with his shield raised and Natasha with guns trained on the creatures.

"What they hell are they?" the Captain barks, stepping forward just as the creature does.

"They're called Seekers," the winged girl answers. "Failed experiments that are changed into these reptilian creatures."

"We sssserve the Massster," the leader hisses again, claws and fangs dripping with acidic liquid. When drops fall from some of the creatures' mouths, the ground would hiss and small holes formed.

"Who is the master?" the Widow asks, pointing her gun at the creatures head.

"He issss the Masssster," the leader continues to hiss. Steve rolls his eyes and gives the signal. Natasha begins to fire bullet after bullet into the creatures. The Captain begins to battle the leader, whacking at the creature with his shield. While they are distracted, Talia sneaks off to infiltrate the building.

""Okay, now what?" Natasha asks as she comes up beside Talia. The girl is hacking the system, reading the keyboard with her fingers. "Steve, is there anyone coming?" Their leader is standing just inside the door, keeping watch.

"I've been able to read the keys," the younger redhead says. She sticks the SHIELD-drive into the socket, putting all of the files from the computer onto the drive. She'd seen some interesting file titles pop up on the screen before there is a beep. "It's done."

"Let's get out of here." The Black Widow motions to Steve that their mission is complete. He nods and picks up the rear as they quickly make their way to the quinjet in the forest. Talia falls behind, gazing over at what was once her prison. Natasha and Steve watch her before they exchange a smile.

""Come on Talia," Steve calls from the ramp, "we've gotta get back to SHIELD." The young redhead spreads her wings, getting ready to launch herself into the air and onto the ship, when something pulls her back, making her cry out in pain.

A man with dark eyes steps forward out of the shadows, his metal arm clutching a squirming Talia by the wings. He's looking right up at the quinjet, which is hovering above them with a shocked Steve and Natasha. Tightening his hold on her wings makes the girl struggles even more, tears in her eyes.

"Let me go!" she screams, reaching back to hit him, but his hold is too tight.

"You're not going anywhere, Little Dove."


Okay, this chapter is definitely shorter than all of the other ones, but I wanted to end on a cliffhanger. The Seekers look kinda like a mix between a human and the Chitari from the first Avengers movie. Please don't forget to review and tell me what you thought!


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